Wednesday, 26 September 2007


After the MO fiasco~ thankfully by a stroke of luck, or perhaps good thinking by the wonderful HO captains part i was able to avoid(almost totally) being in the same ward as the terrible MO who shall not be named. I covered for 8A on friday then came back to my 8B ward on the weekends (unfortunately he was on call in 8B on Sat but hey whats half a day) covered 8A again on Monday then had a hectic but somehow sweet last call (which was a 1st call=male active ward).In the midst of the hecticness somehow Farah managed to show me a silver lining when she caled to ask me to go for the blood donation drive~ hallelujah~ tht was definitely something to look forward too~

So blood donation drive on Tues (get to see lots of cute Sam Tet kids and reminiscence about my long-gone student life) then today woot woot sent to nephro~ yeah get to do new things and totally avoid the miserable MO~

So i get to be here till my hols~

Thnk you Farah~

life saver~

Monday, 17 September 2007


After the weekend off, i felt really chill and ready for work until my next potential hols in 2 weeks that is~ i've been saving all my leave for the end of posting so that i'd be able to spend some quality time with my family in JB~ pls pls pls let it be approved. All the JMO's tell me "they can't not approve ur leave" but still... i'm such a worrywart~

But starting work today was bummer~ started off as a potential great chill day and ended as a really horrible day~ what went wrong went wrong~ OMG i am so thankful to MM for waiting for me till 6+ to fect me back as JH is on-call today~

Okie ppl in Sultanah Aminah or watever can just slap me~ at just 5 calls a month and lots of HO's in every ward we houseman's in the medical department are living a life of luxury as the MO's so often remind us~ i think they're just jealous~ But i can't help but feel jaded at the flow of things~ I'm getting bored at the daily grind of work and i'm horrified at doing something new~ i'm afraid of the uncertain~ i wanna no brainer job!But i'm just contradicting myself aren't I?

I'm hoping the new posting will bring me a new breath of life ~ fingers crossed~

Sometimes i seriously feel i'm becoming more and more dependent on my loved ones~

I cant imagine what i'd do without them~

Cos they breath life and joy into my life~

~ mushy but true~

At the end of a hectic working day it's great to just have someone share a joke, a giggle, to tickle till i laught till tears trickle down my cheeks, to share a hug, to annoy one another, to just be in the same space~ it takes a way all the stress

it lets me throw away all my worries and start the day afresh~

What would i do without my little stress ball~


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