Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Photos from our Taiping nurses hostel. Seriously they get much better accomodation la. Thank God no more space in the houseman quarters.

My room

Initially the guys room at the student MA's accomodation. Nasib baik the lady in charge of the hostel got them a transfer to our place.

As most of u know by now me along with 9 other unfortunate but hardworking and obedient ppl are in a stupid place called Taiping. Ok at first i had a really good impression of Taiping. But after our horrible 1st and 2nd day ordeal plus the less than arousing reception we got.. plus all the biasness going around~ I dun think i will have any good thoughts about this place anymore.

Accept for the handful of unbias MO's and great staff nurses, the rest of the ppl in the department sucks. I really wonder why H.Ipoh sent us here without even proper arrangement or permission.Is it even legal? I have so much more to say about the treatment we get here but fear for the consequences if.
A plus point tho is tht the hostels are great!

Photos above taken lovingly with my phone. And if you're wondering yes i'm blogging from an internet cafe.


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