Monday, 30 November 2009

Gift with purchase

OMG look what i found. OK ok i did not exactly find it Rouge deluxe sure did.Finally i found the perfect website. This person is amazing.She actually knows what gift with purchase will be in store for the coming months.

And so far i am eyeing this.

Samantha Tiara multicase and a Relax Kuma calender. Free with the Jan 2010 edition of Steady (Japanese fashion magazine) Will hit bookshops on Dec 7th. (Hint hint Daniel are u reading this?)

Wah drooling already. I wonder if they have this in Malaysia? I love free gift with purchases though technically i'm paying for a mag i cant read. Go figure.

The website is here with a video where some random girl introduces their star gifts with purchase. Sigh.. why can't all mags be like this?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Random sushi and lovely gifts

Really forgot about posting my previous sushi efforts.

Here are the tools of the trade all bought in one day at the recent Japanese Food Fair.

Everyone was buying things as if it were going for free.

Here is the whole haul. From left to right (upper row) Wasabi (very very kao), Sushi vinegar (though IMHO the powder premix tastes better), sushi rice flavouring, Inari pouches. Bottom row: Unagi, more sushi rice flavouring and sushi mould.

Jin Hui's favourite. Stuff some rice and it tastes like the real thing.

This gives the rice flavour. Normally used for onigiri. Bought 2 mixed packes.

As you can see each big pack comes in 5 flavours. But if you're cooking for many people buy the normal size packs cos each small packet is barely enough to flavour one scoop of rice.

Tadaa~ end result.

Woo and before i forget i have to show what pretty gifts i've gotten from my friends over the past 3 months.

Shimmer cubes from Tian Ling, all the way from UK.

Baju Kebaya top from Tahirah! OMG the beading is so intricate!

Very pretty with hand sewn beads~

And last but not least, pretty pearl bracelet from Zuraihan all the way from Sabah!

Wa.. the good things in life are free~ Thanks a million guys~

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Its no use. Finally succumbed to the lure of SKII, no thanks to its Christmas promotion.

SKII Christmas gift set ^-^

If fact all the Mo's in my department (that makes 4 of us) all just bought SK2! I'll test it out first before i report whether it really works!

This world is crazy~

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Palgantong uv365 powder

 I bought this powder upon recommendation by 8 Days. And since i went to Singapore i made sure i stopped by Sasa.

They had the full range.Credits to

 I wanted to buy the theatrical  powder at first.

But later decided to buy the one with UV protection instead.

Palgantong UV365 powder.

Sorry OD of stars and sparkles. This is the actual colour of original beige.

It comes in two colours : Original beige and pearl beige.The original beige being the darker coloured one.Even though i am nowhere near tan, i picked the original beige because one thing about Korean or Japanese powder is that it is very light! Perhaps everyone is sheet white over there but basically pearl beige is white, and original beige is light beige.Unless you are really fair, i would suggest you take the original beige to avoid looking like a ghost.

Information on package :Helps in producing 4 outstanding effects- slimming, long-lasting, super hydrating and blooming effects (whatever that means) for the perfect look. Provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

Ingredients:Talc, Dimethicone, Methicone, Silica, Sthylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, triethoxycaprylylsilane, aluminium, starch,octenylsuccinate,titanium dioxide, Aluminium dioxide,syntheticfluorphlogopite,zinc stearate, calcium silicate,allantoin,propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben,methylparaben, ethylparaben, iron oxide.

I appreciate that they actually bothered to translate everything into English as apposed to some Korean brands that totally ignore the fact that we need to know what goes on to our faces.

What i don't appreciate though is the use of paraben in their products. If you dont know what the fuss abour parabens is, please read this. However it is not conclusive and almost all cosmetic products have paraben in them.

Titanium dioxide is the stuff that goes into sun block and give UV protection. The rest of the ingredient list is just gibberish to me.

Personal experience: After using this powder for 2 weeks i can safely say it does not promote break outs, does not cause allergic reactions (in me anyway) and it gives a great matte finish. If i had smaller pores (which i dont) it would create a poreless finish as the powder is very fine. For me it gives an almost poreless look which i am happy with anyway. And unlike my majorlica majorca powder, this one lasts the whole day and gives good oil-control as well.

I bought it for S$16.80 for 10g in the Singapore Sasa. The Palgantong thearetical powder was going for S$15.80 so i thought i'd just go for the one with UV protection. Not sure whether Malaysian Sasa has this powder, but even if they don't i'm sure they'll stock up soon as this powder is so popular in Korea and Japan!

All in all: Best loose powder so far and it's very affordable.

Friday, 20 November 2009

JH's birthday celebration

It's the time of the year again. And i have all but given up doing the impossible.. surprise JH on his bday. Seriously who wouldn't find it fishy when u suddenly ask him out for a fancy dinner on or nearing his bday. Din plan to do anything for him initially since he doesn't bother anyway. But since his good pal is the one who initiated it.. then play along lor.

After JH was 'ajak-ed' out straight away he told me.. i smell something fishy. There you go.. surprise fail again.

It didn't help that Daniel the pharmacist went and asked him 'Hey, what time is your birthday party again?'

Haha we're too old for surprises anyway.

The unsurprised birthday boy.But he was touched la i could see it.

Guess what flavour.. Choco banana..again~

Daniel and Patricia with Jh.

Haha i dunno what Leow was trying to achieve? Dodging the camera or getting into view?

Dunno what i was doing either.Swatting flies?

The god this about a high resolution camera is it captures things you probably did not notice while you were at the place to begin with. Note at theupper left corner of the above pic- an order chart. When i zoomed in to it, i realized its to order tier cakes!A 3 tier Secret recipe cake will set you back Rm 550!

And of course the mandatory group pic.Credits to Chan standing at the left side for organizing!

Till next year!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Purikura time

The perks of going to Genting Highlands with JH is, he will willingly go and take purikura pics with me and actually do silly poses. It must be the cold air, or perhaps the smell of money that gets him heady with excitement. Or perhaps it is to reward me for the hours spent in the smoky gambling dens watching money pass from hand to hand as if it were just pieces of coloured paper (which technically it is).

Whatever the reason, i'm just glad i get to take my purikura pics! Woots woots.. i know i'm getting a bit too old for this but i find it so fun especially when there are newer machines and better functions! I saw a really cute blogpost with purikura pics here a while ago and loved the design especially this one, the one in the subway.

Damn cute.

So of course when i saw the same design in Genting i knew it must be a new machine!! So we chose that one. Unfortunately there was a time limit to our designing time (if u ask the girls manning the machines, there are some machines with unlimited designing time so u can really enjoy and take your time), some more there was another couple waiting to use the machine. Man, so she really rushed us decorating the pics.

Here are our pics.

My favourite one. Its actually 2 designs merged into one. JH takes the pic first on the screen and i go next. Then the machine merges the 2 pics together perfectly. But wat got me slightly pi**ed of is that JH din get to design at all!! It was me and the salesgirls. Cos she said tiem is limited and another couple were already waiting to use the booth! In fact she designed everything on this pic!!

Hmmm.. but at least she did a good job la. JH was actauuly happier he din need to do anything..Men.. I liked that she put mini versions of us at the bottom of the page. I dun know how but she managed to reverse our mini images. I actually din noe how to put duplicates of ourselves on the pic initially but in the end figured it out after i saw her doing it. So of course every other pic had to had mini mes!

Bathroom and subway pics.

She did most of the bathroom pic! Wah she put a shower cap on JH and din ask id he minded or not! I designed the subway pic.. but what got me annoyed was that she took the liberty to 'enhance' my pics!! And without asking too!! I think she too 'syok' already! Ish ish ish.. i dun mind that she added a ribbon to my top or put mini versions of us on the bottom left corner, but please la dun mess with my face!!!! She went and added spectacles to our faces.. and she used small sized specs instead of larger ones and made us look weird.Jh lookes a bit like a 'bien tai' cop.Wa lao if lao niang liked wearing spectacles then i wouldn't risk keratoconjunctivitis and spend so much money to put contact lenses every time i go out right??!!

Some more i din realise until the pics were printed out!! Damn angry.. sheesh..

Overly done jewelry box and candy house.

Ok she did the whole jewelry box pic and quite frankly most of the candy house too. I just added bits and pieces. Seriously she should be taking the pictures.

But anyway the pics turned out ok la so i guess thats all that matters .. to JH anyway. For me i enjoy the process of decorating. oh well..

Looking forward to more even if it does mean i have to visit more gambling dens~

Friday, 13 November 2009

Gem on the road.

Took Ben for dinner one day and as we were on the way day we saw a peculiar sight on the road! And since i now bring my camera everywhere i go (need to learn how to use camera..even though manual reading has been abandoned) i was ever ready to snap snap snap.

Sorry for the hideous paint cover up but i have to protect the car owners privacy yeah?

Can you figure out whats stuck onto the Pajero? Lots and lots of toys. Old school retro toys like freeHappy Meal gifts from McDonalds, tiny ninja turtles, Barbie dolls, Doraemon every 80's cartoon collectible you can think of!

So there we were following closely behind the car , with me trying to get a good shot. Not easy while both vehicles are moving ok? Ha ha.. so JH was like.. "How long are we supposed to follow this car? We're reaching Pyramid soon!"

"OK la ok la no need to follow already la." was my reply. By then i had only this shot to show for.

But waddaya know? The vehicle went up the ramp into pyramid too!

"Ha ha you can continue snapping la" Jh again.

 Following closely even in the carpark. Mind you many cars wanted to overtake us to get a good look.

Ha ha i was hooked!

"Don't let them cut you!" I told JH.

"Am i supposed to follow him until he parks?" Jh says.

"Yes!!! Hahahaha."

So in the end we really did see the guy and his family parking his toy-decorated Pajero and we even parked not very far away!

Well i think you can guess what's next.

Me and Ben had to go and get a close up shot of the toys! Even the seats in the car were decorated with toys! Ben was more of my look out accomplice! Imagine if you catch someone snapping pics of your car!!

Back view.(I have some of thse toys at home!)

Front view.

So kan cheong and made two hasty snaps!! Haha.

This toy-mobile really made my day!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Today was not a lepak day at all.. spent the whole day conducting the PALS course on top of doing some ward work. And more to come tomorrow with me being on-call too. Sheesh.. i  just wanna rest and have holidays everyday~ Ha ha well i can dream can't I?

Well have random pictures to post.

One being awesome freebies with magazine i got in Singapore for my mom. Sorry i'm a sucker for freebies and this magazine 'Amica' (some high end fashion magazine at a low end price) comes with 4  perfume samples. In Malaysia you can hardly ever get even one! I was tempted to buy Female Sg as well as it came with a miniature Flower by Kenzo perfume but i figured it would be too heavy to lug back home to JB.

Four!! Perfume samples for the price of one magazine S$6.00! Love it!

Narciso Rodriguez perfume and essence for him and her!

Wa ha ha so there you go. I am so lazy to post up anything else.Leave that to the next post and when i'm less exhausted.Leaving you with the cutesy purikura pic we took~ haha and JH looked like he actually enjoyed it too!


Monday, 9 November 2009

Phew ~

Slim River -- Subang-- Genting-- Subang -- JB-- Singapore -- JB -- Subang -- Slim River

All in the span of 4 days!

I am soo tired! Hopefully tomorrow will be a relaxing day at work! Ha ha~

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Finally a much needed break!! After working for 3 weekends straight with a couple of EOD and day long solo calls it's really great when u finally reach your goal which is holidays!!

Ha ha this hols gonna be a bit different cos gonna bring JH , his bro and parents to meet my parents!!

Wahahahaha. And maybe meet up with YWen and SMay as well!!

Probably not used to the long traveling hours by car though, but will have to see.

No motion sickness please!

Cant wait to see my family again!

 Random photo in Pasta Zanmai again~ look i photoshopped a way all the ugly scratches on the table!


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