Friday, 30 October 2009

Laneige Hydra Solution freebie

Ca,e back to Slim River greeted by darkness literally. The whole town was pitch dark save for car head lights and candles. Yup another black out. The only beacon of light was the hospital with its emergency generator. JH contemplated just sleeping in the on-calls rooms. Ha ha but wadaya know, living in the hospital compound has its perks. Our apartment was not affected by the black out. Woots~

Anyways really want to share this. New Tide mag, not sure if its any good since i cant read Chinese, is giving away Laneige hydra solution trial kit consisting of the hydra solution cream , hydra solution essence and eye cream! Woots considering that 40ml of the essence costs SD$83 the trial set which is 10ml/10ml/5ml respectively is quite a steal considering you get a mag to look at pictures and the trial set for just Rm8.00. So please go grab one while stocks last.


Went on Youtube and found a lovely commercial on it staring the very lovely Song Hye Kyo.

Which then made me wonder whether she had some work done as she definitely looked chubbier and did not look as good when she just started acting 6 yrs ago. I then found this:

And thus concludes that either
1) she's a natural beauty with subtle work done to enhance her features
2) she's a natural beauty who lost all her baby fat
3) she's a natural beauty who benefited from years of make-up advice and sponsored skincare
4) she's a .. you know the drill... who benefited from great camera and digital wizardry

By any means she was already pretty to begin with.

Anyway am happy to try out this high end Korean skincare range since i'm not one to dole out money based on hype. I need to try it first.

Now will SK II please do the same thing?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


My prayers were answered and Ain made more sardin currypuff today!! Alas i knew about it too late and i only managed to snatch up the last piece in canteen today. No worries though my wonderful nurse Rozie ordered 50 pieces of the wonderful stuff for a jamuan/meeting tomorrow! Yums i can taste it already!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sardin currypuff

I love sardin currypuff! Everytime i go back to JB i will crave and request for sardin currypuff. However supply seems to be low and i am finding it increasingly hard to find sardin currypuff just the way i like it. Crispy pastry with a buttery hint, lotsa soft onion and chilly with just enough sardin in it that i taste it but not too much that i have to chew on it.

Does that make sense? You've gotta taste it to know it i guess.

Yum yum yum and i've been here for nearly a year and only now do i realize the lovely currypuff i've been craving for is available in Slim River!! Under my very nose. Freshly produced every Mondays only (and Wednesday if we shamelessly  beg request.) I can't get enough of it!! Ugh and the canteen operators contract seem to be expiring soon!! Ugh why did i not discover this sooner?? I am so gonna gorge myself with the stuff!

Ok signing off with my latest camwhore pic! Please give me more currypuff!

Please.. Miss Ain from the canteen.. ^-^

Sunday, 25 October 2009

When you least expect it..

When you least expect it life throws you a curveball.
I was pretty angry and frustrated at things.
Things that i thought meant so much.
Things that seemed so important at the time.
Just when i thought that life sucks something happened.
I received an SOS phone call post call.
I rushed to the hospital forgetting all the petty superficial things that have been weighing  on my mind.
I reached the hospital and continued resuscitation.
Two heads work better than one.
Alas it was not meant to be.
The child had a serious congenital heart disorder.
The parents were crushed.
And suddenly everything came into perspective.
Suddenly life made more sense.
This job really wakes people up once in a while.
Treasure everything that you have, while you have it.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Oriental women and their make-up

Seriously there are no ugly women in this world.. only lazy women. With all the new fangled make-up these days everyone can be pretty. Check this out for further proof.

Please start from 5:17 of the first video(unless ur interested in pig trotters)

Seriously i'm gonna buy eyeliner right this instant and those eye enlarging lenses too! OMG all these girls look like anime characters post make-up. But it seriously sucks that the guys treat them so differently without make-up.

Hahaha should just punish all those superficial men by letting them marry a super pretty girl only to find out they look like crap without make-up post marriage! Hahahaha..

Personality and compatibility should alway come into the equation besides looks yeah?

Most simple onigiri recipe

I've been experimenting with making sushi and onigiri using the most basic ingredients i can find at any regular Juscos store. With the limited time and limited facilities i have (barely a fridge, no onigiri moulds, one single sheet of cling wrap i tapao from Jh's home, and there are mind you no place selling anything remotely sushi-ish in Slim River) i managed to actually make some pretty edible things.

I made salmon sushi, inari, and onigiri! Here i share with you the simplest onigiri recipe ever.

First you have to have ingredients:
Sushi calrose rice 1 cup (the one with a sumo on the package)
Water 2 cups
Sushi vinegar or a premix sushi powder
Sukiyaki furikake (sukiyaki sprinkle- around 5-6 bucks per pack)
Sakura Denbu (or any filling you like)
Seaweed (roasted)

Your hands ( a pair would be good)
Cling film (optional but recommended if you dun want your hand all sticky)


1.Prepare sushi rice. One cup of rice to two cups of water would be great for 2 people as long the 2 people are not great big over-eaters. Put in rice cooker to cook. Meanwhile the cook can go chill out.

2. When sushi rice is ready add sushi vinegar or sushi pre-mix powder. I tried both and personally the powder tastes better.The powder is damn cheap some mroe about rm1.90 per pack. How much to add? Supposed to be about 1/3 of the packet for the amount of rice i'm using but better to taste as you go along. Tip: Once the rice is cooked turn off the 'warm' button on your rice cooker and leave the rice in for 10 mins without opening the lid. The rice doesn't stick to the pot that much this way.

3. Put your wonderful sushi rice in a bowl.

 4. Now pour in the sukiyaki sprinkle (i call it the onigiri mix and it comes in a variety of flavours: chicken, salmon, some other fish and i think octopus?.. cant be too sure cos i dun read japanese)

The one i'm using is beef so i can only guess that sukiyaki means beef?? Hmmm.. if that is so, then what's with the song 'Sukiyaki'? That romantic song is about beef?

(update: Just checked wikipedia and sukiyaki is a Japanese steamboat dish consisting of thinly sliced beef, vegetables. So why did the popular 60's song have to do with steamboat? Well, absolutely nothing!! The song was originally titled 'Ue o muite aruko' or 'shall walk looking up' but because it was so hard to remember for the English speaking audience, it was renamed 'sukiyaki' and so the title of the song had absolutely nothing to do with the song itself except it being Japanese.So now we know!)

Anyway i digress.

5. Mix well

6. Put the rice mixture on to cling film and put in the filling of your choice. because i have nothing in my fridge, i put in more of the sukiyaki sprinkle and in other onigiri's some sakura denbu. Damn sad.

7. Cover the filling with rice and mould it into triangles.

8. Put a strip of seaweed in the middle or all around it and wa-la! Your own onigiri! Yums~

This recipe makes around 4! And JH and i ate it for lunch cos we had a late breakfast anyway.

Hahaha and i just realized SY reads my blog! Thanks for dropping by!

After that made lots of sushi and onigiri and inari until i am damn sick of it already!And i have loads of ingredients left! Will show more tools of the trade next post.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Sleepy ~

I've been busy making sushi, not sleeping and learning how to use photoshop.
While i still have not learned the art of airbrushing skin/sharpen features/change my face shape/enlarge my eyes i have however been playing with colour.

Am too tired to even keep my eyes open now. So just have a look at my pictures la. Cos they speak a thousand million words? Ha ha warning : severely amateurish photoshop skills.

When i showed JH this he could not even see where photoshop was applied!Wasted one hour of my life.. haha and i missed out the right side of my picture oops..Its obvious right?

Dun tell me it looks better before photoshop ok? Ha ha cos it kinda does..  but at least my feet and jeans are not as prominent in the photoshopped picture .. haha.
I think i really have to show before and after pics la or else really cant see the difference?

Can see a lot of difference yeah?Dunno why i chose such a cacated picture anyway.

Yawns.. night night..

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Loved this song for quite some time now but i have no idea why this song was conceived and did not really bother anyway. All i knew was that this is a song by the 933 Djs and when i was back in JB, heard it as part of a radio story music. So immediately assumed it was a compilation CD of songs or stories from the radio story. Scratching my head as to the origin of the song and why i cant find the full version on You tube. I even left a message on Pei Fen the 933 Dj's blog to try and get an explanation regarding the baffling origin and purpose of the CD.

And i think i may have a clue. (only after i painstakingly translated some Chinese script into pin yin and i could only translate 500 words at a time and mostly i dun even understand half of those 'cheem' words!)

It's a compilation CD, no idea who the other singers or as to what the other songs are, but it's to aid a Down's Syndrome organization in Singapore. Lovely ~ no wonder the CD cover was of two kids.

Great song!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Skinfood fruit brunch lip box review

Yum yum.. i had been searching high and low for a lip palette box and there seems to be a dearth for it in the market. Until i spied this skinfood one in Cleo magazine this month! There are 3 fruit brunch box available at skinfood 1: Strawberry 2.Tomato 3.Cafe cinnamon and each of these boxes contain 2 lip colour and one lip gloss! Perfect for mixing and blending till you find the right shade.


As expected the strawberry box has a more pink/red tone (did not buy this but saw the samples in the shop) A bit more pink in reality than in the picture.

2. Tomato (Bought this)

This was recommended by the sales lady cos its more interesting than pink.Honestly the picture on the web does not do it justice cos save for the middle colour, the other lip colour is more of a nice coral while the gloss is definitely not so orange. All in all very blendable to get natural looking pink with a tinge of coral lip colour. Regarding the scent, please do not expect any tomato scent as very typical of skinfood. Rather the lip palletes were rather scentless. Staying power however is not that great. I find myself having to touch up every 1-2 hours. Packaging however is superb. Love the tin box, vintage detailing and cute mirror! Bought it for 35+ ( dun remember exactly) for a box.

3.Cafe cinnamon

When i saw the cover i assumed it would be called coffee cos of the coffee beans on the box. But ha ha wats cafe cinnamon?? Anyway the colours look nice and nude and probably look nice blended with a rosy shade. I'm assuming of coursed cos i only purchased the tomato one.

Is the fruits box a good buy?

Definitely! I love customizing the colours too suit my need!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Buy buy..

Am feeling a bit under the weather lately perhaps due to the jet lag and shopping?? Anyway had a bit of sore throat and rhinitis,barely febrile but went ahead and did my call anyway.. Post call is the best thing ever invented i tell you. The feeling of knocking off work at 12pm after a call is heavenly and a load of stress of my shoulders. Ha ha ha so slept the whole working hours time till 5pm and have been drinking loads of barley water after that. Hmmm.. it soothes the throat temporarily la.

Ha ha JH did something i never expected him to do! Haha we were puzzled as to why there was a stench in our humble bathroom ever since we came back from our hols. I assumed and attributed it to maybe stale water so i just sort of rinsed the bathroom floor with water. However the smell persisted. For me it wasn't that bad just a slight musty odour and i wasn't at home yesterday either so i assumed the smell will disappear after a while.

Did not discuss this with JH at all until he asked me  tonight whether i noticed the smell. I said 'yes' and he expressed that it smelt like something died and it was so pungent he avoided going to the bathroom for two days!! Wa.. it didn't smell that bad to me!He described the smell as a diabetic foot. wahaha and came to a conclusion a rat might have died in there.

I was clearly skeptical as believe you me i have smelt the pong of rotting dead rats  before and its not pretty!! I would know right if i smelt it again?? I insisted it was probably from the sewerage or water pipes draining our toilet. So i tried flushing our water drainage area (dunno the exact word for it- lets just say its the whole on the floor of your bathroom where the water drains out) but to no avail. The smell persists!

So we were scouring our bathroom.. and believe me it is a rather small one and as i was looking through our array of shampoo and shower gel bottles i spotted the source of the smell.

On my recently used and left to dry mop, was a dead ROTTING lizard!!!

OMG it was so near to my face i could feel the putrid odour wafting up my nostrils. Ugh ..

I seldom get all bimbotic when i see insects or lizards or snakes or dogs or whatever.. but this i could not stand!!

I immediately ran and hid behind JH and pointed to the mop.. Ka ka.. then i walked out of the bathroom and continued surfing the net.

My darling JH got rid of the dead fungating lizard with maggots and all by flushing it down the toilet! Woo hoo.. my hero.. i'm so amazed that he did that cos he's afraid of insects (so cute i noe) and i'd be the pest buster(Cos i have no fear of them thanks to my primary school grasshopper catching days).

But when it mattered the most JH stepped up and removed the fouls offending object.Woo hoo yeah!

Anyway have some pics to share.

After coming back from JB went to Ikea with darling Ben! And since he had not had lunch we went for a bite at Ikea. Love the cafeteria style of serving and buying food.

Ben had 2 helpings..And um me too even though i tae duck rice for lunch *sheepish*.

Imagine my surprise when my Pepsi twist came out of the machine like this....

Looks like tea, smells like a fizzy drink but tastes like water! Everyone was tasting and giving weird stares to their drink.. i was observing everyone. Damn funny. But the problem was rectified pretty fast la so 10 minutes later my refilled drink loks like this.

See the difference?

Ben polishing off his second dish (cold smoked salmon)


There were auditions at Cineleisure Damansara for a new singing contest called 'Mystarz LG' and some of the contestants were pretty good!Never go off pitch also. I tell you i seriously think Malay people are born with better singing pipes.Thats why 'Singapore Idol' has always been won by Malays and our Malaysian Idol winner the very Chinese Daniel's singing really sucks big time. OMG really memalufying how he sang as a PK challenger at 'One Million Star'. So embarassed to even post the video.

There were so many people we had to view the stage like that.

A pic of the sushi making stuff bought in Cold storage.

 Haha i finally figured out what that pink thing sprinkled on Japanese rice are. Its called Sakura Denbu and its made of codfish,sugar and salt. Really amazing how the Japanese can incorporate seafood in everything they eat?Love it cos its pink and sweet. So decorative it can make plain rice look good.

Sakura denbu.

Sushi mix..i wonder if i should have just bought sushi vinegar.

 JH  surveying my buys~

 We bought 3 Archie comics for 27 bucks. Ben paid muahaha~

My new bag.. bought it from Singapore.Cos i saw so many people in JB with these double handled convertible bags!


I also blame Vanessa Hudgens for parading this lovely Miu Miu bag.

In Singapore, was as always on the lookout for things to buy which I cant get in Malaysia.

And for some reason this is not sold here! Calbee Jagabee chips!! Really addictive!

And this Biore' cleansing oil! Hmm it's been ages and still has not reach our shores. Its supposed to be a really good makeup remover that does not emulsify on contact with water. But i realized it can't replace my ZA cleansing oil la.

But love it for its fruity apple scent.
Happy day bargain hunting in Singapore.Yes you can actually buy cheap stuff in Singapore..

Sore throat please go away~

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Singapore trip

After a much needed break in JB (aaahh.. love my home)i had a hard time getting used to the term 'work'. Luckily i went for a mobile blood bank drive today which did not require using as much brain cells as usual.Its a welcoming break but if i had to do this everyday my brain would surely atrophy. After coming back from the mobile blood drive however i suffered left eye conjunctivitis, sinusitis and exacerbation of my 3 ugly pimples! Ugh.. thank God its much better now..

My shoulders however are sore from editing these pics.. the things i do to keep my blog updated.. tsk tsk.. So enjoy the pics i took in Singapore.. part as an accompany Tian Ling trip and for most parts a much needed shop in Singapore and travel abroad without a gazillion hours long haul flight (so near its 15 mins by foot if we were allowed to walk on the causeway) trip.

As usual impeccable public transportation system and no matter how many times i go it never ceases to amaze me how very much considerate buses are over there.

Special areas for special people.

Not loving the new no-eating-allowed-or-we'll-fine- the- a**-out-of-you-as-usual rule. I heard that someone was fined for sucking a sweet on the MRT.. But don't quote me. i don't know how true the rumour is.

On the bus on the way to her new pad.

Whats not to love about this cozy piece of serene prime property?

Bright and sunny outside.

At a sushi place similar to Marche where you eat first after picking out food from a few stalls and they charge everything into a debit card.. and you pay later.

Forgot to take pictures of the food but fell in love with Sakura Denbu.

The treats on Daniel yeah!!

Daniel and his lovely colleagues Nicole and Joanna~

Who made sure we shopped at the right place.. and boy were they right.Fareastplaza rocks.

Now i know where to find nice,cheap, good quality clothes, bags,accessories and all thing a girl needs. the interior looks really shabby compared to her more glamorous counterparts on Orchard Road but seriously if you can only go to one shopping centre in Orchard (and you're not the rich tai tai type) just go there la.The shops are quirky and cute!

Ok this is damn geeky but i'm at the medical faculty opposite SGH and next to the MOH.

Clarke Quay while waiting for TL to finalize her employment.

Not as nice as i envisioned it to be but maybe cos its still light.

At the customs, as expected there was a heavy load of human traffic especially since it was a Friday. I was mentally prepared to face all obstacles (run, jump, push) but really it was all very civilized. Que cutting ,jostling etc was at a minimal for us public bus passengers (no comment on those who sit the bas kilang's). But it really takes a lot of patience and civility especially after a hard long day at work.I have new found respect for my bro and everyone who works in Singapore. They're a bunch of really hardworking people.

10% of the que.

I only ever really walk when i'm in Singapore. And this is especially so when i was with Tian Ling.. OMG the amount of time we were walking coupled with the sunny weather was a recipe for 3 giant ugly red pimples the very next day!

Tiring but loved it!Gave me a new perspective of life.

After a wonderful restful/playful holidays its back to KL again~

Blanket of clouds on a Sunday morning.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


What a tiring day.. though not as tiring as the day i went to Singapore with Tian Ling.. felt like i traveled half of Singapore in a day. Flew to KL and reached at 9.35 am. Slept till lunch and continued sleeping after lunch till 2.30pm (Hmmm come to think of it why am i so tired?)

Then went to to The Curve/ Ikea/Cineleisure with Ben. And since it was already 8.30 pm after dinner only travelling back to Slim River tomorrow morning! Argh have to wake up early then.

By the way for anyone interested here are some behind the scenes photos of Fann and Chris's wedding from QQ's (Fann's younger sis) blog.

Anyway just chilling in front of the computer and asking ,myself whether its worth risking buying online these cute strawberry hair curlers cos it seems to be sold out at Sasa outlets everywhere (from JB to KL)

Reviews have been mixed about these curlers but i guess its good for a try since its so cheap. RM9.90 for a pack of 6 (online anyway).Plus its probably way more comfortable to sleep in since its made of foam. But the curlers will probably be more for volume rather than long lasting spiral curls.

Back to work tomorrow~ Ho hum..


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