Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Taiwan shopping

Went to Taiwan for my honeymoon and truthfully spent the most part of it shopping. Nothing got me more excited than looking at (and buying) stuff that are not sold in Malaysia or getting items for cheaper. Taiwan shopping is pretty good. You can get high end stuff or quirky labels that you can't get in Malaysia, and you get to buy really affordable/ creative items especially at night markets. The night markets might look like a bigger grander version of our 'pasar malam', but honestly the stuff they sell are all in the latest fashion (mostly following Japanese fashion trends) and quality is reasonable too.

So here are some of the things i bought.

Taiwan is of course well known for it's beauty products. Tried looking for Kevin beauty Maker products but can't seem to find it.Tried Breeze Centre after checking out online forums but the shop was non-existent!Sigh.. so i only bought one-uno-yi skincare product there and this is it.

'Heme' snow lucent whitening night jelly. I know it's already available in Watson's here, but i had to buy a beauty product from Taiwan right? And i was going to buy it in Malaysia anyway. Needed a sleep on treatment and this is it. As the name suggests it's like a translucent jelly that feels cool when put on the skin. I feel it moisturizes but have not seen much whitening effect though. But then again have not been using it that much either. Only once a week.

In Taiwan everyone wears false lashes. I had a severe case of lash envy. It's a Chinese thing i suppose. We were genetically programmed to need fake lashes. So i bought some.

Okay i bought a lot.But the quality is such i have  to throw them away after each wear anyway. So it's not that much. The first few days in Taiwan i kept reusing the fake lashes my make-up artist used on me during my wedding. The lash looked really natural and non-intrusive. But due to lack of experience i had my lashes coming off halfway a few times. And it was not pretty. Worse of all i had to spend ages in the toilet removing dried up eyelash glue and cleaning up the old lash then re-using it again. And there was the problem of sticking it on in the right place, securely! Just really troublesome. But sort of worth it cos i looked less sleepy in pictures that way.

It was in fashion.

What can i say, i needed a holiday hat.And this was the only one that fit my head.

Really cheap clothes. None more that RM20.

Of course in Taiwan you have to get pineapple tarts. It's the de facto gift to bring back home.

 We bought so many boxes. The nicest and cheapest were from Jiu Fen. Though the airport also sells some really cheap ones if you need last minute gifts.

All nicely packed.

Very proud of this bracelet actually. I can't really wear bracelets since my wrist is so tiny.But the lady manning the shop at the night market was able to adjust the length of the bracelet for me. All i had to do was walk around Raohe Night Market again and pick up my bracelet after 20 mins. Score- a bracelet that actually fits!

Hair claw with fabric flower covering the ugly claw.

Is this even counted as shopping ? Nevertheless this was the best dumpling i have ever tasted! Hands down yummy. Helped further by the cold weather, the warm dumpling was exceptionally good.
We found this in a day market which was actually hidden in a non ubiquitous alley in between shop houses in Taipei. It was near Guting MRT station which was where we were staying. So in between banks, and shops like 3 storey Watson's and Mr Donut there was an old school looking market operating in the morning, with the feel of a night market cos it was pretty dark being hidden away in between those tall shops. But it had everything and there were many people doing their marketing there too.Since it was the dumpling festival there were plenty of stalls selling it. This one was soft and fluffy with generous amounts of meat and salted egg yolk. Fragrant and lightly flavoured. Nothing overbearing or too oily.Yummy...hands down best 'bak chang' ever!
Souvenirs for home- purses, iron eggs, Doraemon shirt, note book..

Lots of organic soap.

Girly stuff.

Old- school sweets.

Okay i have to show u the shop in which i bought the sweets from.

Very old- school.

Love the feel of going into this shop.

A 150 year old bed. A lot of the furniture were from their ancestors.

Just noticed the whole shop was wall-papered with pages from a book.

Love anything ancient. Futuristic designs just don't do it for me.

And here my post shall abruptly end.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I am missing..

...this... sorry lazy blog day.

.. don't feel like doing anything except spend hours in front of the computer,watching youtube videos. Don't even feel like moving.. that lazy.. but as you can see i don't mind chewing as long as i can get my hands on these pungent little darlings. Seriously people it's an acquired taste.. like durian. Don't judge me.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Trend August freebie

I'm a sucker for freebies. I love things that comes free. I also love things that come free with purchase. Even if it means if i have to buy a product that i probably won't buy under normal circumstances. Because i am kiasu like that. And that is how i ended up buying copies of 'In-Trend' magazine. Ok ok.. i don't normally but Malay magazines. Oh, except for the time from Form 3-5 when i was a regular reader of Dewan Masyarakat and Dewan Siswa cos i wanted my 'karangans' to sound like that too. I love languages, ok i am a nerd.

So anyway, it doesn't matter. I can always pass the extra copies to my staff. What matters is the gift!

And it comes in a pretty silver box.

With the words 'Crabtree and Evelyn' embossed on it.. yeah! Since when did Crabtree and Evelyn become a magazine freebie? Must-get while stocks last.

A 25 ml Lavender Hand Therapy tube with a coupon for other products. Great marketing.

And that is why i'm in such an euphoric state. Cheap thrills sustain me and it smells great!

Go get yours at Borders The Curve. I don't think this offer is available anywhere else though. When i went today i saw around 20 boxes left. Not sure whether they'll restock. Good luck!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bored again (version 2)

It's been a while. And i have loads of things to blog and millions of pictures to post up. But in between technical problems (my 5 year old CPU had a meltdown no thanks to a power surge), packed call lists the first half of the month (time to enjoy the fruits of my labour yeah), FB commitments (I've posted 3 albums this month), quite frankly i have nothing particularly creative to say. In other words brain drained.

I have nothing cerebral or stimulating to blog about. Not that any of my blog entries were academic in any way but at least i was excited enough to spend time resizing photos and describing them. Now, i just want to sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation makes me do funny things. The most part of my holiday in Jb i was on my bed, reading 8 Days with 933 (Singapore leading radio station) hits lilting in my ears. In other words, I'm old and i can't do anything about it.

So until i grow young again, I'll just have to leave you with another randomly boring post of someone with aching shoulder and creaking joints even as i type this.Oh and the only reason i changed my blog design was because i had to. 'Thecutestblogontheblock' was threatening to remove the previous blog skin unless i go visit their site again.If that's not a sure sign i don't know what is.

Ok the least i could do is share with you Jay Chou's latest hit in all it's translated and pin yin-ized glory. Presumably an ode to reignited old flame Jolin.

Oh, it's 10 pm. Bedtime for me. Goodnight!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Gelato Pique Spring Summer Mook 2010

Another of my mook buys in Taiwan. Of the lot i would say this on has the best quality of them all.I was searching high and low for it in Kino KLCC in June and of course they tell me it was sold out cos it was launched in March. I was lemming for this mook since reading Rouge Deluxe's post here.From her i found out how good a quality the make-up pouch was.But was frowning at the price of S$ 31 = RM 74.40. At the time Rouge Deluxe bought it at S$ 24.80 thanks to the 20% Kino card member offer which translates to RM 59.52.

I was actually willing to pay for it after all how often do i go to KLCC? But could not find it there. So forgot about it till Taiwan! There was stock! And at a discounted price of NT499. Snapped it up immediately!

Here is my prize.

Here's the mook attached to a presentable big floral box.

The cover a pale shiny pink with floral PVC material at the sides.

The inner compartments which are many.And even the zipped pockets are nicely lined with blue and yellow polka dotted material. 

Love the mesh compartment for storing toiletries.

Yet another satisfying buy ;)


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