Friday, 30 September 2011

iPhone 3GS and iPhone5 Cases

It is so hard to buy iPhone cases for 3GS phones now. It's even harder to find cute iPhone 3GS cases. Every other cute and cheap case is for the iPhone 4. With iPhone  4S launching soon (there will be an announcement on October 4th to announce the release date for the new iPhone  4S), my chances of finding a case for my soon to be given datuk-ship phone was going to be as slim as the new iPhone 4S. (Will you believe it my husband has the great-great-grandfather version!).I was really tempted at one point to buy the iPhone 4 just so i could cover it with a cute Rilakkuma case.

But thankfully, at a night market near SS2, i found a stall still selling iPhone 3GS covers. I got a Cath Kidston star print one and this Paul Frank one.

It's pink, it's quirky and it's cute! I'm happy and I'm sure the 'pasar malam' seller was too for off-loading old stock.

My advise, haul whatever covers for iPhone 3GS you can get now if you don't plan on upgrading. These iPhones can last really really long.

And while we're on the topic, have a look at covers for iPhone 5. Covers (pirated ones i presume) for I-Phone 5 are already out in China, even before anyone has an idea what an iPhone 5 looks like!

Is this a ploy to get people to buy their covers, or do they already know what the new phone will look like? Well, judge for yourself.

Bigger and thinner? Sounds good to me! But what i'm really gearing towards is the HD camera.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spring November 2011 with Jill Stuart multi-case

I've been waiting for this magazine to come out, as i figured i needed a new multi-case and this Jill Stuart one looked like a nice one. Well, as i have said never trust promotional pictures as the actual product may fall short.

Probably one of the main reasons i have not been buying these Japanese magazines is, i already have many many cute bags, and sometimes you never know what you're going to get with these magazines. I mean you know what product you're going to get but you would have no idea regarding the quality.

Usually i'd go have a look at the real products at the Japanese counter in Kinokuniya,  but this one was not on the shelves, and i was too lazy to have them open it up for me to have a look. Also this was the second last copy, and since i have not bought a  Japanese magazine for a while, i thought ,why not?

So this is the magazine i bought.

And this is the freebie that came with it.

This is the Jill Stuart multi-case which can be used this way or worn as a wristlet.

I have no problems with the inner portion of the multi-case, even though the pockets are a tiny bit asymmetrical and the fact that i'd have to unzip the case open fully to get my cash.

What i do have a problem with is the ugly folds on the front and back of the multi-case.

And don't get me started on the bizarre colour transfer on the fabric.

I had to resort to ironing out the creases which is tricky since the case is coated with a plastic like waterproof material. I ironed it with a protective white cloth on top briefly to heat the material, then held it in place smoothen the creases. And it worked to a certain extent.

From afar it's a cute case, but i wouldn't encourage anyone to buy this magazine for the freebie just because, i don't think it's worth the hassle and money for such a low quality product.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crabtree& Evelyn Rose Essence Skin Nourishing Mask gift with Casa + Living Magazine

I was not planning to blog tonight but a recent finding over at Kinokuniya KLCC had to be shared cos it's just too good an offer to keep to myself.

The October 2011 issue of Casa + Living comes with a 100ml good sized tube of Crabtree & Evelyn's Rose Essence Skin Nourishing Mask.

It even comes with a lovely paper bag. (Harumph.. the last time i spent RM 200++ in the Crabtree and Evelyn shop they gave me a really boring white paper bag.)

Here's the magazine. Go look it up at the Chinese magazine section.

Here's the prize.I actually love the inside of the paper bag more than anything. Surprise fruits and flowers and butterflies on the inside of a dark blue paper bag? Like x 1000.

Here's the gift which has one of the best scents in the Crabtree and Evelyn range in my humble opinion.

While gifts last. I have no idea how many gifts they have prepared but there were plenty of the magazines left when i went to Kinokuniya today. Collection is at the Chinese Magazine counter once you have paid.

My love hate relationship with SCawaii Malaysia

This post was supposed to be titled ' Why i hate SCawaii Malaysia', but then that would be a really odd post since i realize i have bought almost every copy (except issue 3) of this particular magazine since it was introduced here in Malaysia.

So the post became titled so, and here i am sharing with you my dilemma of how much i hate this magazine (well irritating parts of it which i will share later on) , and yet how i can't help but have this insatiable itch to buy a copy!

I've been a huge critic of this magazine ever since i started buying this magazine. SCawaii as some of you may know is a hugely popular Japanese fashion and beauty Magazine. If i were to buy the Japanese version (which often do not come with freebies) it would cost me about RM30-RM45 in Kinokuniya. If i were to just read scans online, then i would be infringing on copyrights. Ha ha just joking. I have no qualms about reading it online but i don't like the hassle of downloading and exposing my already old and fragile computer to viruses. Oh, and the fact that I'm such an old fashioned person who just likes the feeling of flipping through magazines while lying on the bed.

I had bought the SCawaii Malaysia version, which is basically a replica of the Japanese version translated into Bahasa Melayu with some added local content and advertisements, with glee, relishing in the thought that i now would have access to the latest in Japanese fashion news in a language I'm rather good at, at a seriously good price.

 But alas, though the Japanese content was great, the local content was jarringly below par (I have no problems with local artistes ,just so you know, rather i have a problem with the horribly dated styling and layout) with very dodgy translations. Half the time, i was pissed off at the atrociously bad Bahasa Melayu grammar (If you are trying to learn Bahasa Melayu reading this magazine then you are going to get an F for your BM paper), so much so i just looked at the pictures.

Contradictorily however i can't stop buying it.

So this post is dedicated to unraveling the mystery as to why i can't seem to quit on this good/bad magazine.

Why i bought the latest issue:

1) The cover was not redone as opposed to all the previous (3 of it) issues. (If you want to sell a translated version of a magazine as popular as SCawaii why bother redoing a cover to dissociate yourself from it?If you want to do a whole new magazine why not just do a whole new magazine?If you are copying a magazine with at least 80% copied content please copy the cover too, thank you.)

2) Awesome content (All thanks to the original awesome magazine)

Let me count the ways.

a) Gorgeous fashions.
Loving the retro blouses.

Loving the detachable collars.

Also loving the overall styling and photography .

b) Two whole charts featuring the model's favourite skin care items.

c) This issue featured interviews with the models and normal SCawaii readers with a peek into their private lives. (Would you believe it, this page was actually the deciding factor to buy the magazine i had initially sworn off!)

d) Amazing makeovers!

being ugly...

 is not a barrier..


being pretty!

I think some guys are feeling kind of cheated at the moment.I asked a guy what he would do if his girlfriend on the left side of the picture, removed her make-up and looked like the girl on the right side of the picture. And the answer is : Break-up!

I somehow kind of agree? If you want to deceive people with your fake look, then you can't complain when the person breaks up with you when you reveal your true look? I know it's shallow. But if a relationship is based solely on looks, then it's not going to last anyway, is it?

e) Comic based on the love diary of one of the models! Whats not to like?

All right this is starting to sound like a paid advertorial promoting the magazine. As i said this post is very contradictory.

Now I'm going to illustrate the annoying bits of this magazine that irks me no end.

1) Horrible grammar.

When they can't seem to form a whole sentence in Bahasa Melayu they add English words as and when they like! How would you feel if an English magazine peppers Malay words (blatantly without apology) in between sentences. In almost every sentence?

There were so many errors in this magazine but i only bothered to photograph 1% of these errors and only glaring errors with large to moderately large fonts at that.

Note the sentence 'Gambar dan NEWS terkini (Translation: Latest photos and news). There is actually a word for 'news' in Bahasa Melayu and that is 'berita'. Can't they just use that? And yes they used the word 'Spree' too but i suppose they were unable to find a Bahasa Melayu substitute for the word.

2) Spelling errors aplenty.

They forgot to spellcheck on the words with the biggest fonts on the page?

But they remembered on the very next page!

Spelling errors on 'disbanding = dibanding' and bergatuh = bergaduh'.

3) When the translators are unsure of what they are translating, they very conveniently type in a question mark, like so .. ?

I know the question mark is not supposed to be there because the sentences are definitive sentences without an inkling of questionable doubt.
The same though can't be said for the dubiously translated text.

4) Sometimes the sentences just make no sense.

Observe the text above. (I'm so sorry,this must be tedious for non-Bahasa Melayu reading readers.)
'Seberna' is a typo. It's supposed to be 'sebenarnya' which means actually.

But i have no idea what alien language 'gaya girly@ Penukaran karakter?' is. Seriously a pre-schooler can tell you there is something fishy about this sentence! Mind you this was just the header. I did not bother taking pictures of the actual article in small print.

Another illustration of the affinity for question marks peppered everywhere inappropriately throughout the magazine.

Translation of defected sentence: Is currently working as a representative as well as a designer for llamanda? while continuing her studies in university. (Yes they started the sentence with a verb.)

5) Poor typing / editing.

How did this get through proof-reading?

I hope you see what i'm trying to show. There's a box in front of the letters 'appy'. Nevertheless with or without the box the sentence makes no sense.

6) Jarringly different local content in terms of styling, make-up, and layout. You judge for yourself.

7) Encouraging counterfeits?

As far as i know, Treats Boutique do not sell Longchamp bags!

And the page seems to suggest the brand name for the bag is 'Treats' just as the brand name of the bag below is 'Zara'.

Phew, that was one lengthy rant. I'm glad i am finally at the end of the post as the more i type the more my blood boils. I have a good mind to forward this to the editor if i knew how, because a simple letter will do no justice in illustrating the preposterous mistakes this local version makes!

I'm sorry if you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I once worked part time as an assistant editor for secondary school textbooks while waiting for my STPM results, and i do know how important it is to get things right.

Everyone has a job, and i believe everyone should do their job with a little bit of responsibility even if it is something as frivolous as a copycat fashion magazine.

Perhaps they should pay their staff more...

Friday, 23 September 2011

Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez and 6 kids

I know it's late but i have got to share this.

Unveiling, Brangelina 2.0 in Jb's own words.

Before you start wondering which paparrazi took such a great snapshot , well i have to reveal that the source is none other than the dad wannabe himself.

This is from Justin's Instagram account, called instabieber lol..

All that's missing is a few Asian kids.

Apparently Justin wants to be a father by 25-26 years old!We'll have to wait and see on that one but all i can say is, this is one cute photo!

Disclaimer: I am no Belieber! Really!

Biore make-up remover freebie

As usual, if you're all right without revealing some basic personal information, fill up the form Here on Biore's facebook page to get a free sample.

Thanks Fiona!

Upcoming Japanese magazines November 2011

This is a preview of the Japanese magazines and it's freebies that will be out next month. If you're wondering what's in stores currently, see Here.

The November issue of InRed comes with a 'See by Chloe' pocket mirror and pouch.

I'm actually really interested in this one. The December issue of Liniere comes with a floral multi-case.

I'm in a huge dilemma about this one. I can't decide which one would be a better choice. Should i just buy the Spring November issue which comes with a Jill by Jill Stuart Multicase which is out now or wait for next month for the Liniere one? Sigh.. or maybe just buy both?
*UPDATE: Do not buy Spring November with Jill by Jill Stuart multicase- Quality not up to par*

The November issue of Mini comes with a really ugly Beams pouch.

The December issue of Spring comes with a reversible Paul and Joe Sister tote!

Steady November 2011 issue comes with an AG fold-able shopping bag.

The Sweet November 2011 issue comes with a really promising looking Snidel floral and zip-able tote bag!

The November issue of Cutie comes with a polka-dotted pouch and mirror set.

Glow November issue comes with a Fauchon make-up clutch.

Smart December 2011 issue comes with an A/X duffel bag.


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