Saturday, 6 September 2008

Things i learn from 8 days

I read 8 days religiously. Even when i'm in Ipoh my mom sends the mags up to me.And no wonder too since it keeps me updated on everything entertainment and nourishes me with a wealth of unconventional information.

I was flipping through some past copies and found interesting nuggets of information i wanted to share but forgot.

First up bags.
I have such a fetish for bags as Kit Chan says.
So what better way to suffice the craving than visiting these sites where you can rent 4 figure sum bags for as little as S$49.95 a month? check out for these lovelies.

Balenciaga Giant Slim in Bublegum

Miu miu Pale Pink Coffer Bag

Marc Jacobs Plum Bruna Quilted Tote

Bottega Veneta Gold Clutch

Bottega Veneta Marmo Roma Shopper

Balenciaga Giant Part Time in Bublegum

I think Be-a-fashionista is the easiest to browse. The other sites you might want to check out are and for your bag fix.

Next up jewelry and all other gifts from boyfriends.
Check out
Depending on how you see it, this is either a site for cheap jewelry and wedding bands or a place to buy bad karma.

Go have a look even if just to read about bad break up stories as each item comes with an accompanying write up on why the item is sold there.

Here's a sample of some of the stuff on sale.

This ring is going for $700

(direct excerpts from the site)

Jewelry Description:

This ½ ct. t.w. three-stone diamond band is a delicate expression of the love you both share. Set in gleaming 14K white gold, this beautiful ring is hard to resist. I also have a 1yr warranty. the ring is 7 1/2. Jeweler will resize for free!!!! Ring was originally purchased for $1,000.

How it got there:

We'll call him John, for starters. At first, everyting was like a fairy tale...but then came the drinking. I love him to death, but I couldn't marry an alcoholic. He got arrested for a month for failing a drug test( he was in the military) The night before he knew he was going to jail. So what did he do? Party with his friends! He didnt come home till 8 the next day. That right there told me that I deserved better. Now, I have this beautiful ring that hurts me everytime I look at it. Help me move on!!!

This pretty thing is also on sale for $4000

Jewelry Description:

Brilliantly distinctive, a bold 14K white gold bridal set.
3/4 ct. pear diamond shines at the heart of the engagement ring, framed by round diamond accents that serve to expand on the center stone\'s own brilliance. Channel-set round diamonds line the engagement ring\'s shank and the matching wedding band, bringing the total diamond weight to 2 cts.

No scoop on how it got there though.

Nice ring ya? Going for $110

The story behind the ring:(copy and paste from the site)

I will give the short story ...with the man 2 years he proposed in February...I accepted. Ring had to be sized to 9.5 ...(yea I pop my knuckles) And never wore the ring once. It is a wedding set. Coming with the band. I dont know much about the stats but It has a cross on each side of the stone. Then on the band it has two crosses as well. Let me know if you have any questions , I will try my best to answer. He dumped me in an email and I am still heartbroken. Its only been 7 weeks so I need to rid myself of all reminders.

They even have non-jewelry stuff

This Lv checkbook wallet (unsure about authenticity) is only going for $80. Good deal if you can get over the story behind it tho.

The Scoop (from the site):

Boyfriend and college sweetheart of 4 years cheated on me with his ex gf while I was out of town. We were SOOO close to get married it was ridiculous - guess its better that i know him for what he truly is (a jerk) before making that commitment. Now its time to get rid of anything and everything that came from him!

Jewelry Description:

This is a Louis Vuitton Damier Checkbook wallet. I think it is a replica but its a really good replica. I never actually used the wallet. Its been sitting in the box that it came in. Its a beautiful wallet! it has an area to put bills, clear id spot, and 4 credit card slots as well as a zipper compartment for change. It also has a removable checkbook holder that has slots for 10 credit cards. Its a beautiful wallet - it just reminds me of him and I really need to just forget him.

OMG there are so many weird but strangely practical sites around!

And there are lots more interesting stuff i learnt from that tiny mag but i'm too lazy to dig out the mags and look up the references.Can't wait for my 8 days every week~

Friday, 5 September 2008


I'm back in Jb and loving it.
So far i've been doing things i cant do in Ipoh like..
1)watching TV (so sad i know)
2)cooking instant noodles (ok minimal cooking)
3)buy pirated dvds (i do purchase them in Ipoh but the selection there is really bad)
4)play badminton (hey i still remember the strokes but my stamina very off)

So religiously i've been watching project runway season 4? or is it 5? Both on channel 5 and astro. Its not the latest season but still mmmm.. love it. It's 'fierce'.Not studying for paeds at all.. ugh maybe in KL? Going to have a little gambling trip with JH whereby he gambles and i support him. And hopefully shop.

I really really have so much love for instant noodles its incredible.Further heightened by the fact tht i cant cook over in Ipoh .So i guess this is a tribute post to the worlds best culinary invention ever.

Since childhood it became breakfast occasionally.
Yum slurping up hot soup with springy noodles was a really great way to start the day.

The first noodles i have ever eaten is prob Maggi Kari.Yup the soup is great.But i grew up and explored other possibilities. These are some of my top picks.

Maggi Assam Laksa

This one is probably one of my favourites.Does not taste like assam laksa at all. It is vesty and spicy with sourish notes. Not a popular fave of everyone.A friend used to say it has a herbal taste?But i totally disagree. Like a durian this is an acquired taste.But when you like it you're stuck with it.I sometimes like it soupy or even as a thick gravy.

Rating : 5/5

Maggi Tom Yam

This i know a lot of people love. You can make it super spicy by adding less water. Alternatively you can drink the soup up super fast.Salivating while i'm typing this.

Rating 5/5

Myojo mee

Omg i dunno where this brand has gone in Malaysia.I've been searching high and low in every hypermarket in Ipoh and JB but to no avail!I was introduced to these noodles by my childhood friend Callie in primary school.I was amazed she could cook it herself. And to my primary school eyes she did it with expert culinary skills.It was also the first time i tried out dry instant noodles.The perencah is just spicy enough without being too hot for primary schoolers.

Rating :6/5

Limited edition stuff. Gonna get Daniel to bring it over from Singapore.

Daddy mee

His one is amazing! Introduced by my friend from Miri.Used to be sold exclusively in east Malaysia only. She had to ship it over muahaha and magnanimously let me try. Now its sold in hypermarkets everywhere.
Its a 3 in 1 instant noodle.
Can be eaten as a
1)soup noodle
2)Dry noodle
3)As a snack (means something like mamee snacks la)

Very interesting at the time.

Rating : 3/5 (now it tastes kinda bland)

Shin ramyun

Since i cant cook in Ipoh had to turn to cup noodles. And this is one of the best.The cooked form i am so not sure. But the cup noodles were fantastic. Really burning hot spicy soup with tasty springy noodles. Really different from other noodles that you get elsewhere.

Rating : 4/5


I've never tried anything but the dry noodles and its really good la.In fact i think it was previously called indofood mee goreng and tht was even better cos it had fried crunchy stuff to sprinkle on the noodles.

Rating : 3/5

And while i was looking for pics i came upon this.

Hello kitty instant noodles anyone?

I know i love the cat so much but even this is a bit far out for me.I dont want kitty floating in my soup..

Wonder how the perencah tastes like tho.


Rating : 5/5 for packaging
0/5 for taste (cos i really dunno)
10/5 for intriguing factor

To me all the other brands and flavours are not worth trying so don't bother trying anything else.

Ta for now.


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