Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vogue China with Gucci freebie

It is unlikely that we will be able to grab hold of this yummy freebie, but if you come across it let me know! The Vogue China August 2011 comes with a Gucci paper folder and has been causing buying frenzies across China. And no wonder, the magazine costs 20 yuan or USD3 only!That's around RM10!

Look out for this cover at shops selling Chinese mags! No promises though.

According to Jing daily  the darker coloured folder which is more popular has  got vendors hiking up the price 10 folds to 200 yuan. That's roughly RM 100 for a paper folder! But still pictures of the folder look really enticing and looks nothing like paper. Still pictures can be misleading. I mean have a look at these!

I would never have suspected it was made of paper if i had not read the article. Seriously it can pass off for felt. The giveaway is probably only the back envelope type closure. Picture credits to ifeng (go if you can read Chinese characters)

No wonder then it has popped up on the Chinese version of e-bay , Taobao as an Ipad cover selling for 108 yuan. Vogue China may be laughing all the way to the bank but i wonder how much help it does to Gucci's image? Already there are far too many Gucci sales. Giving something Gucci free with a magazine will only dilute the exclusivity of the brand. Then again it might make it more accessible and popular among the masses ala Coach.

Okay i'm just  concerned that my one year old Gucci bag will have no more value in the future.

Anyhow i'd get hold of this if i could!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fake OPI shatter

Everyone who knows their nailpolish knows OPI. And everyone who knows OPI knows that they started the shatter craze.

Here's a picture for illustration purposes.

The black coat is the one that shatters in the picture above thus creating a cracked effect.

With prices of OPI in Malaysia being RM59 per bottle it is no wonder then that counterfeits are being sold. To my surprise not only do they have a full range of colours they also produce fake shatter OPI's!

I know my genuine items from the fake, and i try my best not to buy counterfeits, but my curiosity got the better of me this time, and i purchased an RM 10 metallic brown shatter nail polish.

First indication that it is fake- Chinese wordings indicating it is shatter polish.

Secondly, it uses 'PROWDE' brush technology.

Sorry unable to load the picture of the bottle, (damn computer) but it look exacly like the OPI bottle. And if you're curious, the colour was called 'original nail envy'.Oh the irony. I don't think there is an exact product from OPI with the same name and same shade , they just made it up.

I painted the fake shatter on original OPI in light pink (don't remember the exact name- it's my mom's)

This is what it looked like after i put it on.

It looked muddy and looked exactly like dried up mud. Obviously with dried up mud there would be a shatter effect. At that point i seriously felt cheated. It looked nothing like the colour of the polish before application.

Then i applied clear nail polish on top. And it turned to this colour.

Which is actually not bad for a counterfeit product.It had a nice metallic brown effect to it. (Sorry for the gross looking toe)

So that was my first shatter experience.

However the smell from the polish was stronger than usual. Only God knows what vile chemicals they put into these polishes. So as much as i like the effect it is unlikely that i will repurchase.

Friday, 22 July 2011


I seem to be getting old. Forgive me but do the things we buy today seem 10 fold of what it used to be a few years ago?I am not someone to remember much about prices. I can't even remember the price of the milk i bought yesterday. I am not prudent that way.

Yet the inflation i see today was unable to escape even my 'non money savvy'  eyes.

Remember the Japanese Sweet erasers i bought at Daiso for RM 5 for a 3 piece set? See here. Well, i saw the exact same 3 piece eraser set with 2 extra erasers at the Kinokuniya eraser section today.

As you can see, the 3 erasers at the bottom are identical to the Daiso ones.

Guess how much these kiddie erasers cost.

Maybe these are premium 'LV erasers' and the Daiso ones were just cheap imitations? Whatever it is, RM 17.50 can pay for 3 'mixed rice' dinners in KL and 5-6 dinners in Slim River.

I took the picture partly due to disbelief.

The next item on the shelf was this cute Japanese paper doll book probably in the likeness of the cartoon of the moment.

'Very nice to know cheap paper doll games of old are still very much part of the creative children games culture of today' i thought. I had no idea how much a book of paper dolls cost when i was young but definitely below RM10. The cheaper alternative when i was young (so i'm talking about the 90's here), was buying paper dolls in the form of a sheet of cardboard instead of in a book form. One piece only cost around RM 1 and it had enough space to fit a doll, clothes and accessories  to last 5 days.

But it seems, cheap paper dolls are not so cheap these days.

With that kind of pricing you could buy yourself a proper doll.

Inflation oh inflation will you please stop inflating?
Since we're on the subject of Kinokinuya, i might as well show you the ampm skincare given free with each copy of this Taiwan make-up gurus book. Can't remember his name and can't read Chinese. Perhaps his name is Niu-Er? Anyway the book costs around RM50 and comes with a 20% discount with any purchase.

Elsewhere, at (KL Central branch), i was surprised to find a proper freebie for a cheap price. Gla magazine comes with a pretty printed scarf by Chloe Chen at RM7.50. Nice deal. The only reason why i did not get it was beacause.. i had no idea who Chloe Chen was! Plus i have no idea how to use a scarf.

But, if you're into scarves, this looks like a pretty good buy.

Free Samples- Estee Lauder New Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

Phew what a mouthful.Anyway whoever is interested this is how you can get a free sample.Click Here.

Basically you have to 'Like' the FB page, give them all your personal particulars like IC number and telephone number, and then tell them which store you would like them to pick up your sample from.

I didn't sign up, cos i'm not too comfortable devulging information without knowing how much a sample i am going to get and i'm also too lazy to go and collect it from a saleslady who will probably make me buy their stuff by condemning my skin.

If you're a pro at handling make-up ladies, do tell me how much of a sample you got? Probably something worthwhile since it can't be mailed.

Thanks for the heads up FancyIllusionist.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Malaysian Tatler July with Loreal Absolut Repair shampoo and mask

Here's what i got at Kinokuniya with this months issue of Tatler.

 Loreal Absolut Repair shampoo (100mls) and hair mask  (75mls).

Exclusive to Kinokuniya.

In other news, i got two cute souvenirs from darlings who went overseas.

Green cased mirror from Tahirah who went to Hong Kong.

And a bling  bling owl charm from Chau Pei who went to Taiwan.

Thanks girls!

I'm sorry i'm too tired/lazy to even try blogging properly. Promise to write a better post next time. Till then i just wanted to relay the Kino offer.

Life is good.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Viva Home Cheras - Buy movie tickets without lining up!

So as it was, it was the opening weekend of the final chapter of that boy sorcerer movie. Being a Saturday in Kuala Lumpur after a near self-imposed curfew situation for many the previous week,it would be near impossible to get movie tickets without

1) lining up for at least an hour
2) to be told only front seats are left
3) at 11.30pm
4) and you were lining up at 3pm.

So me and my hubby knew there was only one way around it. We drove to Cheras Viva Home (a newly opened home furnishing mall) which had an equally new MBO cinema. We reached the mall at 2.30pm. Had no problem finding parking. Bought 3pm tickets for Harry Potter in middle rows far far away from the screen, and settled down on comfortable seats, in a not too cold cinema munching popcorn that had residual chunky bits of caramel! Yum!

Cam whored with huge ass mirrors in the lift and thought to ourselves , from now on this is the place to go for movies!

So I'm relaying this piece of information to you! If you don't live too far away, you should seriously come and avoid all the hassle of buying movie tickets. Why am i so nice to share this information? Cos I'm nice like that. And also i don't want the place to go out of business so that i can always enjoy carefree cinema experience!

You're probably going to say, but there is nothing much to shop at Viva Home! True, but it's still worth a walk. And, KLCC is only 10 minutes drive away.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Contest giveaway winner

Congratulations to SneakyLily! Your comment on Bindi was touching and appropriate at a time where the perception of celebrity children is all about glitz and glamour. Do drop me a msg with your e-mail address and i hope you like the prize.

To the lovely people who participated, thank's so much. Do drop me a msg with your e-mail addresses too.

I'm feeling a bit crampy, so that's all i can think about posting for now. Till next time ..see you!

Kinokuniya and Uniqlo KLCC update

Remember the Non-No magazine with the Coach fan and scarf? Remember how i said there was only 1 issue left and how i felt so vulnerable i nearly bought it? No? Read here.

Well Kinokuniya has restocked! And there are now tons of copies available. No reservations , no ques, just come over and get it if you're interested. So did i get it? Nah. I only felt like getting it because it was the last piece. Now that there are so many of it available, i do not have the urge to buy it anymore.The scarf looks a bit 'blah' and thin too. But then again for something which is 'Coach', RM40.60 with a rather thick Japanese magazine full of fun fashion and make-up and hair tips, it's rather worth it.

I also spotted a few issues of Steady with the lest Rose bag organizer which took me some effort to resist. Weirdly i don't see the Sweet magazine with Betsey Johnson cosmetic pouch yet.Read here.

Anyhow a piece of news. For those interested in the Chinese Agnes B mook with necklace, well forget it! Kino is not bringing it in according to the staff, even though they are selling it to Singapore. Discrimination! Heck even Popular is selling it in Singapore. I'm going to check out Popular soon.Just goes to show how much they doubt the Malaysian buying power.

Elsewhere, in Uniqlo, you may remember the opening promotion on Cath Kidston tees which were quite swiftly sold out?

Well it seems there are some leftover stock which they have brought to the KLCC branch.I snapped a sneaky picture.As you can see i'm quite shy.

There is a fair amount of designs  available and are sold at the discounted price of RM39.90! It won't be long before they are sold out again though.

Oh, and did you guess which colour of Le Pliage i bought? I got it in typical Chinese manner. Red!For luck and prosperity!

I'm loving how light weight it is.And so not afraid of getting it dirty or being caught in the rain.It's my to go to bag for undressy situations and occasions when i want to walk into Daiso without being self conscious about carrying an LV. I know i think too much.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Giveaway Winner Announcement soon

You probably remember my giveaway of a Cath Kidston fan and other complimentary gifts awhile ago? If not read here!

Response has been , well, how do i say it? Encouraging? I've got double the number of participants compared to my first giveaway. Ha ha yup only one person (who won by default) participated!

So I'm not complaining.I've got 2 participants on my blog and one sneaky SMS from a cute friend who likes the fan.So that makes it triple the amount of participants?

Anyway I've decided to end the giveaway this Saturday 16th July 11pm. The winner will then be announced on Sunday.I've got at least 3 complimentary gifts to give away with the main gift, and that will be revealed a few days after i mail out the prize of course. I don't want to spoil the winner's surprise.

Thanks to those who have participated thus far. Lots of love.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Longchamp Le Pliage in Malaysia

One word to describe it.It's everywhere in Malaysia.I have a nagging suspicion that some may be fake but i have no way of proving this unless i inspect from up close.But then again they're probably all genuine cos for a 'branded' bag, it's affordable. Unless of course if you're in Malaysia. For some reason the prices here are sky high, almost doubling the price in France. So maybe some of them are fake. Okay I'm just contradicting myself.

Do you know how much an original Longchamp Le Pliage costs in Malaysia? It costs RM530 for a long handle small shopper and RM630 for the medium long handle.

The price in France is the cheapest. The price in many European nations is around RM 300 plus. While the prices in the USA is cheaper than in Malaysia but more expensive than in Europe.

Whatever it is, I've decided to join the Le Pliage club albeit many years late.And it's only because my lovely friend, Tahirah got her equally lovely sister in law to get it for me from UK!I try my best to buy original bags as long as i can afford it.

Yeah.. i initially had all kinds of problems choosing the colour. Graphite or Red or Navy or Grape?

Anyhow the whole point in writing this post is that the same friend who helped me get it has one extra Longchamp Le Pliage Long Handle in Graphite and she's keen on selling it for nearly the original UK price. It's a great offer for those who like Longchamp but hate the Malaysian prices, plus it's brand new and original.

I hastily took some pictures with my I-Phone just in case anyone wants to have a look.

If anyone is interested in this bag, do leave a comment with your e-mail so i can tell you the price and how to contact my friend.

Can you guess which colour i got in the end?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Daiso buys and cute inexpensive stickers

Restarting a phase of life where books and papers seem to be the mainstay of everyday life, my Daiso buys have evolved from cute stuff, to household items to stationary.I know, how boring.

I shall now proceed to bore you further with my increasingly boring Daiso buys.

This was my whole haul in a giant 'The Curve' Daiso a while ago. Aromatic fluorescent markers,10 multi -coloured pens, 2 bookends and aromatic oil.

I've always loved essential oils, I'm a 'smell' kind of person. So i picked up the rose scented one at the counter only to change it last minute to lemongrass. I have no idea what amazing properties lemongrass scents have but I'm a sucker for tropical scents.

Oh, wait let me google and enrich myself with lemongrass knowledge.

Here are some of the benefits of the essential oil as referenced here.

1) Analgesic
2) Anti Depressant
3) Anti Microbial and Anti Bacterial
4) Anti Pyretic
5) Anti Septic
6) Astringent
7) Carminative
8) Deodorant
9) Diuretic
10) Fungicidal
11) Galactogogue
12) Insecticidal
13) Nervine:
14) Sedative
15) Tonic
16) Other Benefits: Helps cure cellulite, fungal infections and digestive problems and reduces excessive perspiration too.

Phew really? That great? Hmm.. must try it out. I'm not too sure whether any actual scientific tests have been carried out though.

Anyway, moving on, i got myself fluorescent highlighter with grape, melon strawberry, orange and banana scents.

I told you I'm a 'scent' person. And i swear the banana scented one does not smell the least bit funny or weird.

Another haul this time consisting of spray-on shoe deodorant, bamboo charcoal shoe keepers, and a tiny ice cube ice tray.

You can tell i have a shoe problem. The thing is i walk to school daily and inevitably I sweat. Even at the feet. Thus far the spray-on deodorant has been doing a swell job, while the bamboo charcoal shoe keeper is basically just an extra measure to keep moisture out of my shoes!

All right, are you bored enough yet? No? Oh you lovely souls! Then i shall continue with my post of boring buys in the form of really cheap stickers. I'm saying cheap cos some bookstores sell stickers for RM10 (USD3.30) per sheet and they're not even that cute.

A sheet full of huge macaroons costing RM2 (USD 0.6)

These cost a little under RM2 and the quality is great! They're clear hard gel type stickers that stick like a heavy duty tape. I stuck it on my  keys and they're stuck on pretty well even if i do throw my keys around a lot in the bag.

These are also giant stickers with a kitchen theme. Only RM2. But i know i can get cheaper cos i used to buy stickers in the same range for RM1.60.

I'm too old for stickers but they make me happy.

And i shall end this post with a picture of the one who got away. I was staring at the last piece of Non-no magazine, (the one that comes with the Coach fan and scarf- what you didn't know? Then read here) and instinctively grabbed it cos it was after all the last piece. I was pacing around Kinokuniya contemplating whether to buy it. After all, the last Coach scarf i got from a magazine (read here) is still unused. Then my husband comes along and asks me, do you really need this? After all each magazine costs a little more than RM 40 (expensive for a magazine but cheap for a Coach product in Malaysia- damn you Americans , we pay 3 times more for a Coach bag over here not to mention the exorbitant prices we pay for Forever Twenty One!*sad* i want American prices!)

So, in the end, i left it back on the shelf for the next lucky person to pick it up.There was seriously only one copy left!

It was probably the right move anyway, cos I'd probably have no use for the scarf and end up giving it away. A penny saved is a penny more to spend!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Galileo Germany vs Singapore

I went back to JB and all over 8 Days magazine was the issue over how this German tv show was ridiculing Singapore and purposely picking out weird practices in Singapore and subsequently coming to a conclusion that Singaporeans are mad.

Of course by portraying Singapore as mad/crazy/ stuck in culturally weird beliefs, the Germans have got the Singaporeans crying foul (they after all pride themselves as the most westernized nation this side of South East Asia-Which is true anyway).

Here's the full episode of the offending show called Galileo.

You've gotta hand it to the producers.They certainly got the publicity they were hoping for.Some of the things featured are so obscure, some Singaporeans probably do not know about it.

However, a true test of a country's social development though, is to be able to laugh at oneself.

So if they can have a look and laugh saying " This is such a misrepresentation of our country, but some of these things sure are weird!", then only would they have truly achieved a whole new level of development.

Instead of going, "I'm going to boycott all German produce."

Monday, 4 July 2011

How to study

I know, i know. What kind of stupid topic is that? Totally out of my usual girly consumerism posts. But i really wanted to post something today and being home in JB currently got me reminiscing about the good old days when my only activities most of the time was watching TV, studying, thinking of tips on how to study and dreaming about studying, homework and exams.I really am a nerd.

I did really well in exams THEN (note the past tense)and have decided to jot down a few tips and tricks for

1) the odd student who googles 'how to study' during a particularly dreary homework night
2) me to remember how i did it since i am back in the exam oriented appraisal route

And so here are some conventional (i've heard it all before) and unconventional ways of the dreaded word we call 'study'.

1) Start early. Do your homework daily and make sure you understand everything teacher says. Ha ha i know this is the most predictable tip/lesson in the book.But it's true. But we all know that this is easier said than done , so comes the second tip..

2)*If you have not been doing tip number 1 do not fret. We all know everyone mugs. Even top students mug once in a while. The thing is not to leave the mugging till too late. Lets say it's a monthly assesment, then study one week beforehand. If its a end of the year exam give yourself 2 months to mug.If it's SPM we are talking about here, then you please give yourself 6 months.

3) If you have not been following tip 1 or 2, things do not look good. But never quit till the end cos at least you can say that you did genuinely try even if it is during the last few weeks leading to the exam. Or days depending on what a risk taker you are.

4)* Preferably you would have studied consistently and studied everything in the book, but if you have not and there is really no more time left, you have no choice but to spot questions. Pick the likeliest to come out and memorize/make short notes. Spot as many as you can and hope for the best.

5) Associate what you read with your everyday life/favourite tv programme. Make pneumonics you can remember. Find a youtube video on the science/history/geography topic you cannot for the life of you remember.

6) Tell yourself you love studying. It's all a matter of conditioning.

7)*Do tons of past year exams cos if you're in primary/secondary school there's only so much they can ask.

8) Waste no time. Even in the toilet.

9) Revise what you have studied while you are lying on your bed waiting to sleep. Your brain might just play your thoughts over and over again in your brain long after you've dozed off.

10) Don't be shy to ask or make mistakes. Cos people who don't ask are even more stupid.

11) Lavender scents are supposed to help you sleep well. I used to put a few drops on my pillow before exam days when i knew it would be difficult for me to sleep. A good sleep means a clear mind to think the next morning. Plus the scent lingers on in your hair till the next day and it had a somewhat calming effect on me.

Disclaimer: Those marked * do not apply to medical students, cos you can't afford to spot questions!Who wants a doctor who doesn't know all their stuff?

12) And most of all switch of facebook and stop surfing the net unless it's absolutely for educational reasons!Commitment guys/girls. Commitment!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Upcoming worthy magazine freebies

Finally a crop of Japanese magazines with freebies that actually look like they are worth my time of day.I'm so sick of the onslought of predictable totes. And giving out a freebie that resembles a freebie that has already been given out before is doubly lame. Here are some really exciting and fresh freebies coming your way.

Betsey Johnson make-up pouch with August issue of Sweet.

This looks like any other make-up pouch yeah? Albeit decorated by rather pretty Betsy Johnson flowers. What i like about this though is the flexibility of it.The middle flowery portion is a pouch which can be detached from the outer covering which itself has equally handy mesh compartments.

You've got to see the video to se what i mean. Here's the link.

Next up is a cute Harrods surprise from Glow.So far Glow has been dishing out rather boring matronly stuff.But this one looks chic yet usable by the mature crowd.

Harrods bottle cooler bag.How cute will this look at a picnic?

Last but not least is a Lest Rose mini bag/bag organizer and pouch with Steady August issue.

Seriously this looks like any other old tiny tote, but you really have to see the video! It has amazing a lot of compartments. The prints are also too sweet. Definitely an above average bag organizer.Video is here.

Can't wait!But i've made a resolve to save! How?

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cath Kidston fan giveaway!

Hey there. It's been ages since i did a giveway and i thought this would be a good time. Remember the Cath Kidston fans i got at Uniqlo? Well i'm gonna give away one of the sweet polka dot one since i have two.And i'll throw in a few other items as well as a surprise.

Here's a pic of the fan from the side.

And here's  the design of the fan i'm giving away. Photo credit to Hazel.

All you have to do is:
1) Follow this blog.
2) Tell me who your favourite celebrity kid is.
3) Wait till i announce the results.

Open to overseas readers as well.No closing date for the moment.

That simple.

I'm eager to see who you guys will choose.

For me i'm loving the Brangelina brood.Max, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox.

The twins are growing up now and looking pretty nonidentical.

And don't you think Viviene and Shiloh are looking so much like each other?

I'm looking forward to seeing some replies. I'm sure you'll love the gift(s).


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