Thursday, 31 May 2012

ViVi Magazine Scans

It's summer in Japan, and fashion magazines are parading their summer best which is awesome for us at Malaysia who go rather green with envy looking at autumn and winter fashion spreads cos we know if we attempt to layer more than one piece clothing we will surely melt into a sweaty mess.

Living at the equator with summer the whole year round, it's kind of difficult experimenting with fashion. Here then are some inspiring fashion related spreads from ViVi June 2012 issue.

I'm not going to upload the whole magazine here (cos you can probably get it pretty easily online and the pictures are watermarked with the website  source anyway), but rather put up some of my favourite pages.
(Disclaimer i do not own these pictures and did not scan them myself. I put up what was readily available on the net)

 Enjoy the summer fun!

ViVi covers always seem the nicest at bookstands.

Layer on the bracelets! Makes anyone look boho chic.

The thing about the summer this season is that it's all about pastel colours! Have you seen TOPSHOP and MNG stores lately? It's ALL pastel!

Really washed out pastel blue denims seem a pre-requisite. On a random note, i can no longer fit into my size 24 jeans anymore, i have officially started understanding why some girls complain they can't fit into their jeans anymore.. all the more reason to buy some pastel ones then. #alwaystrytolookatbrightsideofthings.

Lots of comfortable cotton non-figure hugging clothes- i like.

See what i mean about pastel?

I really want to get these pants cos they look extremely comfortable yet hip. I can't seem to find any decent ones around though. Let me know if you see any nice ones in KL please.

And what's a Summer edition without a bikini spread. Can't we all have this vacation vibe all the time?

Lena Fuji portraying the virtues of ripped denim shorts.

A whole segment about copying celebrity street style. Pretty interesting thus why i'm posting a majority of the segment here.

Miranda Kerr looking good in basically anything.No plastic surgery needed - i think.

Phew i'm only half way through the magazine and already my post is picture overloaded. This magazine is the best! Too bad we only have the English version of Ray here. If we had English ViVi i'd buy it every month!

Photo Meme :Non-makeup edition aka Random things edition

Okay this post is seriously late, but i wanna do it anyway. The lovely Yumeko started this meme and i wanted to do it too but i had no plushies to speak of. Then i remembered i might have one.. or part of it anyway .. found it took a picture and hence i'm able to join the photo meme.

So here goes, my photo meme albeit a cheat version.

1. Plushie
I'm not a person who buys plushies at all.. i mean it's lovely to look at but what about all the dust it gathers? I never buy them, and i don't encourage people to buy them for me. Thus the one and only plushie resembling item i have.

Okay okay technically this is just a picture of a cannister with a picture of a plushie instead of a picture of a plushie. I had bought this during my early dating days, with the mistaken belief that i could and would replicate this doggy plush toy seen here with the readily available items contained in the cannister.I had sewn the head, and realised there was not much of a resemblance to a dog, as it rather looked more like a bear. I duly gave up, but still kept the cannister in my now husbands place in Slim River.

2. Food/snack/meal

I had just discovered these delectable chocolates. They look like your normal run of the mill chocolates coated with a candy covering.. but they are in fact..

... kuaci coated with chocolate with a candy covering.

For many non-Malaysians or Singaporeans, a kuaci is this:

Sunflower seeds! At the moment they only sell it at Country Tit Bit stores.. and they taste really interesting. It's an acquired taste though. You either think it's brillian or it's meh.. i love it!

Oh and another food related item.. (cheating again with multiple pictures).. Hokkaido cream stew blocks from Daiso. Seriously creamy stuff. but it gets cloying after a while..

3. Stationary

I recently made this.. well actually i just stuck leaopard print fuzzy sticker sheet over a free notebook, and i love that it looks instantly hip yet corny..

4.Something i wear

Due to post exam euphoria, i somehow managed to buy 10 items of clothing at Sg Wang plaza within a day.. The purple polo shirt and the brown slacks next to it are for my husband ... i wanted to get really faded blue jeans, but they were having this promotion where one item costs RM108 while 3 items cost RM 88. It was a no brainer then that i picked up some extra pieces of clothing for my husband, to get the cheaper price.

An eye cover i recently bought.. but can'r seem to find it anymore. I seem to have misplaced it.Either that or someone stole it because it's so cute. Love that there's a cooling patch inserted inside, though it would be great if i could actually read Korean and decipher what the exact contents of the eye patch are.

Oh and a third picture, cos i want to show you my braided bracelet with charms on it. Cute and small enough for my tiny wrists. 3 for RM15 at CottonOn.

5. Something random

Hello Kitty pluggies. But why is Dear Daniel with a ribbon?

Random adorable Hello Kitty paper bag from Uniqlo in conjunction with their Hello Kitty T Shirts.

Oh and i finally got my hands on the much raved about Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. I think these are one of the rare shades that actually look natural on my lips, and the moisturizing quality of it is pretty awesome.

Hope you liked it!

If you decide to do your version of  this photo meme too please do leave a link in the comments!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Upcoming Japanese Magazines

Phew i haven't done this in a while and forgot how tedious it is.

Here are the upcoming Japanese magazine freebies.

Baila July issue comes with a Marjoram pouch. The pouch is just too cute for words!! All pink and fluffy and with a ribbon-ed pouch at the base.. too cute.

Out in Japan on the 12th of June.

I think it's gettign pretty hot in Japan cos most of the freebies are repeats of each other, and a prevalent trend is giving out paper fans and umbrellas. Tell me that's not a sure sign about the state of the weather over there.

Steady July issue comes with a floral folding fan. Out in Japan 12th June.

InRed July issue comes with a pretty pink Harrods pouch. Now this one is cute. Out in Japan 7th June.

Liniere comes with a blue floral foldable fan and a cover to keep it in.

Maquia August (!! are you kidding me) issue comes out 23rd June in Japan and comes with what looks like a tin case with a kitty on the cover. Brand, Muveil. Don't quote me on this one. I have no idea what this freebie is.

It seems Agnes B has collaborations with magazines A LOT! The July issue of More comes with a Agnes B voyage multi-purpose pouch. Out in Japan 28th May.

Non-no August issue comes with an ice cool umbrella. Out 20th June in Japan.

Spring August issue come s with a polka dotted (the casing anyway) umbrella and towel material pouch by Tsumori Chisato. Perhaps you can use it to wipe sweat as well in the sweltering heat? Out 23rd June in Japan.

Steady July issue comes with another floral folding fan, but this time by Rebecca Taylor. Out 7th of June in Japan.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

KL Bird Park

My Dad is a huge nature lover. Whenever we go anywhere, we would definitely visit the zoo/bird park/nature reserve. As there was a zoo near my house in JB we would go there really often. And since there was also a jogging park (which was previously the Johor Sultan's residence) next to the zoo (since it used to be the Johor Sultan's private zoo wtf) which we go to every evening, technically we saw animals everyday. We could  even feed the deer that wandered over to the fence separating the jogging park and the zoo. Free animal feeding.. but we were too young to appreciate the free things in life and took it for granted.

As a child i've been to the Malacca Zoo, Zoo Negara, Penang Bird Park, Taiping Zoo, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park. Instead of Orchard Road we went to Mandai Zoo. Instead of searching for chicken rice balls, we rode on elephants in Malacca Zoo.

It is with great surprise to me then, that i have missed a  spot. And that spot is the KL Bird Park. Apparently it is the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary. With 20.9 acres of land in the heart of KL how could i have missed this?

My brother who is the ahem..President of the Science Club in his university (we are such nerds omg), organized a trip to the KL Bird Park last weekend. Since the club offered cheaper tickets and i was post-exam,  and buay pai seh (not shy), i decided to tag along. Tag along a bus full of barely past teenage youths nearly a decade younger than me. This should be fun..

And it was fun!

The park was really decent! Pretty huge and loved that it was a full flight walk in aviary for most parts! I don't really like seeing birds/animals caged up.

The park operates from 9am to 6pm.

When the bus pulled up at the park at 8.45 am there was already a que at the ticketing counter. Seriously! I had no idea that place was so popular.

Here's a map on how to get there. It's just next to Lake Garden's.

There are Bird shows at 12.30 pm and 3.30pm and Hornbill and Milky stork feeding times.

If you go in at 9 am you'd  probably be done by 1pm, it's not so big that you can spend the whole day there, but i suppose if you have children or walk really slow you could. Nevertheless it was a really well kept, and well maintained park.

The park is divided into 4 zones, and for most parts the birds could fly freely, as the area was enclosed with sky high netting like this.

There were peacocks roaming everywhere, and it was one of the first few birds we saw.

You needed to have TWO 50 sen coins (the old ones not the new shitty coins) to use the fish and bird food dispenser. So bring the coins if you're planning on buying bird food. Otherwise you'd have to go into the shops to ask for change.

The birds there were rather comfortable around humans. You could go fairly close before they start moving away. 

A flock of unidentified birds that resemble turkeys with a peacock guarding them.

These birds were scattered throughout the park and ever photo ready.

We walked past so many peacocks who were strolling around but wouldn't show us their feathers, no matter how hard i tried to alarm them. They were too chill i guess.. or there were no attractive peahen to show off it's feathers to.

Halfway through the park though, this generous peacock was strutting his stuff. And all us visitors (there were loads of foreign tourists- they always seem to know where the good attractions are), started snapping away!

Gorgeous feathers! But the fire engine red bird next to it is an equal stunner!

There were some exotic plants aroud the park too. I have no idea what this is, but it's pretty!

The most fun portion was probably the parrot and lories feeding. Pay RM2, get a small cupfull of milk and the birds will start attacking you.. i mean the food. I had 7 birds on me at one time!

These two refused to budge even after i passed the food to someone else. I was looking at the marks the birds left on my skin with their bird feet. A little bit painful but nothing unbearable.

Everyone attracted quite a fair bit of birds..

...except my brother..wahaha..

This guy attracted birds without even holding any food.. 

The most sureal moment was when a flock of white birds flew at eye level directly at us. If you look closely you can see a flock of 10 birds fly at us.. there were more but those had already flown past.. by the time i caught my breath and got my camera app to start these were the few birds left.

Very fun!

We walked for two hours to find that we were only half way through..

The bird show was short but pretty decent. That's my brother volunteering for an act.

Thanks everyone! Had a lot of fun!

For more information about the bird park the official site is here.


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