Sunday, 5 September 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Colour Review/ Chestnut Brown

Went to Watson's to have a quick check out how extensive is the Liese range in Malaysia. And i must say they have the full range of hair colour! Not bad! And its cheaper than if you purchase it in Singapore. But apparently in Lion City they have now introduced two new colours and all colours have improved whereby it is 4 times thicker and creamier than the old range . The new colours being Platinum Beige and Sweet Apricot which are not out in Malaysia yet...but soon i suppose.I'm not sure whether we have the new and improved formulation in Malaysia but apparently you can see from the packaging.

Since i bought my hair colour from Singapore it is indeed the new and improved formulation.


Anyways the hair colour was pretty much sold out in the Watson's i went to.. only some of the brown hues were left..The sales person said that the ash brown colour sold out pretty fast (which was the colour i was keen on trying) ans asked me to try Guardian next door. Wow.. business is so good that she is redirecting customers.. not bad! Anyway i did not bother checking out Guardian cos i had just coloured my hair in chestnut brown anyway.Read here.

So here's my review on the latest in DIY hair dye.

Nice and cute as expected from  Japanese brand. But it also packs loads of information in English on how to use (with photo illustrations), cautions, ingredients and colour variations for different coloured hair.

Choosing a colour:

This i guess is the most difficult step for a newbie. I mean, whats the difference between marshmallow brown and milk tea brown? Are marshmallow's even brown in the first place? It's just cute advertising but i suppose this guide would help.

 So apparently milk tea brown is lighter than marshmallow brown.And more or less the same brightness with each other. Since i bought the chestnut brown colour, it's darker and less bright thus it's a lot less obvious. So not obvious no one could differentiate it from my previous RM200  professionally coloured hair in equally subdued tones for work reasons.

These colour examples would be of even more help to choose the perfect hair colour.

Very loving the ash brown. No idea it would look so natural.

How to use it:

The intructions enclosed with the hair colour is good enough but if you need more visual intructions this video would help.


Easy to use.Bubbles only what. Don't wear anything  that you so not want to stain though. I changed into my husbands mcky tee after washing off the colour and totally stained it. (Have not told him yet though)

Nice predictable colour. Exactly as i expected it to look like so no unwanted surprises. Even though i left it on for only 30 minutes and i didn't finish the whole bottle of dye like i'm supposed to for my shoulder lengh hair, my hair was evenly coloured. No unwanted streaks or anything.

Love the tratment cream that comes with the hair colour. Would buy it if i could. Made my hair softer and so manageable with a lovely fruity floral scent.

BUT ..... it totally made my scalp flake! Yeah yeah supposed to do the skin allergy test and all which i did not, but seriously i did not have an allergic reaction to it. Rather the dye was too strong for my sensitive skin. So, great i woke up to flaking scalp on my nicely coloured hair.

And don't get me started on the smell! It smells.. well like hair dye.. really pungent  at first but tapers off later. Lasts around 2 days.

Would i purchase this again?

Yes.. if only for the convenience, cheap price (compared to professional colouring) and to try the ash brown colour. But will definitely not colour my hair often.


Megan Lopez said...

Wow, This is a wonderful post. Awesome video!!! I watched it 3 or 4 times, superb. I will also follow these rules, this color makes your hair long and healthy.

Chestnut Hair Color

Anonymous said...

how bad is the flaking? how long does it last? what can i do about iT?

saltvinegar said...

Flaking is bad. Think big chunks of scalp flakes. What u can do is carefully remove the flakes so you don't look like u have a head full of dandruff and dilute your normal shampoo with water.Avoid all unnecessary hair products during this time.

It last about 4-5 days.Your scalp should be back to normal after that.


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