Sunday, 12 September 2010

Gelato Pique Autumn Winter Mook 2010

I am so tired after yesterdays Raya call. And the thing is its not going to end any time soon. Our casualty clocked triple the number of patients on an average day and they were not surgical or trauma cases either! All of them were children and old people. What! So people only realize their loved ones are sick during a family festival? It seems like the main attraction in this town was the hospital yesterday. Very exhausting call. Hope i survive the rest of the EOD week.

I always like to blog non-medical stuff to bring my mind away from work. It's bad enough that we have to work most public holidays.It would be completely obsessive of me to blog about work on my free time.

For now i am completely looking forward to this.

I love the patchwork patterns, the single button and also the brand. Hopefully it will be well made.

Seems like there is a steady stream of coveted mooks and freebie Japanese magazines coming up.

The most coveted probably is the Jill Stuart 'We love Jill 2010' mook.

It comes with a really cute make-up case with a charm adorning it.

Of course if i had so many Jill Stuart products my make-up pouch will look as nice as this too.

This was the make-up pouch which came with the previous Jill Stuart mook.

I don't know why but i much prefer my make-up case to look roomy and boxy. (oh i know why because then I'd be able to just dump all my stuff in there without needing to arrange it.)

It came with a free mirror too.

Wish i knew about mooks then -_-

I probably wont be purchasing the Jill Stuart mook as it looks so much alike in terms or shape and design as the Cath Kidston 'Hello from London' mook which i already own.

Other drool worthy items would be the Baila 10 magazine November issue which comes with an Anya Hindmarch cotton 54 x 54 cm handkerchief? scarf? Launched in Japan today, launch date in Malaysia: unsure.

And apparently MISS magazine November issue comes with a 70cm x 70cm COACH scarf! 

Wow.. not really sure what material it would be made of but nevertheless it's a Coach. Sounds a bit too good to be true though. Any idea what a Coach scarf would cost in stores?


Jamie Wong said...

i always amazed of how delicay these japan stuffs could be. they're adorable!

saltvinegar said...

Yup and how come their mags have such great gifts with purchase.

Maria said...

The Jill Stuart make-up box is so nice! I'm not a fan of make-up but I'd like to give one to my sister who loves make-up. I'm sure she'll adore it!

BTW, I'm a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow back. Thanks! :)

saltvinegar said...

okie will do. Nice to meet u :)


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