Friday, 17 September 2010

DHC trial kit

I've been on EOD on call for the past 1 week. Meaning I'm on call every other day, and the days when I'm not on call I'm on passive call. Meaning, I'm passive call from 8am to 8 am one day and will continue active calls from 8am to 8 am the next day. The bad thing about this is one can get really tired. Just recently i was called to send a patient out to Ipoh for further management. I was post call (ie: have worked 24 hours the previous day). I sent the ventilated baby out at 10.30 pm  and reached back to my hospital at 3am. Upon arriving there was a baby with supraventricular tachycardia to be sent out. Went back again to Ipoh and reached back at 6.30am. At 8 am my active call starts again.Very happy that i survived and just cannot wait to take a break. For all aspiring doctors out there., make sure you're the kind of person who can stay alert without sleep alright? If not just forget about it and spare your patients the agony.

Anyway, enough about work.

Here's the DHC trial kit i bought recently from Watson's.

I did not purchase anything normal sized because:
1) It's freaking expensive- even this trial kit costs RM 66.90
2) Super sensitive skin- don't want to waste a full bottle if it doesn't work out

Opening the box you are greeted by cute but pointless unless you read Japanese pamphlet.

It comes with a free but tiny bag- presumably to hold the trial kit?

And this my friends are the contents of the trial kit.

1) Deep cleansing oil 32ml
2) Mild soap 10g
3) Mild lotion 32ml
4) Olive virgin oil 5ml

Everything is really really tiny. So if you've got skin that can tahan all kinds of skincare, you'd be better off buying the full sized products.

Directions (off the box):
1) Deep cleansing oil : Dispense 2-3 pumps on dry hand. Blend it well and massage for 20-30 seconds then wash off with cold or warm (duh..) water.

2) Mild soap : Roll the soap bar on wet hand and lather with warm water. Apply onto face then rinse thoroughly.

3) Mild lotion: Apply onto cotton after facial wash. Pat it on skin until whole face feels cool. Repeat patting several times.

4) Olive virgin oil: Dispense 1 pump at the final step of skin care. Rub hands together and spread oil. Apply on whole face gently.

I have yet to try it out. Will report back when i finish using it. Hope it's not a dud like SKII.


Anonymous said...

so how the effect???Is it ok?

saltvinegar said...

Hi there..
Sad to say it did nothing for me. in fact the toner made me break out so i stopped using it..luckily i did not buy full sized products.


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