Friday, 29 June 2007


I am so frustrated now~ after successfully dodging my way true a 3rd call on Monday i am told on the very last second that i have to do a second call on Sunday!! Sunday i have to be on-call from 11 am till 5pm the next day~ Argh!! On a normal Sunday i can ciao at 1pm. And i was so looking forward to the weekends too~ Why oh why must i have my half day weekends be shattered like tht??? Ugh ugh ugh~

To make matters worse JH is on-call today so he'll come back really pooped tomorrow~ Sunday would be our only real time to go shopping or catch a movie or something~

Kanasai~ wanna kill ppl already~

Eat shit!!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

bonjour mon petit~

Just read Pei Fen's blog~ gee. I wanna go France too~~ and all that based on these few photos~

To those tht don't know this is Pei Fen the yes 933 radio dj (Singapore radio station-to the uninitiated).

These are laduree macaroons~ heard all about it in children's storybooks and only now do i noe how they actually look like.. might i also have the chance to taste it soon~ apparently its scrumplicious~

Drool~ cheese fondue~ enough of all the chocolate fondue shit~ Cheese fondue is the way to go

And what is this?

A normal suburban setting in an apartment block in Lyon?

More like an empty wall touched by a creative genious~~

And can u see the little prince standing next to his author-Antoine De Saint Exupery.


Viva le France

Why am i posting?

I have the incorrigible urge to post something..tho i dun know what exactly to pour out into this blank canvas.So many things have happened my life have changed and all because of my job! Working 7am to 10pm is all right i guess but am not looking forward to starting on-calls. Within the span of 2 weeks i have done 3 cprs on patients, staring death in the eyes. I've done one peritoneal tap and an unsuccessful pleural tap.

Been at the brunt of a the radiologists PMS symptoms as well as well as having to deal with having to do jobs that no one wants to do(mainly going down to the imaging department) I really dun mind going down for reportings and getting urgent apponitments cos most ofthe radiologists are really quite reasonable but i just cant stand that i am sent down when they very well know i'm not supposed to bother the radiologist tht very day cos they had an imaginf conference. Oh well.. scoldings are part and partial of the job. I'm lucky my MO's and specialist are very understanding and reasonable and responsible.

Yet i'm happy to come home and just rest for a few hours before starting work again.

Life at least has a purpose.

Receiving thanks from my patients are my biggest gratification to date.

Life is precious more than ever before.

My condolences go out to JH and his family.His ah ma will forever be missed.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

First post in Ipoh

So many things have happened since my last post~

I'm in Ipoh working my ass off

I got into a stupid accident on the federal highway which i would rather forget~

I moved in to a new house.

I have new furniture.

My comp hard disk got fried just because i switched the main plug off before it shut down properly.

But i'm still me..

Though i have this new title as doctor, at heart i'm still the same simple girl from JB that craves for the old carefree, responsibility- free, tv junkie, magazine worshiper lifestyle of yore.

But i guess unless u kena fried u wont understand how lucky u were in the first place.

How i crave for a 9-5 monotonous job now~

But i choose this profession and i'm gonna stick to it.

It's definitely how i imagined the work to be when i first started medicine but it is definitely challenging and has made me treasure what i have in life more. seeing so many ppl suffer and collapse in the ward is a routine and normal occurence in the wards daily,U kinda get immune to it. Scoldings are as common as stars in the sky.

Imagine kena scolding for not doing a pleural tap ordered. What the... i'm just a tagger tht has yet to witness a pleural tap in Ipoh~how can i do tht without supervision..?? And i actually did tell the housemen in the ward but they just buat bodoh cos they have yet to perform a tap either~ thts government service for u~

Anyways sticks and stones will break my bones and all tht....

Enjoy ur job everyone. Cos no matter how badly u suck at ur work at least no one is gonna suffer the consequences but you~

Thursday, 7 June 2007

wolf in sheeps clothing~

I feel so bad~

I feel so bad knowing that i was witness to a great fiasco and i did nothing to stop it
I felt really weird when this junior of mine was parading around his 2 'girl' friends almost alternatingly. Now i didn't know the junior (2 batches my junior) personally, all i knew that he drove a sports car to school and is heavily loaded with cash. Great for him i thought~

He even introduced a 'friend' from Singapore though she's actually originally from Indonesia during one of our badminton practice. Hmmm what did she see in this big fat guy was all that i could think of at the time.All this while he was cheating on his girlfriend in the UK who is also studying medicine while keeping the Singapore/Indonesian gf in the dark as well~

I don't know any of these parties personally but i deem this as an attack on all females in general.

Someone should really go expose this big liar.
But you know what, what goes around comes around.
He may have gotten away this time but he'll get his just deserts in due time.

If you know him personally pls treat him as you deem fit~

Tell him you know~

Tell him you're disgusted~

Tell his poor gf (singapore/indonesian) if she still doesn't know~

This is the full story from the blog of a very brave girl.

This guy cheated on his gf with his ex for almost a year . And now he's telling ppl the gf dumped him long long time ago for whatever reasons but not bcos he cheated? How twisted. It had just been less than a month from today to be precise. The reason? --->

--> he actually initiated a relationship again with his ex while he was with his gf of 3 years.

Though i wouldn't say their relationship was good during the 3 years coz the bf actually cheated once before and had other scandals going on with other girl. They had their ups and downs like any other couples but with more dramas ...

Fine, they broke up coz of all the dramas but a few months later the bf went after the gf again claiming he realized his mistakes, swore that he was a changed man.

So, there he went emailing the gf's friends asking for advice and convincing them he should be given a chance. From then, he sent flowers and gifts every months to the gf.

He wrote such sweet emails saying how he prayed to God every night that how much he wanted them to work. In the end the gf was convinced and accepted him since she loved him. (The gf lives in UK and it was a Long Distance Relationship then)

Since then, they were fine and super sweet where the gf spent time with him during summer holidays and he actually flew to the UK to spend time with her for a month!

She was so touched and even thought giving up her job offers in UK and go back to Singapore to work so that they could be closer and build a stronger relationship as she alwiz knew LDR was difficult to maintain.

Everything went well and smooth for both of them. (Btw, both of them are medical students)

After a month later after he flew back to Malaysia/Singapore, she found that her bf was acting cold and distant, he wasn't very supportive like his usual self.

So they argued and went for a break. How sad, he didn't even call her for weeks and she thought to herself this was not normal. Later, she finally gathered lotsa information from her various sources, she found out the bf has been cheating for almost a year.

This happened while he was trying to get back his gf in UK, He initiated a relationship with his ex who was in Singapore.

Come to think of it, it is very smart coz none of his med school friends knew about her existence since she is from a different community or else they might inform his gf. And smartly, only his Singaporean high school friends knew about his ex being his gf in Singapore.

Therefore, under his ex's impression, the gf was the "affair woman".

How depressing...

Yes, there are more to it, before he flew to UK, he lied saying he needed to go Taiwan with his Dad for some function but instead he went honeymoon with his ex to Jakarta. Well, there were witnesses and other evidence. What a small small world. I am sure he told his Malaysian friends he went to "Taiwan" too.

Anyhow, the deluded gf believed him and wished him safe trip and prayed for his journey to go to the so-called "Taiwan" stupid? Where he was actually going with another woman..=(

Of course, when he left for UK for his elective here, he told the ex he needed to do his medical elective in a town which is the next to where the gf lived. And he even lied to her that he was staying with a guy friend. But the truth was, he was staying with the gf, the elective was even arranged by the gf under her own consultant.

So during some weekends, the couple went to London and Paris.
Guess what he told the ex? this is really funny u know..

he said he needed to do ON-CALL and

Patient Home Visit in another hospital far away during weekends ,therefore he won't able to contact his ex.

.......Seriously, an elective medical student does not do on-call and patient home visit in a hospital posting in another town especially during

weekends . Other than that, it is also a TOTALLY different Trust and you don't go to other trust hospitals when you are just a foreign elective medical student attached for a short time of period.

Plus only GP does home visit in UK. -__-

At least that's what i know about the system in UK. Hmm...

Well, a least it is good enough for the ex since she didnt know about the medical field that much. She would just believed whatever he said to her, in fact might be very impressed with her doctor-to-be "bf".

What hurts the gf most is, everynight he corresponded with the ex while he was in the UK , telling her a different story and yet still able to be sleeping next to his gf who truly believed he had changed.

She was all happy and overjoyed to have him there. Never in a million years, she thought he would cheat on her again. This is really sad...

Can you imagine when someone you trusted,given all your love to him, treat u this way?? Even if there were any problems between them, both parties should sit down and talk things over and he should not just cheat behind her back.

It is just so unfair to the gf. it's cruel....

Where's the respect for her? This is so wrong in any angle u look at it. How could he not see it?

Well, after the break the bf never bothered to talk to the gf anymore, no calls, no emails, nothing from him.

Perhaps he has settled for the ex in singapore who is still so cluesless abou the whole situation. Poor thing.

I mean she is not wrong coz she is a victim too but can you imagine if she were to find out? I mean she must have doubted to go out with him again if he were the one who cheated at the first place when he was with her. God knows what really happened between both of them at the first place right? Perhaps it was the guy who dumped her first.

Okay, days passed, ppl in his med school knew that he broke up with his gf coz he gladly told ppl that they have broken up and made it as if it was the gf's fault who dumped him and he was the victim.

Despite knowing that the gf had actually found out about his cheating, but had choose to keep silence about it. I don't know, perhaps he wanted some sympathy and go out with another gal within his med school. I believe he would tell a different story to his fellow friends.

Finally, one day he found out that this gf already knew about his sinful act.

He didn't call, didn't explain himself, but he tried to delete whatsoever

evidence he got that he was with the gf , fearing other ppl/the other gal

in singapore might find out. He feared his "SEcRET" will be out.

He feared other ppl might tell the other gal and lose her as well. How foolish? Why commit at the first place knowing that it will be out in the air one day? How long does he think can he play this masquerade party for?

She even knew, he was daring enough to bring her back to his house in Seremban even with his housemates around though he was very discreet about it... Hmm, there are so much more to it that she knew... i believed there were other women involved too besides the other two girls he cheated throughout these years...

She might be clouded but at least she's not now...

......And this is the story of a girl who gave it all and convinced that things will go well as long both parties are committed and determined...

She was so so wrong.. Finally she understood the meaning of "Once a cheater, always a cheater".....

Monday, 4 June 2007

Impending gloom~

I'm just counting down the days still i start work~ groan~
Can't seem to get my room clean or start to fill in those forms~
Ugh~ can this denial stage pls go away??

On a happier note, JH and his parents got us a nice place in Ipoh.And i am so thankful to them.. at least i noe i have a decent roof over my head not like the 'so-called-accommodation' they provide at the hostel~OMG how can 2 ppl bunk in those rooms?? I mean for one person its perfectly fine but having another person in there is just wrong.Gloom and doom~ What with the increase in COLA it did not seem at all economically feasible to stay at the hostels provided. Not that there are many free spaces for us to stay anyway.I think it's definitely better if JH and i stay outside so that other doctors without transportation can have the free single rooms.

Then there's the prob of labcoats.
Due to prolonged denial syndrome on my part, i haven't got the lab coats made yet but my dad found a place that do sell lab coats (but it mainly supplies medical supplies) great good job~ the prob is its selling at ~ wait for it~ RM80!! Daylight robbery~~~ and to think i though the labcoats at IMU priced at RM 50 was bad~
But i told my Dad to go ahead and buy it cos i dun have much of a choice.
Thanks Daddy~

I'm gonna miss my family a lot~
Even tho i have some lame-ass brothers~


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