Tuesday, 19 June 2007

First post in Ipoh

So many things have happened since my last post~

I'm in Ipoh working my ass off

I got into a stupid accident on the federal highway which i would rather forget~

I moved in to a new house.

I have new furniture.

My comp hard disk got fried just because i switched the main plug off before it shut down properly.

But i'm still me..

Though i have this new title as doctor, at heart i'm still the same simple girl from JB that craves for the old carefree, responsibility- free, tv junkie, magazine worshiper lifestyle of yore.

But i guess unless u kena fried u wont understand how lucky u were in the first place.

How i crave for a 9-5 monotonous job now~

But i choose this profession and i'm gonna stick to it.

It's definitely how i imagined the work to be when i first started medicine but it is definitely challenging and has made me treasure what i have in life more. seeing so many ppl suffer and collapse in the ward is a routine and normal occurence in the wards daily,U kinda get immune to it. Scoldings are as common as stars in the sky.

Imagine kena scolding for not doing a pleural tap ordered. What the... i'm just a tagger tht has yet to witness a pleural tap in Ipoh~how can i do tht without supervision..?? And i actually did tell the housemen in the ward but they just buat bodoh cos they have yet to perform a tap either~ thts government service for u~

Anyways sticks and stones will break my bones and all tht....

Enjoy ur job everyone. Cos no matter how badly u suck at ur work at least no one is gonna suffer the consequences but you~

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