Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sun Yan Zi getting married today!

Update:Actual wedding pics at end of post.

Have you heard the news? Sun Yan Zi is getting married in Singapore today! Yeah! Having been a long standing fan, this is indeed happy news. After all, everyone deserves happiness and every girl deserves a dream wedding. I really do not believe in "Andy Lau type beliefs" that celebrities can't get married as they have to be responsible to their fans? Please la. If you are so responsible just go marry your fan la.

Anyway according to the xinmsn site, her gal pals like Jolin Tsai and Ah-Mei will be attending.

Jolin and Stefanie pillow-fighting in a recent interview.

The good husband to be is Nadim Van Der Ros is a 34 year old . He's an Indonesian by birth but adopted by Dutch parents hence the Asian face but Dutch name. I'm guessing he must be really 'ang moh pai' (western asian)

So 'ang moh pai' he was willing to relocate himself from Hong Kong to Singapore to be with his lady love.

Not to forget earlier on in the relationship when fans slammed him for not looking caucasion despite his dutch name, he just kept mum. Every fan was hoping to see their idol hand in hand with some blond haired greek god hunk. Man, who are we to judge? This Nadim guy had remained admirably humble and quiet and we all know having a nice guy is better than any good looking guy.

In my humble opinion, this is a marked improvement from the nerdy Singaporean accountant she was dating way back in 2005.Singaporean guys are just too sissy-fied.

Nerdy double-chinned guy.(Based purely on looks)

So here's wishing the happy couple a great wedding! Here's the lovely wedding card, simple and sweet like the star herself.

Update: Sun Yan Zi's wedding pictures from Xin MSN, Hardwarezone and her Weibo!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Loving the simple dress and fuss free hair.And orchids are sooo Singaporean.

 I love the Grace Kelly like wedding gown. It's perfect for brides who are skinny and loving it but do not want nosy relatives or unknown guest saying they are too skinny.

But the question on many peoples mind is, how did she get her skin so smooth?? I would love to know the answer to this ever elusive question!

Wacky after party?? I'm loving the geeku specs which make Sun Yan Zi look 12 year old and Nadim looks uncannily like Gary Chou?

Jolin at the wedding with bright red lips some more!

While we're at it might as well put up this picture of another happy couple who got married on the same day! Fan Fan and Blackie!

And here comes the auspicious period where all weddings will be crammed! I have 3 weddings lined up from very dear friends! But i have no time to go!!


Scope said...

Yeah right... as if Singaporean girls soooooo marvelous. ^.^

Let's see when they divorcing... Me sounds very bad... but if they don't divorce, you win lah... if they divorce, I win lah...

How? LOL~


I also no like Singaporean girls... No romance, low taste like Sun Ah Zi, no know what their brains think... all 5Cs...

Double chins good mah! Very soon the new dude also end up double chins... You think men won't grow old meh??? Chey~

Anonymous said...

Maybe the accountant is a nicer guy than the Dutch. Do not let your standard of beauty be decided by western standard

saltvinegar said...

If the accountant guy is better than YanZi marry him liao lor.. haha judgement based purely on Sun Yan Zi's judgement :p


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