Sunday, 22 May 2011

Liberty Chic and Non-No with Coach

I'm getting rather tired of the whole Japanese magazines and mook scene.It seems very repetitive. Oh another tote, another pouch by the same brand names. I don't blame them though. They're going through a tough time.I was pleasantly surprised by two upcoming gift with purchase though. These two are worth a watch.

The current issue of Non-no comes with a Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch. 

It's pretty in pastel pink and all, but it's not something I'd get excited about. Just look what's coming up next issue.
Coach scarf and fan!Now this is a notable freebie!

Lee magazine has also come up with a Liberty Print mook of sorts called Liberty Chic.

And Liberty Chic comes with a novel looking half clear tote and pouch in Liberty prints.


YT said...

Love the freebies by Jap magazines. Quite worth the purchase eh!

saltvinegar said...

Hi YT!It's sometimes a hit or miss with these things.. but i'd say i'm happy with a few of the purchases.

Cieri said...

cant wait for Non-No! gonna attack konbini on 20th

saltvinegar said...

He he .. for the KLCC store i bet many ppl are pre-ordering.. Is Konbini allowing pre-order too?


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