Thursday, 5 May 2011

Adidas style blogger challenge

If you gave nothing better to do and is just surfing your time away, and you like fashion and pretty photos plus you like comparing, then i think i've got the perfect thing for you to waste your time on.

I stumbled upon this while reading Style Bubbles's post. She has an excellent post on Cath Kidston.

So this is what it is.

Stylists from 9 countries (many of them style bloggers) compete against each other to see who styled it best. Ans we make the decision! The looks are of course from adidas's latest collection ( i'd rather it be freestyle) and you'd be amazed at the different looks created.

I love the styles by Japan and Rio! They make everything look so much better! And some of the stylists are so pretty they model the looks themselves!

Here's a print screen of the  style battle.Obviously you can tell who i voted for (its the more vibrant coloured one)

It was pretty fun for me.

You can check it out here. You have to be patient though cos the initial part takes a while to load  but it's pretty fast after that.

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