Sunday, 22 June 2008

He he he

Post call i took a day off muahaha~ feels great~

Anyway these are the pics i took the during my 2 trips to Jb.

During my trip dunno when haha there was this really big rain and the river/drain Sg Chat behind my house threatened to overflow its banks again~ the last time being last year when the torrents were so strong it actually broke the banks.

Behold the forces of mother nature.

Don't mess with tht

I was so in awe i even captured it on video

The roar of the river was ferocious and i am now forever humbled and in awe of the forces of nature.

Luckily it did not overflow the banks and post rain just served as a conversation topic. I remember when i was young i would love for it to flood which happens often before they built the protective drain barriers. Cos it usually floods just a little bit and would turn my porch into a shallow outdoor pool~

So 2 weeks ago when i was back in Jb we went to surprise surprise Desaru again~

After the horrible muddy beaches of Kuala Rompin Desaru seemed liked Redang. Ka ka no joking nice clear bluish green beaches. But of course cannot match the beaches on the islands of Redang la. Seems like a lot of the beach resorts are reopening. I hope the one called Impian with the lovely split level family studios and theme park rides reopen again. I mean i dun even noe how the place went bust in the first place. Its like the best in terms of entertainment plus it had its own private beach. Instead those hotels which charge exorbitant amounts for a small room can survive pulak.

Anyway we were really happy at the beach

Since some auntie was visiting i was unable to go into the water. Ended up taking pics as so.

Ans sleeping a lot. Ah bliss.. dunno why my mum wanna take unflattering pics of me

Light streaming through coconut trees.

Did not do anything la basically. Just lazed around.

Then made my passport with my bros and mom and it only took like wat the blink of an eye! Seriously damn fast wey no lines no waiting. Just went home then come back to collect 3 hours later. Imagine the last time i did it my then admirer lined up at 5am in front of the wisma perseketuan and when i came an hour and a half later there was already a long line. Then when the gates opened everyone ran as if their life depended on it.

ugh~No more i guess.

But recently i had to do a bit of running once again and tht was during my trip to spore. The passport was for traveling and wat better place to go than spore for a day trip. Technically i'm going over seas (or over straight if you're finicky)and there's the half price spore surprise going on so great. kaka

But of all the attractions that were half price we only managed to go to one place!!

And believe it or not we spent 6 hours in the SCIENCE CENTRE. I know we're such geeks.

The turf club. Always our first greeting from spore at the Kranji MRT station.

Served on a platter of fruits! (The optical illusion part of the SC (science centre)

And that's the mechanical Einstein climbing up and down some rope.

This is an artificial koi pond. So wat just some light projection right? Nope it uses some kinda infrared technology (not exactly sure la din really read everything cos i'm there to play not study) so when u put your hand over the pond it can actually produce ripples depending on the strenght of your hand motions.

My God didn't know there were so many pics. Getting seriously tired liao. So gonna stop here and continue another day la.

Signing off with a pic of Daniel with a Minority Report like gadget. Si i-phones are all touch screen yeah? Well this is i dunno wat motion screen? You can control the projections on the wall by just pointing and dragging and double clicking with your fingers! So we were like viewing pics watching videos with the wave of our fingers. Way cool.



More on the Science centre trip next time~ I am such a geek.

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Just came back from Spore and OMG OMG OMG was i dumb. Took the wrong bus home. The only bus i think tht goes to Tuas the second link checkponit. So instead of going to Kranji and reach home in say 30 mins if no jam la, it took me a freaking i dunno i dun even want to count for fear of further frustrating myself~ around maybe 1-2hrs? And the thing is the bus stops in Tmn Bukit Indah which is i dunno where but the bus just stopped in the middle of the highway anyway and me and my bros had to take a taxi back from there. Thankfully i got a cab in like 5 mins but he drove like a Formula 1 driver la zig zagging like a maniac.. but am pretty thankful to the driver la got us back fast and in one piece.. reminds me quite a lot of Dr Salleh. Soft spoken but drive like tht?? Hmm anyway when we reached home there were fireworks in the sky! Celebrating our journey home? Nah it was just for citrawarna malaysia.

Argh~ wat a day. Pics later on

Friday, 6 June 2008

Loving the hols~

Just came back from Desaru~ muahaha
The pics are still in the camera which is charging up for tomorrows trip to no Desaru pics up today. Instead i'll finish uploading my blur nonsense pictures from the last couple of months~

Desaru was great by the way. Somehow the water seemed cleaner , i mean it was nearly Redang level cleanliness~ maybe I've been exposed to too much of Kuala Rompin's murky waters. The water was glistening turquoise. Unfortunately due to foreseen circumstances i was unable to participate in all water activities. But just breathing in the salty sea air lazing around having a picnic by the sea wearing my oldest clothes was so much fun. No need to care who was looking or what they thought of me. Thats the best thing bout going out with your family! You can just be you and nobody would care. ha ha.

Anyway .. i do like pink.

As attested by my buys in Ikea a while ago.

Lovely baby pink

Jh has no choice but to accept my love for pink. Ka ka my very belated bday present but welcomed with open arms nonetheless~ Pink Hello Kitty keyboard (after i totally ruined my old one with stickers)

And a talking hello kitty mouse. It says 'i wuv u' when u press one of the buttons.

One of the good things about staying in Taiping was that it was so near Penang . On ly bout an hours drive so we could have a weekend getaway to Penang.

The pool~ which we made no use of.

The rustic corridor of heritage hotel.Not bad a place. Reasonable accommodation friendly staff and near the shopping areas.But then again Penang is damn small everywhere is near.

Heritage hotels is supposedly really old so there were lots of antique looking houses across the road from it.

Nice lobby

Nice garden

Jh sleeping

What not to like? Ka ka tho its only a paltry 2 days 1 night, it was great fun shopping meeting up with Voon n Pei Lynn and watching TV? Haha but getting lost in tht little island really sucks. Kept going round and round cos we had no map.

I love hols~ woot woot

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blogging again

After a long blogging hiatus i'm finally back! Haha really i've been really lazy lately . Its not that i din want to blog, its just that i lost my memory card reader for a while (searched high and low only to find it in my make up pouch a month later) and blogs are boring without pictures yeah? For me anyway since i am no literary genius. I depend on pictures to illustrate my point. So be ready for a photo blog albeit low quality pics via my cam phone.

So one month since coming back form Taiping~ and i have nothing but fond memories of the place.

I noe i had a lot of grievances for stepping foot in that sleepy rainy little town but i've really grown to love the town the weather the ppl the scenery the zoo the lakes and especially the cheap but superbly delicious food!

Pictures of the lovely place.

I even love the balcony of my nurses hostel~

We all have individual fully furnished rooms and a lounge cum dining area on each floor. Which none of us really use. But hey there's a TV. Much better than my place in Ipoh.

Just to show where the sink is.

Sorry for the haphazard way i'm showing u the pics but really too lazy to arrange la. So this is what the nurses hostel looks from the outside.

One of my last shots of Taiping.This is just outside the labour room. Even in the hospital they have this nice garden and ancient trees.

JH enjoying the lounge~

The much a waited photo of JH de lousy MA student quarters. Nasib baik he only had to stay for a week.

I had to sneak in to take these pics ler.

Talk about undercover photography.

jeng jeng jeng






Ha ha ha ok la not tht bad right.. except that the flooring is cement and the bed is made of spring so it creaks everytime JH turns on his bed. And Shin Chee perpetually had some red rashes on his skin since sleeping there.

Yen Ming and Shin Chee ignoring me.

Lovely tree that greets me everytime i walk back to my hostel during lunch break or when going home on time. Muahahah bliss~ Wish i could have a place to go for lunch break in Ipoh.

This is the students nurses hostel which is separated by a tennis court from our hostel.

The said tennis courts.

lots of ppl play here in the evenings.

happy shadow of me walking back to the hostel after work early on Sat and Sun mornings. (unfortunately my captain put me on 2 weekend calls) sien

Taiping Zoo- really one of the best zoos in Malaysia~ which is not saying very much
But i'd say its a very intimate kind of zoo with lots of animals lots of greenery and is pretty clean. Behold the greedy orang utan that kept asking for food.

I threw some berries hanging on a palm plant to him/her and it actually went looking for it after it hit the ground and ate it. Then he lifted those strong heavy looking arm and asked for more. Despite how ridiculous it was of us feeding berries the size of small beads to a 200 pound beast, it was really strangely fun. We even coaxed the other orang utan down from the tree with those berries ( not even sure whether those berries are edible)

Chimps on a social party.

JH posing as usual

The lovely nurses of HDU,CMW 1st and 2nd class. I tell yopu the nurses and PPK's or Taiping OnG anyway are damn good la. Efficient and hardworking. Ipoh should take a leaf from their books especially the lazy PPKs.

Rainy Taiping causing weekly floods.

I even had the chance to go on a blood donation drive at UTP Tronoh~ Damn far but the campus is really an architectural beauty.

ignore the ugly blood drive room.

One part of the campus.

This is all within one block of the huge campus and seriously my pics dun really do the campus much justice.

But i'm sure u'll agree these toilets are awesome. Like a shopping mall toilet ler. And the doors are so space agey. Who knew tucked way in a sleepy land called Tronoh there is a high tech campus in the midst.

But not very charitable ler. Only got 40 pints on blood. Probably cos the campus was so huge not many ppl knew bout the drive also. Some more its a Friday and most of the students have gone back to their hometowns. Kaka not surprising since the best shopping place they have there is .. 'The Store' they are still living in a kampung no matter how hi tech their campus is.

Phew damn long this post and i still have lots more pics. To be continued.. kaka


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