Sunday, 8 June 2008


Just came back from Spore and OMG OMG OMG was i dumb. Took the wrong bus home. The only bus i think tht goes to Tuas the second link checkponit. So instead of going to Kranji and reach home in say 30 mins if no jam la, it took me a freaking i dunno i dun even want to count for fear of further frustrating myself~ around maybe 1-2hrs? And the thing is the bus stops in Tmn Bukit Indah which is i dunno where but the bus just stopped in the middle of the highway anyway and me and my bros had to take a taxi back from there. Thankfully i got a cab in like 5 mins but he drove like a Formula 1 driver la zig zagging like a maniac.. but am pretty thankful to the driver la got us back fast and in one piece.. reminds me quite a lot of Dr Salleh. Soft spoken but drive like tht?? Hmm anyway when we reached home there were fireworks in the sky! Celebrating our journey home? Nah it was just for citrawarna malaysia.

Argh~ wat a day. Pics later on

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