Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shopping haul

I've been shopping whenever i feel stressed, which is a lot actually, and have accumulated a few pictures of what i bought. Good buys? Bad buys? You decide.

Maybelline angel blush in coral. Okay i'm naming it by memory. I have not used a blush in ages and poring through Japanese magazines just make me feel like trying the whole under the eye blush tip, so i bought this.

The colour is great for my not too fair not too dak skin tone.

Then i went to Daiso, and God knows i can't control myself there. I bought this cute Sanrio Kiki and Lala landyard.

This is possibly the first landyard i've ever bought cos everyone gets free landyards from all over the place, but how often can you find one so pastel pink and cute. RM5 justified? I think so. Bless my bimbotic soul.

Ramu bottle cola. The original comes in a glass bottle where you pop a marble in it to open it. These Japanese are gimmick geniuses! This one though has no marble. I just bought it cos i'm sick of carrying plastic bottles around. I wanted a tin one.

The drink per se though was quite horrible. Tasted like very carbonated bubblegum liquid. I threw away the carbonated water after trying a few sips.  I'm just not a bubblegum person. Nice bottle though. It lasted 2 weeks before it became dented.

Caramel corn. My guilty pleasure. This one was pale yellow and milk flavour. You have to try these.

I'm really bad at putting on sunscreen regularly, partly because sunscreen can be so sticky! Makes me feel like i need a shower after i apply it most of the times. This Biore one is different. After trying out my brother's gf's sunscreen i immediately went out to purchase one for myself.

No icky feeling. Here's the ingredient list.

Remember how i mentioned i needed to buy some nice collar clips? I scoured the online blogshops only to find some seling for more than RM10 for very basic looking ones. That's not even inclusive of delivery.

I then did the next best thing. I went to an all for RM29.90 shop in KSL city (where they actually let you try before buying- No 'no trying' bulls***), and bought a sleeveless bright red/orange top which comes with detachable collar clips.

Problem solved. My collars will always look dressy from now on.

I also went and bought daily disposable contact lenses in hope that it will be more comfortable than the ones i'm currently using. Plus it's more hygienic and since i don't wear contact lenses everyday, i'm hoping won't be that much of a difference compared to my monthly disposables cost wise.

So far i only found the hygiene part to be true.

I also decided i needed to buy a toner. Since all toners thus far seem to break me out, i tried going for something a little more high end but at a drugstore price.

So i went to the Johor Premium Outles (JPO) and was recommended to try the Kiehl's Yerba Mate Tea toner. It was heavily discounted. Thus was actually apprehensive buying this.

It turned out to be the best toner i have ever used and the first toner not to make me break out. Maybe i t has something to do with the fact that it is alcohol free. Anyhow, my happiness was shortlived when i found out this product had been discontinued! Hence the cheap price and rather old stock. The one i bought was manufactered in 2011. No wonder the sales lady's parting shot to me was that i could come back and stock up on this toner if i like it.

I was also persuaded to buy some anti-aging moisturizer from Biotherm, since my skin is always dry.

It does not break me out. Does not feel overly sticky and i got it at a discount. So far no complaints.

I've been dealing with a lot of stupid people in higher positions lately, hence the high stress level. Hopefully everything will start sorting itself out and luck will come my way. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Geometric necklace - Axxezories review

I seldom ever buy things online. The first item i bought online was a detachable collar that was way overpriced and i never wore. It was disproportionately too big for me. I hence am really wary of buying items online. Then there are stories of sellers not sending items out and just pocketing the money.

But i was practically 'forced' to buy this Nicole Ritchie House of Harlow inspired black geometric necklace online, since i could not find a single physical shop selling this necklace.

I was holding back on buying the necklace so much, the trend of wearing it was already long over before i bought it. But then again i was never much of a trend follower. I'm more of a past trend follower.

I eyed a few blogshops selling it. A few blogshops were also sold out of this particular piece.

I finally found a rather new blogshop which offered me the best price for this item. Heck they even threw in a 10% discount.

Here's the said coveted necklace i bought.

I made sure it was made of glossy black enamel before i bought it since i was apprehensive about how true the picture is to the actual product, and also because I've been seeing a lot of similar necklaces but with matte  faux leather surface instead.

I bought it for RM20 including delivery, which i feel is a really fair price.However it is not without it's flaws. There is a small area where the gold paint had chipped off  -_-'' but no complaints though since it's unnoticeable  if i turn it the other way.

Here's the reverse end of the necklace.

It's a really versatile necklace that i'm happy to add to my wardrobe.

Since i'm on the topic though, i want to show you the really cute neko neko ear plug accessory i saw in the same blogshop.

It goes for RM8 each, and they are seriously mega cute!

I seldom see ear plugs over hanging the body.But then again how  does it hang over the phone cover? Hmm..

But aww.. so cute!

A safer bet would be to get a sleeping cat.

Double over-hanging kitties.

Sitting kitty.

Backside kitty (cutest IMHO)

This one is erm.. friendly kitty?

If you want to have a buy fairly priced accesories, you can try and take a look at Axxezories.

Does anyone else have blogshops to recommend? I'm at the start of an online shopping journey!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Vivi magazine snippets part 2 (English version)

Okay here's part 2 of the English August Vivi with Rolanda on the cover. All photos are clickable.

Trends to look out for:

Pastel minis is apparently the new trend. Wish i had the legs to carry it off though.

And we all know peplum tops are everywhere now.

Bralets anyone? Probably wont catch on here.

Chiffon see-through tops are everywhere. Can't seem to find a top which is opaque anymore.

Here are some pictures from the 'Street trends' section.

A-line skirts...hmmm..

Oooh i want that i-phone cover! Silver glitter under the eyes? Interesting.

Applying blusher below the eyes.. is definitely something to try. It's not as weird as it sounds and it does look really sweet yet different.

Metal collar clips have been around for ages, but it's still in? I gotta get my hands on some of these.Hopefully in an inexpensive way.

Step by step natural eye makeup.

Step by step face massage. See any difference?

Massage to a symmetrical face. Seriously these Japanese people think of everything.

And don't worry either if you have a 'flat' face ..

This is something i could really use: tummy tightening exercises!

The English version of Vivi is seriously scaled down from the normally bumper thick Japanese editions, but i'm happy that most of the interesting features are included at a fraction of the price.

Will be buying this magazine religiously for sure.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Charles and Keith massive sale at JPO

I went to to the Premium Outlet Store in Johor not expecting to spend any money. I was just accompanying my family there since they have not been there yet. Hence i forgot to I did not bring my ATM card , and had only RM50 in my wallet. (I'm that broke).

Amused myself by taking pictures of the surroundings.

Randomly sat on a bench and saw a pile of coupons.Turned out to be rather handy. Got a 5% discount at Universal Travellers. So yup take one if you see it lying around.

But fate had it that I was to spend money that day. Charles and Keith reductions was on a massive sale (in fact every shoe was priced at either RM29 or RM19 (divide by 3 and you would roughly get the US dollar equivalent). Every gorgeous shoe was  placed on shelves displayed individually as they would normal priced items. So no digging in bargain bins or anything like that.

Every shoe it seemed also came in only one size. You try the shoe, it fits, get the other side of the shoe from the salesperson and pay. That particular design is then off the shelves. I cannot tell you enough how i envy the people who went to the shop early. I went to the shop at around 2:30pm, and there was still around 3/4 of the shoes still around.Not too many people too. The salesperson was free to attend to us and the line to pay was short.There was around 1-2 people in front of me when i paid.

Due to being low on funds my budget consciousness, i only bought one pair of shoe, and here she is!

Gorgeous high-heeled (but still comfortable) taupe slingbacks for RM29. The tassels and the potato sack material is not something i would usually buy, but this one just looks and feels right to me.

However the best buy of the day was not from me but from my brothers girlfriend.

Have a look at this!

And would you look at the price plastered at the sole of the shoe.

Peel off the bargain price and you see the original price!

RM289.90 reduced to RM29? That's a 90% discount!!

But that's not all... when she paid, she was charged.... oh have a look at the receipt yourself!

RM 19 for something with leather details?? Cheap!!!

Needless to say we were happy campers that day.

Four hours later on Facebook, i read that the shop was cleared out of shoes!


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