Thursday, 29 April 2010

Japanese freebies wort buying this month

For my untrained eye in brands and fashion the only thing worth buying is this!

June issue of Spring comes with free canvas Paul Smith tote with a plastic bag charm as seen on the top left corner of the mag. Go here for full details and video of the tote.It seems that's its already sold out in most of the branches in Singapore and people there are awaiting the sea shipment. Wonder how things are in KLCC kino.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Golden Sands Resort Penang

I've been meaning to post up pics from my Penang trip. Well JH was there for a course and i was there for the free ride and why not? The hotel was great! Golden Sands is a pretty old hotel but recently renovated so it looks like new! Judge for yourself. 

This is the cosy room.

I love that they gave us loads of cushions with a star shaped deco to boot. And i'm gonna get those wood carving things on the wall for my future home... so intricately interesting.

The other end of the room has a wall-mounted 42 inch plasma TV.

The toilet.

What i didn't like though were those green things with star fishes mounted on the wall. Those were actual carcasses of star fishes used as ORNAMENT..?! Morbid if you ask me. What i do like were the shangri-la toiletries and bathtub as well as the good and abundant supply of toilet roll. Look.. two at a go.

But the bathroom was really well thought out. As you can see, there were blinds on either ends of the mirror. So if you left the blinds open and you sat on the toilet bowl doing your business you can see the plasma TV. And if the volume is turned low, no problem cos there is a built-in speaker in the washroom just under the sink! Genius! Never again will you miss parts of your show just because you need to take a leak.

As it belongs to the shangri-la group of hotels everything was pretty 'cheem' even the toiletries.

This was on the back of the shower cap box or something like that.

Super comfy bed depending on who you ask.

I had a great sleep while JH woke up with an aching back. What can i say? He's my little princess and the pea. There must have been a pea under that mattress or something. Anyway I  loved the firm mattresses.

Eco-friendly effort.Good try but i wonder how much it helps. Well as the saying goes a little goes a long way.. so just do it people.

I totally underestimated how long that stretch of pasar malam at Batu Feringgi was. Jalan until 3/4 and had to give up. It was that long!Anyway initially wanted to buy souvenirs but in the end bought water color paintings!

Love street scenes.

There's something bout rustic street scenes i love.

This trip was particularly meaningful cos got to meet up with lots of friends i have not met in a while. Thanks to Yung2, Wai Peng, Pei Lynn, Voon, Neo, Hanisah, Teh, Yun Han, Alex and unknown SETA senior!

And i had a really great relaxing time hanging out with Yung2 by the pool. At one point both of us were really quiet and sort of felt so calm that we just both slumped in our deck chairs and said "This is so relaxing."

And that.. was a really great holiday.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wedding cards

My wedding cards are out! Will be sending them soon..Problem is .. who to send to? My guest list is not out yet!! Argh..

JB wedding card

KL wedding card

Thanks to the good people who chose the card for us :p! Imagine what would we do without them? Cardless...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bored again

Will be spending time alone at home and at work cos my JH is going for a course in KL! Ha ha hai.. Anyway another meaningless random post.I have so many things to blog about but don't seem to have the mood to do it. Exhausted from calls i guess. Came home and just slept till dinner time. When i woke up i thought it was morning and that i was going to get ready for work again. Ha ha so now i'm damn not sleepy but super hot cos the weather is scorching! About 10 mins after bathing i'm all sweaty again.

Anyway this is a long overdue post of out get-together at pasta zanmai before our Cambodia trip. 

Haven't seen each other in ages and really it was great talking nonsense and updating ourselves non-stop!And YW then sorta mentioned about this new in Malaysia but wildly popular in Japan product Hada-labo.

Really simple packaging.

Just goes to show all it takes to sell a product is Japanese kanji!

So obviously i go and buy the product and use it on my severely temperamental face. So far no major break-outs unlike severe disappointment products (take that SK II) . Will have to use this product regularly and for a longer period of time before i can decide whether this product is good or not. I mean 'one drop locks up an ocean' is really obviously an exaggeration but it works anyway.

Initially when i started using it a put a few drops on my finger tips and just started sort or swabbing my face with it.It dried up instantly and i loved it!

Then i read up some reviews and realized that's not the way to do it!Sien.. so i have to learn a different method of application. So apparently you put 2-3 drops on your palms. Make sure both hands are coated with the stuff and start patting your face. The lotion will become sticky and subsequently after it's absorbed it leaves a nice matte feeling. You're apparently supposed to keep on patting until everything is absorbed and dry.. but lazy me just pats a few times and them leave it alone. It still leave a matte feeling afterward.

I feel like a drug rep but this is the accompanying video.

Hope it lives up to its hype!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Boss is away so more stress at work.
On top of that many people seem to be making problems for me.
Sigh. Hope it all settles soon.Can't wait for ROM on the 25th! Time to buy wedding bands!
And thank you Chau Pei for the bracelet! Loves~

Monday, 5 April 2010

Idiotic Bitch!

After back to back on calls over the weekend and 3 premature deliveries and 2 intubations, the last thing i want is problems about my wedding!!

But this idiotic bitch seems hell-bent on causing unnecessary trouble! Really have no respect for this person. Wish i didn't have to invite her for my wedding but i have to out of respect for my parents. And will have to give in to her overbearing wishes also out of respect (of course not to her, she can eat my shit)but to my parents.

Seriously what is wrong with this person!! Really have no ability to think logically? Luckily my immediate family and in-laws are rational and wonderful people.

Thank God to that.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Coveted freebies

These are some of the latest freebies with Japanese magazines that is worth buying.. the rest in my opinion are not so wort it.

In the May issue of STEADY- Rebecca Taylor x Ipsa cosmetic pouch! Super cute and has a compartment for brushes.

The May edition of Spring comes with an Agnes B tote. Normal looking but 'branded' nonetheless.According to Rougedeluxe there's a Paul Smith tote which looks really good coming our way too.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cambodia luxury trip

When people go to Cambodia, they backpack ,sleep at dingy hotels and get a feel of 3rd world country transport yea?

My trip to Cambodia though was about 5-star hotels, private tour, Mercedes Benz van ferrying us wherever we went and tour guides who spoke impeccable English/French/German/ Korean/ Japanese!

The first picture we all took was of the left side driving. The roads were all trunk roads but it was very safe cos everyone drove slowly and there were'nt many vehicles on the road either. No traffic jams and no accidents seen throughout the stay there.

The guy on the right is our guide Mr Naran and the one on the left is the designated driver. Picked us up from the airport and there starts 4 days 3 nights of chauffeuring and history as well as geography lessons.


Angkor Miracle a supposedly 5 star hotel. Not sure how it would be rated in Malaysia since i don't stay in many 5 star hotels but service sure was great. Much better than Malaysian hotels. Got jacuzzi some more which i sadly did not utilize.

Basic room with overpriced in-room food.

The first morsels of food we ate in Cambodia.Noum Ansorm (sticky rice cake) and fried spring roll, as well as grilled beef. Seems the Cambodian like their food nice and natural. No spicy no sour no salty, just the natural flavors of the food.

Yummy big-headed prawns with small body stuffed with garlic. Yum yum enjoyed the roe.. glorious!

After that sort of got bored taking pictures of food.. cos was more interested in eating! Hungry max.

The old market (back section). 

The front section looked like this.

and this

and this

and this

OMG shopping and bargaining wonderland.. granted i did buy some dud products but still even when reviewing the pics.. i see stuff that i wished i had bought! I wish i had bought more magnets!! So cheap!

Hai no mood to blog liao.. wanna shop...


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