Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cambodia luxury trip

When people go to Cambodia, they backpack ,sleep at dingy hotels and get a feel of 3rd world country transport yea?

My trip to Cambodia though was about 5-star hotels, private tour, Mercedes Benz van ferrying us wherever we went and tour guides who spoke impeccable English/French/German/ Korean/ Japanese!

The first picture we all took was of the left side driving. The roads were all trunk roads but it was very safe cos everyone drove slowly and there were'nt many vehicles on the road either. No traffic jams and no accidents seen throughout the stay there.

The guy on the right is our guide Mr Naran and the one on the left is the designated driver. Picked us up from the airport and there starts 4 days 3 nights of chauffeuring and history as well as geography lessons.


Angkor Miracle a supposedly 5 star hotel. Not sure how it would be rated in Malaysia since i don't stay in many 5 star hotels but service sure was great. Much better than Malaysian hotels. Got jacuzzi some more which i sadly did not utilize.

Basic room with overpriced in-room food.

The first morsels of food we ate in Cambodia.Noum Ansorm (sticky rice cake) and fried spring roll, as well as grilled beef. Seems the Cambodian like their food nice and natural. No spicy no sour no salty, just the natural flavors of the food.

Yummy big-headed prawns with small body stuffed with garlic. Yum yum enjoyed the roe.. glorious!

After that sort of got bored taking pictures of food.. cos was more interested in eating! Hungry max.

The old market (back section). 

The front section looked like this.

and this

and this

and this

OMG shopping and bargaining wonderland.. granted i did buy some dud products but still even when reviewing the pics.. i see stuff that i wished i had bought! I wish i had bought more magnets!! So cheap!

Hai no mood to blog liao.. wanna shop...

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