Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cath Kidston Malaysia sale prices are crazy

We all know how we are on such a losing end in Malaysia when we buy imported products due to the weak currency.

But when there's a sale though, the prices are at least more or less the same as UK store prices. 

Here are some pictures from the ongoing sale in KL.

Moral of the story is, always buy only at sales!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Officially backstabbed

I had to write this. Though for purposes of confidentiality i cannot expose to many details or names. Not that i don't want to, but i might get charged for it.

Not that it is of any importance other than to me. Me, the only Chinese in my work category in my unit, who was given Chinese New Year leave of 10 days one month before, suddenly had it unceremoniously cut short by 2 days this morning. Perhaps you might say i should be thankful i'm even getting 8 days, which i am, but as i said i'm the only one in my work category celebrating Chinese New Year. So, i who have worked through Christmas, Hari Raya and Deepavali covering other people, would expect that you give me the weekend which comes together with my weekday leave as an offday.

I was probably too naive. Usually when people tell me they will give me less calls next month because i have done extra calls this month, they actually mean it. I have had no problems from housemanship to MO-ship. But being a specialist is a whole different ball game. Seniors have the memory of a fly. They forget what was said if it brings them no benefit.

But it seemed weird why my usually hard working seniors would be so calculative over a weekend call. It took a clever husband to point out for me to realize i was the only haematologist to be testing out a new trial 'standby'call implemented this month.

Which means:
1. I have 2 days leave robbed from under my nose
2. I have to change my return bus tickets (if its still available considering how it's only days from Chinese New Year)
3. I have to pay the penalty of changing bus tickets
4. I get an extra 2 day weekend call
5. I may never be paid the measly RM85/day they are supposed to pay me (since this is a new system that my bosses are anticipating claim problems)
6. Cancelled pre-planned CNY plans

So, being naive i believed it was a mistake by my specialist doing the on call roster that i was to have my leave unceremoniously cut, when in fact it was  a deliberate masterplan set up for me  as they didn't want to do work without being paid.



Is this how low professionals go these days?

Bravo 1Malaysia. Betrayed for a measly RM170.

Let me start planning for my next Hari Raya/Deepavali/ Christmas holidays. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mansur gavriel review: Gripes and all

I've been using my black/flamma mini bucket for a month and a half now, and there's something I have to say about it... It needs to be babied!!! Well that is if you're not keen on having scratches on them. If you're fine with the scratches then there would be absolutely no problem!

I did try to baby it, but with my lifestyle no way! I travel by bus around 450km every weekend. It's bound to get scratched. Mansur Gavriel knows very well this shortcoming, hence in one of the tags that comes with the bag, they tell you every scratch is a 'memory'. That's a nice way of saying it. I'm just not used to buying a RM ( ringgit Malaysia) 2.4k bag just to get it scratched the minute I use it.

Oh well it's only about 500 USD to many. It's not that precious. I'm getting used to letting it be scratched.

Another major gripe though is how parched the bag is. Once I tie it up the folds of the leather show really dried crackled leather. I really need to go out there and buy a good leather conditioner to moisturise this leather.

And don't get me started about how cumbersome it is to close this bag. And I also have to make sure I put something at the top to cover my valuables. In my case this 'something' is my baby's diaper change mat.

Despite the shortcomings though, there are a few things I like about this bag. It's totally chic! Looks gorgeous form near and afar. It smells of lovely leather. I feel like I'm carrying expensive leather everytime I carry it. Hmm in a way it is expensive leather, to me anyway.

The leather is really stiff! I love a bag that holds it's shape. None of that slouchy leather stuff for me.

But most of all, it's difficult to get. It's a game of fastest finger's first and my husband managed to get it for me as a belated birthday gift! And for that I will treasure it dearly and will definitely give my girl my then vintage Mansur Gavriel when she's older. I just hope she doesn't ask me for a vintage Chanel instead, for I have none!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maison Clement Daiso craze

I've alway been a fan of Daiso. Though I know there are many daiso fans out there, I was hard pressed to find any friends around me who were as passionate about daiso as I am. Even if I had been to a Daiso in another shopping centre the day before, Daiso is my must stop centre. Every Daiso is different ya? And there may be slight variations in it's stock.

I thought I was alone till I find some Daiso closed groups on FB. Omg there were people who are definitely more into Daiso than I am!

It is there that I discovered how crazy the Maison Clement craze is in Singapore. Stocks sell out half an hour after they restock. People buy in bulk. There are some who queue outside the store before they open! What is this madness!!!

This is the view at Daiso Bukit Indah JB over the weekend.

In Malaysia there is no such craze. But I can't help but get caught up in the hype. I went to the Sunway Pyramid branch and found after rather detailed searching, two of the Maison designs. One in pale pink and another in a pearly white.

Gosh i was hooked. I bought 3 of each, attracting stares from passerbys.

In mid valley I found another 3 designs. You can't imagine how difficult it is to search for them. I blame it on the huge array of products in Daiso. Not all the Maisons are placed in the same place either. They may be scattered throughout the store.

My loot thus far 

The range consists of a pale pink and white series. I personally prefer the pink. But some industrious people have started colouring in the wordings of their maisons and these show up better in the white.

There are items in the series. I haven't seen all of them but it seems there's a mail holder, magazine holder, cylindrical tin can, a box in two sizes, some pen holders, a B5 sized tray and a round plastic container.

I don't even know how I'm gonna use them. What I'm sure of though, is that I have something to look forward to when I go shopping! Redefining purpose in life! Lol! Not really, but it does make life just much sweeter.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mansur Gavriel Bag Shopping Frenzy July 2015

If you're here, you probably know that Mansur Gavriel relaunched at 11am EST eg 11pm Malaysian time. This site has been known to be crazy with bags selling out in minutes. Perhaps this is what makes it so coveted.

I waited patiently refreshing the site ever few minutes. I breath harder. I swear my heart is beating with more purpose.

The site goes live. I pick my bag.. aaah it's there. I got it woo hoo.. wait a minute i should log in to make the cart out process faster. I fumble with the password at least 5 times. I go back to the site not expecting anything to be still available.

I click on the bag i want.. sold out. I tried another colour, fumbling to navigate back to the collection page. I receive a text. It's my husband with a print screen of an order  confirmation from Mansur Gavriel. He got the bag i wanted *silently screams*.

So you see, the trick is get your husband to do it. Or at least someone tech savvy with fast fingers.A pro-gamer would be ideal.

Alternatively you keep trying to buy the bag you want even if they tell you it's sold out. Nothing is final till there's a cross out line over the colours. And with that headstrong determination and because i just waited an hour for the shop to launch (i can't just leave 5 minutes into the site launch), i did just that. And i did manage to go to the payment page of the bucket black/flamma. I didn't purchase it of course.

But i did realise the lady bags sold out faster than the buckets.

Dang i must be sartorially behind time again.. 39 minutes into the relaunch and nothing much is left.

Good night. I'll be smiling in my sleep tonight!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I've left this blog dormant since 2013. Say what?! That year coincides with the birth of my baby. I'm of course not blaming my baby for the lack of updates.I'm blaming my Masters course, which the University, while i was half way through the course decided to elevate to doctorate status. I'm a doctor with a doctorate now. Go figure.

My new status is in no way affecting the whole point of this blog which is to express my frivolous (some might say bimbotic) side. I've always loved writing as a way of expressing myself so this is my outlet to do so.

There are also a few other things i like.

1. Free things (Even if it means having to buy something to get that free thing)
2. Celebrity goss
3. DIY ideas (that are as simple as possible)
4. Home decor
5. Overall health improvement ideas
6. All things cute
7. Beauty

So i guess this is me saying i'll be blogging again.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Linden Leaves Body Oil 60ml with Prestige Magazine October issue

I just came back from the Gardens Midvalley today where i saw this offer which i'm inclined to share.

The poster says it all. This is exclusive to Borders The Gardens though.  This came at the right time since i was looking for a good body oil, I find the oil really moisturizing and non-sticky (the most important feature for me).

The girl at the payment area told me i could chose from Rose, Lavender, Lemon and Avocado. I chose Avocado since Lavender, Lemon and Rose were such typical scents. I wanted to try something new. Turns out she was slightly misinformed about the scents.

The actual scents were:

  • Absolute Dreams (a blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and orange).
  • In Love Again (a blend of neroli, vanilla and sandalwood).
  • Memories (a blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang).
  • Pick Me Up (a blend of mandarin, petitgrain, rosemary and lavender).
I chose In Love Again without knowing.I rather like it though since the scent was rather nondescript and non overpowering. The cashier lady was right about one thing though. It did contain avocado oil.

Till stocks last. Not too sure how much stock they have, but there were around 20 bottles on the counter.


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