Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I've left this blog dormant since 2013. Say what?! That year coincides with the birth of my baby. I'm of course not blaming my baby for the lack of updates.I'm blaming my Masters course, which the University, while i was half way through the course decided to elevate to doctorate status. I'm a doctor with a doctorate now. Go figure.

My new status is in no way affecting the whole point of this blog which is to express my frivolous (some might say bimbotic) side. I've always loved writing as a way of expressing myself so this is my outlet to do so.

There are also a few other things i like.

1. Free things (Even if it means having to buy something to get that free thing)
2. Celebrity goss
3. DIY ideas (that are as simple as possible)
4. Home decor
5. Overall health improvement ideas
6. All things cute
7. Beauty

So i guess this is me saying i'll be blogging again.

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