Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mansur Gavriel Bag Shopping Frenzy July 2015

If you're here, you probably know that Mansur Gavriel relaunched at 11am EST eg 11pm Malaysian time. This site has been known to be crazy with bags selling out in minutes. Perhaps this is what makes it so coveted.

I waited patiently refreshing the site ever few minutes. I breath harder. I swear my heart is beating with more purpose.

The site goes live. I pick my bag.. aaah it's there. I got it woo hoo.. wait a minute i should log in to make the cart out process faster. I fumble with the password at least 5 times. I go back to the site not expecting anything to be still available.

I click on the bag i want.. sold out. I tried another colour, fumbling to navigate back to the collection page. I receive a text. It's my husband with a print screen of an order  confirmation from Mansur Gavriel. He got the bag i wanted *silently screams*.

So you see, the trick is get your husband to do it. Or at least someone tech savvy with fast fingers.A pro-gamer would be ideal.

Alternatively you keep trying to buy the bag you want even if they tell you it's sold out. Nothing is final till there's a cross out line over the colours. And with that headstrong determination and because i just waited an hour for the shop to launch (i can't just leave 5 minutes into the site launch), i did just that. And i did manage to go to the payment page of the bucket black/flamma. I didn't purchase it of course.

But i did realise the lady bags sold out faster than the buckets.

Dang i must be sartorially behind time again.. 39 minutes into the relaunch and nothing much is left.

Good night. I'll be smiling in my sleep tonight!


synical said...

Been reading about this brand and the bags. Me no understand, but that's just me.

saltvinegar said...

I'm just a sucker for hype and difficult to attain products. Haha don't mind me.

kitsunesg said...

Which bag did your hubby get? :D



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saltvinegar said...

Mini bucket black/flamma!


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