Saturday, 23 June 2012

Magazine freebies August 2012

Once again a pictorial overview of what freebies the Japanese mags are doling out soon.

Not many words for this post since the pictures are self explanatory. Many of these items are out in July.Release dates are for Japan. Malaysian dates may be slightly slower by up to a week.

Spring magazine cute polka dot coin purse out 23rd July.

Cutie magazine 'Dazzlin' card case out 12th July.

Glow magazine 'Dean and Deluca' cooler bag out 28th June.

InRed magazine clutch/sling pouch out 12th July.

Monomax Fred Perry camera case out 10th July.

Steady magazine Clathas wallet! Out 7th July.

This one interests me the most. LeSportSac pouch in a line called Arizona dream. Very tribal chic to me! Love the thing dangling at the side.Out 12th July!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ah Lian vs Auntie on Singapore MRT :I've experienced it before (kinda)

Have you seen the latest video to go viral in Singapore? Here it is. An auntie provoking a girl (who has since been given the moniker ah-lian) leading to a full blown verbal outburst with 4 letter words and broken English thrown in.

After hearing about the news and watching the video i am definitely on the girls side! I mean she gave up her seat to the auntie (it was a priority seat for senior citizens/pregnant mothers)! No one knows how the disagreement started but it was said to be because, the auntie had waited a bit too long for her liking for the girl to give up her seat to her. She then starts nagging like any old fashioned auntie would, with the girl initially feigning ignorance by playing with her phone.It was funny to hear one of the auntie's first accusation in the video was 'You must be from China!' Why does this auntie hate Chinese Nationals so much padahal their ancestors are from China? Auntie must be 1st generation Singaporean Chinese bless her old soul.

Well what happened next you can see in the video. Auntie wanted to take a photo of the girl to put in Today newspaper (one of Singapore's most popular newspaper)

I feel for the poor girl. The fact is, on my rare visits to Singapore, me and my husband encountered sort of the same thing. Sort of.. no verbal or physical abuse.. but the context was the same.

Me and my husband took a bus then an MRT from JB to Singapore to do some touristy holiday one day trip. Pretty much like how Singaporeans travel to Malacca to eat chicken rice balls. We were headed to Orchard road (which takes a long time) and we were NOT in any way seated at priority seating seats. The priority seats were just opposite us. Then, an old greying uncle and his significantly younger wife got on the train. The person next to my husband gave up his seat to the uncle. The priority seaters did not budge. The rather young looking auntie was standing ramrod straight (no osteoporosis whatsoever, botox also could have been keeping her face fairly line free), staring straight at us.

At that point i was thinking.. would i want someone to give up seats to me? NO! Cos that would mean i look OLD! Also we did a lot of walking in Singapore and our feet were sore.Five minutes later the auntie started whispering to a young girl standing next to her while surreptitiously (but not quite discreetly enough) forking out her mobile phone trying to take a picture of us.

At that point i was thinking 'Wait.. is she trying to do what i think she's trying to do.. nah.. where go people so 'Wu liao' ( nothing better to do)! I turned away and ignored. The couple left the train 3 stops later anyway.

This incident, made me remember that incident.

So it is a trend for old aunties to take pictures of random strangers who do them' injustice' to publish in newspapers!Luckily the disease has not spread across the causeway. (Of course i'm not saying all Singaporean aunties are like that i've met quite a few nice ones, but it's the bad hats that give a bad name to aunties everywhere)

I'm in favour of priority seaters giving up their seats, but please aunties at least look like you're old enough to need those seats can?

Is it a wonder why nursing homes in JB are becoming extremely popular?

ViVi leg slimming

I am so glad that i get Vivi translated in English where i live! True it's not as content heavy as the actual Japanese magazine (rather a pick and choose segments from Japanese Vivi plus some local features), but i'm thankful nonetheless. Especially the 'how to' segments. Finally i don't have to make use solely on my picture interpreting skills to identify the step by step instructions on how to -exercise/make-up/DIY.

Here's a segment i found really interesting and sharing with my readers, who have no access to the English version.

I expect to spend a lot of money on this magazine..

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cleaning up - retro 80's

I recently moved back home! Which means i have to make the room i moved out of 10 years ago current again! And would you believe the amount of junk memorabilia i have stashed in my closet? I don't know how many diaries and autograph books i have, but it's a lot!

Here's photographic proof of the amount of junk i have.

I've decided to share some of the more interesting things i found in my cupboard.

My first gift from my husband!

Retro Michael Owen poster. I was pretty crazy about him then and he was still in Liverpool then. Now? Not so.

Of course everyone loved/loves David Beckham. And these trading cards were free with Pepsi.

Does anyone remember these? They used to be really popular in the 90's, but seriously why do primary school kids need name cards anyway?

A picture of my 9 year old self with my brother and  cousins.

I took more than 2 full days to clear my wardrobe.. phew.. Speaking about retro though, check out the really retro cafe i went to in JB a few weeks ago. It's called Roost cafe in Jln Dhoby.

Was the food any good? Seriously i have no idea since the place just had to have a black out as they were preparing our food.

Randomly, sorry too disorganized currently to have a well planned out post.

My favourite ChaTime beverage Strawberry Au Lait pudding. Yum yum those swirly yellow stuff is pudding. I like it but can't seem to finish it.

In other random news, i bought a 'Rice Soap' from a Shoe Shop (yup weird), which was rubbish since it disintegrated to something along the lines of gel like rice water after 2 uses.

 I thought i could say goodbye to books for a while but it looks like i have to hit the books again sooner than i thought. Sigh.. 3/4 of my reading material for year 1. Someone help me!

That's all for this post. Vivi content next post.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magazine updates

I's the start of a new phase for me. Part 2 of my post-grad programme. Moving back to my hometown, starting a new hospital, meeting new bosses, for better or for worse, hoping for the best.Lots of problems here and there, but generally i feel blessed with what i have. I'll get back to that when everything is properly sorted out.

Thus my lack of posts.

To update on the magazine world though, ViVi is now in English as ViVi Malaysia version and the issues are quite up to date! And i was just wishing for an English version on my previous blog post! Psychic or what :p

Also the June issue of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia comes with a small vial of Chloe Eu De Parfum. I didn't buy this though since i've gotten the freebie perfume before. I must say though this is a really nice smelling perfume. One of the best. It's floral and not overpowering. I hate it when perfumes make me smell like old women. This one though stays young and fresh.

Go get it if you have yet to try it.

I saw this in Kinokuniya, and so it should be at most major book stores.

Due to me being away from home for about 10 years, my room is trapped in a time warp, and i have the unenviable task of decluttering so that i can move my current things in. You won't believe the amount of junk/memorabilia/collectibles i found in my closet. That i supposed will be for another post. In the meantime, i have to get back to cleaning... ugh..


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