Saturday, 22 December 2007

Star Awards 2007

I know for everyone in JB and Spore the Star Awards is like so last week~ but its only now that i finished watching the shows in its entirety all 3!! The 25th anniversary Star Awards the Star Awards proper and then the post awards show. This years show was pretty good with lots of surprises peppered throughout the show. I mean Chris and Fann kissing twice on stage? Vivian Lai (ok la maybe her husband is rich and she is rather cute anyway) and Yao Dong(head scratcher) in the top 10? Chen Li Ping same league as Fann and Zoe? Bi Ren and Ivy Lee showing the youngsters who's boss. And many many more~

But most of all .. what got me thinking was ~ only 3 of the 7 princesses in the Top 10 female?


To those who don't watch Spore TV these are the '7 princesses' of caldecott hill. A term coined for 7 young up and coming actresses in channel 8~ the significance being perhaps one of them will one day be queen when Zoe finally relinquishes her crown.

Now for a photo intro of the said seven.

1.JESSECA LIU (yup thts how its spelt)

Like her quite a bit since she's Malaysian and seems to be doing pretty well over there. Love her good non-Malaysian accented mandarin and non-pretentiousness. And the fact tht she can actually act. Nominated twice for best actress so far in her early career.

What she wore for the awards

Back view

With Dasmond Koh (whom which i stole many pics for the blog since the mediacorp website pics aren't as nice)

2. DAWN YEOH (not to be mistaken for the quite-likely-to-be-surgically-enhanced-though-she denies-it-blogger)

The one on the far right

She is one of the many spore actresses JH actually likes. Too sweetie pie for me though.


Shot to fame as the act dumb Mo Jing Jing in Holland V. Said to look like a cross between Sammi Cheng and Stefanie Sun. One of the more photogenic and has been nominated once for best actress even as a newcomer.

perfectly symmetrical face


The one that stands out for her devil may care attitude. She was talent spotted in an ad (and those days my mom actually thought she looked like my cousin Kin Chui). She's starred in an MTV with Jay Chou before too. A non-conformist and has her own fan base. No need to share fans with all the other sweetie pie princesses.

Not someone who likes smiling for the camera


Her career picked up after many good girl roles especially the one as mei ren yu in 'Tong Xin Yuan'. Her blogs have great pics and nothing much else like a guilty pleasure.

With the ever suave Christoper Lee

From her blog so should be her nails~ so pretty~


Rumoured to be with fellow colleague Tay Ping Hui. Was a contestant in the Miss Spore Universe. Won 2 subsidiary titles but did not make it to the 2nd round. Nevertheless picked up an acting contract and many endorsement deals.I remember her for her stiff acting. Not sure how much she has improved tho cos haven't watch any of her new shows recently.

With Dasmond and Yaodong in the white suit.

Luckily she changed from her tux inspired baju to this fish scales dress

7.FIONA XIE (last but not least)

My favourite style meister and to me the best dressed and most enjoyable to watch. She's acting in a movie (ghost themed) with HK actor Shawn Yue too.

Miss photogenic

men love her girls just get jealous of her.

So guess which 3 got in? Just based on the pics?


Guess... Guess..

Queen Zoe

Beautiful ppl

So have you guessed?

Its Jesseca

Rui En

and Felicia~


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

New phone

My phone went kaput right in the middle of my call last night. My worst handphone night mare come true. Luckily it was a neuro on-call where everyone is chill and cool and try to make your life as easy as possible as your sole purpose there is to learn actually. So after i helped Pui Pui unsuccessfully set a short CVP line 2-3am went to my room and conked out.Had already set my alarm at 12am when i went to my TV and DVD endowed call room. Woo pee~

I did not even suspect anything amiss even tho i was asked to help Pui Pui at 2am via an attendent tht knocked on my room door. Ok i felt a bit weird why he din call me but at 2am din really have the mindset to think also la.

So 3am i slept till 7.15 am. Totally forgetting to wake up at 6am to take blood. U can imagine the pandemonium when i woke up courtesy of a morning wake up knock from a staff nurse. A rather angry staff nurse tht is.. Haha so i totally rushed taking all the blood in 3 wards. Nasib baik i managed without being too late for the pass over.. 8.15am.. but when i reached the pass over was literally over.. but hey i wasn't tht late la.. just tht they were fast? kaka.. anyway they were cool bout it.

Due to my darling bf being in KL i was left with no transport home. Dah la i din get my pm off (off from after lunch since i was post call) cos the wards were damn busy, when i got off at 5 no taxi pulak. To add salt to injury Kok Lim on-call~ luckily Lai was there at the time and kindly offered to fetch me to where i wanna go~ Jusco! To buy a new phone of course since i'm on-call again tomorrow.

After mucho indecisiveness.On the verge of buying a Motorola Razr then just before filling in the guarantee card request to look at other phones.. kaka Sony cybershot or something (beautiful white with 2 megapixel camera). But cos i'm a cheap skate and its 200 bucks more expensive i settled for the Motorola Razr V3i.

It looks exactly like tht above.

Not as girly as i wanted it to be.. in fact not girly at all. Rather manly actually but cos it fits my budget with the features i want camera (only 1.2megapixel but ok la) mp3 player and a free memory card thrown in. Me being the low tech person i am dun even noe wat shit memory card with how much memory he gave me as long as its free i'm happy liao. So paid rm599 for it. Dunno if i kena cheated or not. Hmm pls leave a msg if u paid less for it or if u noe some one who paid less la. I never even bargain since the price printed was 699 and he quoted me 599. Easily contented la me. Dunno how to haggle.

Kinda wish it looks like this instead of plain old metallic grey.

Motorola Razr V3i swarovski (version 1)

Motorola Razr V3i swarovski (version 2)

Or a Motorola razr V31 dolce and gabbana perhaps?

Haiya~ as long as my phone can receive calls and sms and play music and take photos can liao la. Hehe~ why do we all expect so much more from phones now?
No longer is it just a phone~

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Wedding no 3

Another wedding i had to spend a combined traveling time to and fro of 14 hours just to attend. But i guess weddings are a joyous time meant to share with family so wort it la i guess. Some more this wedding took a long time in making~ In fact some had already given up hope of my cousin of ever finding a Mr right to marry. Kaka i guess she proved all those naysayers wrong~ The 'kang teh' in the morning was pretty fun thanks to the little nieces and nephews running around laughing and shouting, injecting to mush life to the event. Kids are amazing. They can be so happy just having other kids around.

As you can see, i became the tea girl again.. kaka which earned me an extra ang pow.

The tea serving ceremory from the rear view. The mother (cant miss her i guess) is actually quite happy la. Dunno why the camera captured her tht way.

My dad enjoying the tea.I suspect my mom must have deleted her pic cos i cant find it.

My bros my cousin and her son~

The happy couple with their nieces. These two rascals disrupted the tea ceremony for a mo when they wouldn't let go of their uncle to be punya hands~ and started dancing with him.

Little Zi Yi~ refer to my previous post on her bday celebreation and see for urself how she's grown!Looks like a cabbage patch kid.

Ben's fave photo~hehe

And before we knew it, it was time for the wedding dinner itself. Due to the horrifying singing of one Madam Tan~ Singing 3 songs continuously out of tune, my Karaoke champion uncle had to go on stage and sing to break Madam Tan's stranglehold of the mike. And he kind of good in a 60's kind of way.

My uncle showing off his singing chops.

Do you noe the bride and bridegroom actually have to pay an extra 300 bucks for the karaoke thing which probably no one appreciates cos it gives a chance for aunties like madam Tan to torture us. Might as well just put on channel 8 so i can watch my Star Awards. Imagine la i traveled back to JB and i caught only all of 10 mins of this once in 25 yrs event. Geramnya~

The little boy without the specs.. terror of the year. Keep hitting my head from the tea ceremony till the wedding dinner.Cannot tahan hit him and scolded him back but he still continued ler. ugh some more can call me xiao mei mei~~ and he's only std 1~~ slap him only he noe.

hehe back to Ipoh tomorrow.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


OMG.. am so glad i went to watch this show despite JH punya unwillingness and public show of disgust at me even suggesting such a show after the horrible mistake tht was 'Mr Magorium's wonder Emporium'. Though the genre might be the same these shows are as diff as night and day.

Luckily i had Kit , Steven and Hanisah who were keen to watch as well~

This is the Disney movie tht pokes fun of its Princess genre movies but ends up reminding me why i so love Disney and its 2D glory days~ The 2D animations took me back to Ariel days~ it was refreshing also thanks perhaps to the shortness of the 2D part.

And Amy Adams was definitely a good pick as the lead~ ugh she sang her own songs and so did James Marsden her prince charming. And Susan Sarandon as the evil stepmother? I couldn't even recognize her.

They broke into song in the weirdest places with animation being trans located right into reality. Yet the song and dance don't feel forced~ in fact there was a really good flow to it

And i'm like humming 'true loves kiss' non-stop now~How can these 2 good looking actors have such great Disney voices as well?

Okie do watch it even it is for Dr Mcdreamy himself , Patrick Dempsey.


Curtain clothes ala 'The sound of music'

For those of u who saw it did u realize there were a few Disney princess cameos in it? The voice of Belle (Paige O'Hara) acted as Angela the lady in the soap opera. Judy Kuhn the singing voice of Pocahontas was the pregnant lady with kids. And could u believe tht the lady who played the secretary was Jodi Benson aka the voice of the little mermaid Ariel? And to top it all off the narrator was Julie Andrews.

Now if thts not reason enough to watch it i don't know what is.

A million stars.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Wai Peng's wedding!

Finally a leave from the work in surgery~ muahaha took the 10.45 pm bus back to JB. Through the many experiences of taking night buses i was well prepared tackle the bitter cold of the bus. To ensure a fairly good nights rest~
1. Get a single seat (how to sleep with a snoring fat space snatcher next to you?
2. Keep ur extremities warm (tht means u've gotta get ur socks on)
3. Be kiasu (i brought a whole blanket just in case)
4. Wear warm clothing (duh~)
5. Block out the drone of the bus (plugged on some soothing Jay Chou mucis to lull me to sleep)
6. Avoid motion sickness (bring some maxolon or pack some sng buay)

Great trip back for me thnks very much to the trusty blanket.

What was all this preparation for u ask? Well to ensure i was nice fresh and ready for Wai Peng's wedding later that night at Peking restaurant the Sutera branch. It was posh, it was fun, food was great and company even better. Great wedding tht left me warm all over~

I've uploaded all the wedding pics here so those of u who are in the pics just click on the pics for a bigger version and download from here.Save me a lot of hassle. Kaka~

Everyone still looks exactly the same~albeit lots better at dressing

Yungx2 and Chen Looi relieving old times?

Group hug~

Yeon Jcin and Miao miao~ everyones working in spore!

The great thing bout Christian weddings are the excess of song and dance~this is one such dance in the middle of the dinner. Dancing girls in a chinese wedding dinner? definitely refreshing. The best part tho was when Wai Peng's mom sang a blessing song for her~i mean how often do u get tht?

Love Mun Fong's baju~ damn gaya and can keep warm too~

Best friends since ages and ages ago~

bamboo folliage~

The whole SETA gang! Wa lao still damn angry tht i din get to speak much or take individual pics with Wen Yih, Siaw Yen and Chun Hsia cos they were in the next table and left immediately after the group photo~Hmp~ next time must catch them before they *poof* disappear.

Silver maroon

More bamboo pics

Smiles all around

My captions are getting lame

Without flash

Finally the bride herself! Damn pretty~

The dress took up 3 ppl punya standing place

The clothes match

Wai Peng definitely looks the past of the blushing bride.. kaka but we''ll still always remember her has the short haired tomboy who always bruises herself back in sec school.

The end to a wonderful night

Two weddings down and 2 more to go (relative wan some more). Definitely wedding season now.

Poor sharks don't you think?


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