Tuesday, 18 December 2007

New phone

My phone went kaput right in the middle of my call last night. My worst handphone night mare come true. Luckily it was a neuro on-call where everyone is chill and cool and try to make your life as easy as possible as your sole purpose there is to learn actually. So after i helped Pui Pui unsuccessfully set a short CVP line 2-3am went to my room and conked out.Had already set my alarm at 12am when i went to my TV and DVD endowed call room. Woo pee~

I did not even suspect anything amiss even tho i was asked to help Pui Pui at 2am via an attendent tht knocked on my room door. Ok i felt a bit weird why he din call me but at 2am din really have the mindset to think also la.

So 3am i slept till 7.15 am. Totally forgetting to wake up at 6am to take blood. U can imagine the pandemonium when i woke up courtesy of a morning wake up knock from a staff nurse. A rather angry staff nurse tht is.. Haha so i totally rushed taking all the blood in 3 wards. Nasib baik i managed without being too late for the pass over.. 8.15am.. but when i reached the pass over was literally over.. but hey i wasn't tht late la.. just tht they were fast? kaka.. anyway they were cool bout it.

Due to my darling bf being in KL i was left with no transport home. Dah la i din get my pm off (off from after lunch since i was post call) cos the wards were damn busy, when i got off at 5 no taxi pulak. To add salt to injury Kok Lim on-call~ luckily Lai was there at the time and kindly offered to fetch me to where i wanna go~ Jusco! To buy a new phone of course since i'm on-call again tomorrow.

After mucho indecisiveness.On the verge of buying a Motorola Razr then just before filling in the guarantee card request to look at other phones.. kaka Sony cybershot or something (beautiful white with 2 megapixel camera). But cos i'm a cheap skate and its 200 bucks more expensive i settled for the Motorola Razr V3i.

It looks exactly like tht above.

Not as girly as i wanted it to be.. in fact not girly at all. Rather manly actually but cos it fits my budget with the features i want camera (only 1.2megapixel but ok la) mp3 player and a free memory card thrown in. Me being the low tech person i am dun even noe wat shit memory card with how much memory he gave me as long as its free i'm happy liao. So paid rm599 for it. Dunno if i kena cheated or not. Hmm pls leave a msg if u paid less for it or if u noe some one who paid less la. I never even bargain since the price printed was 699 and he quoted me 599. Easily contented la me. Dunno how to haggle.

Kinda wish it looks like this instead of plain old metallic grey.

Motorola Razr V3i swarovski (version 1)

Motorola Razr V3i swarovski (version 2)

Or a Motorola razr V31 dolce and gabbana perhaps?

Haiya~ as long as my phone can receive calls and sms and play music and take photos can liao la. Hehe~ why do we all expect so much more from phones now?
No longer is it just a phone~

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