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Shaun Chen Michelle Chia Divorced

Shaun Chen is a Negeri Sembilan boy who became an actor in Singapore with his first role in the long-running serial Holland Village.

Michelle Chia is a Singaporean child actress who due to good looks and bilingual abilities survived the entertainment scene is Singapore resurrecting herself as a host and sometimes actress.

They got close to each other on the set of the now defunct Mediaworks produced drama 'Power of Love' in 2004 and after a 4 year courtship registered for marriage in 2008 before holding the wedding ceremony 13 months later.

This is the happy couple.

The wedding was a televised one and a rating hit, with it being the epitome of a fairytale wedding.

However the coupling had always been an odd one.For one, he had always been seen a shy Negeri Sembilan boy with a knack for badminton. The former eye wear salesman had also encountered his fair share of scandals when he first started out.

She on the other hand seemed like a princess who was brought up enjoying the high life. She was outspoken and fiercely independent. In fact the whole wedding seemed to be well planned and focused on the bride with the groom taking a more supporting role.

I was not the only one who thought that the coupling  was a bit of a problem. Read here.

Throughout their marriage though they have never been shy of showing their affection for each other always hand in hand at award ceremonies and calling each other 'baby' at thank you speeches and interviews.

Here is an interview of the two of them during happier times on celebtitea break, here.

News started circulating last year that their marriage was on the rocks and the rumour was further cemented by the fact that there were hardy any public appearances of them as a couple, and that they refuse to talk about their marriage to the media during interviews.

As recent as last month Shaun was interviewed by 8 Days wherby he flatly dismissed all rumours and claimed that their marriage was okay.

However it did not come as a surpise then that after the 'Star Awards' Singapore's most prestigious acting awards, the couple announced their divorce citing 'Incompatible Personalities'.

Clues of marital woes during the Star Awards were apparent.

1. She started dressing weird.

She appeared on the red carpet in a see through frock and what looked like a swimsuit underneath.She still looked lovely though thanks to her pretty face, toned body and always just right hair.

However things just turned a bit bizarre when she came on stage to accept a top 10 most popular artists award in a conical bra suit/dress.

It was apparent the girl wanted to be seen and talked about and the message was clear. She meant business.

2. He was subdued. His hair just wanted to get out of there.

Shaun (far right) seemed subdued despite the fact he was nominated for the Best actor prize. Not helped bt the fact that he was snubbed by Dasmond Koh and Lee Teng on the red carpet. They interviewed everyone in this picture except him, and he was just standing there in a row!

3. Michelle omitted him from her acceptance speech a far cry from last year where she made many references to him.

Divorce seems a bit too common nowadays especially in Singapore where old Asian values are slowly being overtaken by western common sense.

The divorce proceedings are expected to be finalized in October.

Meanwhile Michelle is rumoured to be with a Caucasian boyfriend.

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