Thursday, 21 April 2011

Handheld electronic games of the 80's and 90's

If you are in my age bracket you would probably remember a time where there was no such thing as 'Playstation', X-Box', or 'Wii'. Rather every other spoilt brat would be surgically attached to a handheld electronic game beeping incessantly as other children crowd around trying to peep at the action.

I was definitely not one those kids. Being a girl, i was more into My Little Ponies, Barbie Dolls and various other creative children games like that. For my brothers though it's a different story.

So if you are nostalgic like that , then i may just have the site for you.

First though you have to ask yourself if these pictures look even remotely appealing to you.

If they are, then you are most definitely a boy. Otherwise you're a very nostalgic or just plain curious girl.

Then head to this website i found where you can play retro handheld games from the site. It's called Pica Pic.They currently have 23 games and it promises lots of beeping sounds of the past. As a girl, i played one of the submarine games for 5 minutes and totally lost interest.

Only for seriously nostalgic gamers.

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