Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More magazines

Sigh.. i am at the crossroads of my life at the moment. In a few months all that i have become used to in Slim River will change. Life and work have become very comfortable for me here and soon i will have to leave this comfort and venture into the relatively unknown but possibly very enriching part of my life.

I'm excited yet sad to be leaving behind all that i love here.

Sigh.. Don't worry babe, we'll be reunited soon.

Pardon me then for a half hearted blog post. I'm in no mood to elaborate on the magazines.

Let the pictures do the talking then.Here are some of the latest magazines in store, or coming soon.


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Well, I can't read what the magazines say but I would so like to get them and look at the pics :D

saltvinegar said...

no prob.. i'll send u links so u can flip though the virtual mag


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