Monday, 4 April 2011

Naruko samples

The April issue of Bon Voyage issue one (Taiwanese travel magazine) comes with a 15 ml Naruko Morjoram and lavender classical brightening night jelly and 5 ml Naruko Morjoram and lavender classical night eye jelly.

What's so great about this product right? They even spelt jelly as gelly.

But it is the product of renowned Taiwan make up artist Niu-er so it's worth a try.Coincidentally i also just read a review about Naruko Job's tears night jelly on iamluckytohaveyou .

More info about the product (lavender line) here. Only if you read Chinese though.Or else there's always google translate.

I really do not know where you can get this magazine with the freebie but i do know it costs Tw99 which only translates to around RM10.

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