Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bye bye paediatrics

I go to work everyday, as if it were my last day of work.I try and picture every one of my patient's faces and smiles. I go to every standby and attend to every patient and try to remember every moment. I will greatly miss them when i leave in just under a month to pursue a master's degree in pathology. Yes, a jump from paediatrics to pathology is definitely sudden and severe, but i do hope i will love pathology as much as i have loved paediatrics in Slim River.

I will miss setting difficult iv lines in the middle of the night. I will miss dealing with bossy parents who ask for admission only to ask for discharge the very next day. I will miss seeing the DKA kid who almost said 'bye bye; to the world twice no thanks  to nowhere to be seen mother, running around the ward happily and flashing his dazzling smile to the world as if nothing of the sort had ever happend and despite the fact we have to prick him with a needle at least 8 times a day.

I will miss the wide-eyed, sleepy-eyed and plain bo-chup faces of the children aged 0 to 12 that i see every day sometimes at 30 hour stretches a day.

Heck, i will even miss my regular thallasemia boy who once shouted 'babi' at us when we set a line for him for his monthly blood transfusion.

I will miss them , but i know i will not be able to stay in Slim River the rest of my life.Perak was never my home. And i know with all the miracles and great care given in Slim River every day, it is not the case in many other bigger centres.Things are not so rosy out of my darling hospital.

Bye bye intubations, bye bye chest tubes, bye bye UAC's (even though i have finally mastered you), bye bye UVC's, bye bye suprapubic taps, bye bye in- outs, bye bye ordering nurses around, bye bye accompanying patients in the middle of the night, bye bye countryside home.

I will miss you.


shin chee said...

i'm sure slim river will miss such a nice, dedicated paeds MO... dun worry, u sure will miss slim river and do come back for a visit next time!

saltvinegar said...

Definitely will miss all my kids here..imagine i see them from birth.. and after many follow ups they are like 3 yrs old liao.. walking and talking.


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