Friday, 29 October 2010

Wedding ring ideas

Girls, first of all make sure you get two rings. Call me naive but if not for my two colleagues at work, i would not have known that i was entitled to two rings. I thought one was plenty. All i wanted was ONE solitaire diamond ring. But... i learned that i needed one ring as an engagement ring, and matching bands with my hubby as proper wedding bands. And boy am i glad cos i just realized two months after my wedding, a good way to wear your wedding ring is by wearing two rings together. (Ok i am such a kampung girl). No longer is it enough to wear one ring when you can proudly show off twice the bling.

When I'm going out i now wear both rings.

My engagement ring and wedding ring.

Yup it does not match perfectly due to the design of the solitaire ring (note the gap between the rings) but it still looks gorgeous together.

Therefore the whole purpose of this post is so that prospective brides keep a keen lookout for matching engagement and wedding rings. Do not get a diamond ring whereby the band of the ring  looks like this:

Due to the shape of the band there will be an obvious gap when you pair if with the second ring.

It is better therefore to choose a ring with a band that looks like this.(ignore that extra dangling thing)

It will definitely match another wedding band.

The Japanese though have some really nifty ideas for pairing up rings.Here are some cute ideas from Sweet November magazine and some from MISS November issue.

Get the second ring shaped as if to 'fit' into your diamond solitaire.

Get two diamonds for extra bling.

Matching band designs.

Here are some other scans with cute ring designs.

Gorgeous even from the side.

Diamonds in the whole middle portion of the band. Lovely!

Good luck finding that perfect ring.. or two..

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Coach poppy 2011 Diary

It should be in stores by now.

Gisele December issue comes with a Coach poppy 2011 planner.

Hmm.  the slightly provocative cover aside(more like a cover for Playboy), the gift with purchase is pretty good and would please many a Coach fan.

Here's what the diary looks like.

Can't wait to see the January issues of all the Japanese mags that will almost always have a calender included .

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Free sleeping mask sample.

I didn't want to post it up before i acertained that the giveaway was true cos you'd have to give away some personal information. Well anyway i received this in the mail today.

Free sample of the Bio-essence tri-action aqua boost sleeping mask.

It's a 10g sample.

If you're interested you can go register for your free sample here. Offer is still on.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sweet November 2010

Went to Singapore and i just had to pay a visit to the Kinokinuya there. I've been there before but never been to the Japanese books section.I have to say they stock an incredibly huge amounts of Japanese magazines! There were what seems like hundreds of volumes of non-no with the agnes B tote. Mooks and mags were in abundance.(Ie: More, Steady, Sweet, YSL mook)

Thankfully no really great freebies out at the moment. The only one worth buying for me, is the Sweet November issue which comes with Paul and Joe make-up case and pouch.

The lovely and ever youthful Ayumi Hamasaki gracing the cover yet again.

The prize, taken with hipstamatic app on I-phone.

The quality is good. Similar to the quality of a gift with purchase after spending 180 ringgit on make-up products. 

Labels on the pouch... well as the make-up bag.

In normal colour.

 Interior is a bit blah. Has a compartment for smaller items.

Good quality stitching.

Ideas on .. er.. what to store in the pouch?

You can watch the gift item video here.

All in all a happy buy.
P.S : The reason I've not been updating about  upcoming gifts with Japanese mags and mooks is they are rather crappy. Nothing worth going for. But will definitely update if there is anything worth lemming for.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sk II contest result.

The winner is of course bride2wife who so accurately named Cindy Crawford as the mother of these lookalike children. Did you guess it correctly?

Your prize will be sent to you soon girl! Thanks for participating!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

SKII Giveaway!

Just today at 9pm, i realized that i have an SK II facial treatment mask that i have not used and was contemplating on what to do with it. Then i figured that it would be perfect for my very first giveaway (inspired by Jamie's recent Smiggle one).

The prize photo-edited with cross process.

So here it is. If you've ever wanted to see what the fuss SK II and it's miracle pitera is all about, but not keen to fork out those exorbitant prices lest it breaks you out, then this is the contest for you.

All you have to do is answer two simple questions. Also you have to be a follower of this site to enter.

And the question is:

1) These good looking twosome are the off-spring of a famous female celebrity. Name the female celebrity. Bonus points for those who can name the father as well.

Photo credited to New Idea magazine.

Ok it's not so simple. And yet this celebrity is very well- known!Everyone is sure to know her.So good luck people! Hint: She was a really popular supermodel in the 90's.

2) What lead you to my blog and what would you like me to blog more about?
The second question is mainly just in case it ends up in a tie.

Contest runs for one week and ends on 19 October 2010 11pm (Malaysian time).

Good luck!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Daiso haul

Here are some of the things i bought in Daiso , the place where JH does not understand why i can spend hours and hours in.OK maybe not hours but at least half an hour at a time.

I always try to limit myself to a couple of items each time so i do not go overboard. Here i got drawer separators (refer previous post) , cafe curtains (loves) , tin of fish, bag clips and the blue thing with white stars is actually a storage box. The best buy of all are the miso soup sachets! OMG so yummy. Comes in 3 flavours. Some leaf, clams, and smaller calms. OK i have mo idea but there are pictures printed on the packaging and thats what i decipher from those pictures. There are actual green vegetables and clams in them!

Next haul looks like this. After discovering the home furnishing section, i went and got myself many a home improvement item.

Wooden clips. I'm going to try and use this to clip and hang my cafe curtains.

Sweets air freshener! It really does smell sweet. I won't go as far as to say it smells like cupcakes or anything but the scent is pleasant and not overpowering. Perfect for wardrobes and toilets.

These are  the only beauty related products i bought. Fake lashes! I've had rather good experience with Daiso fake lashes so i bought two new ones to try. Not too sure how good these are though.

Potpourri and a basket to put it in. All i can say is that it is scentless!! It only functions to looks nice. There is nary a hint of fragrance at all! Bummer.Try not to buy this unless you just want to appear as if you have potpourri in your house.

I just found out these are called reed diffusers, but i call them stick diffusers. Where got reeds? So far I've used the sweet lavender one and yes it packs a mighty punch! Prepare your whole room to be scented lavender. Very similar to the scent of pure lavender essential oils.

And last but not least , a Japanese bowl to put my miso soup.. slurps.. yum..

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Home improvement.

I have discovered a whole new section in Daiso where i can buy things from .It used to be just make-up and beauty merchandise for me. But now i'm hooked on home improvement!

I've always wanted compartmentalized drawers but found the ready made ikea ones totally out of my meagre budget. But no fear ! Trust the ingenious Japanese to find a solution for everything and anything for a better, cleaner and easier life.

The answer to my problems! Drawer partitions. comes in S,M and L sizes so it would be wise to measure how deep your drawers are before purchasing. I did not so i had to guess. To be safe i just bought S , cos it fits every drawer.

See how neat everything is? Used to be just a mess of junk. Now i can see and compartmentalize all my junk!

Am a happy happy girl. More on my Daiso haul next post. Here's a sneak peek. Lavender stick aroma diffuser. Which is really smelling up my toilet at the moment.

Mooks and mags coming your way

Here are upcoming mooks and mags with fairly good freebies.

The  most coveted would probably be the Yves Saint Laurent mook. The tote this time round looks much better than the basic tote last year. The dimensions are H32x W35 x D9cm.

Looks really tiny.

But loving the inner hot pink lining.

L'est rose mook comes with a waterproof floral tote measuring H29.5cm x W32 x D12cm.

Bape kids 2010 winter collection 2010 comes with a tote and mirror. (H23 x W35 x D10cm).

Rope' Picnic 2010 Autum/Winter collection with multi pocket tote measuring H22x W36x D12cm.

Seems like this is the hot selling item over in Japan.Crystal Ball premium book volume 5.Comes with a zip up bag and coin pouch.

This would perhaps appeal to guys? Hunting world 2010 Autumn Winter collection.Measures H26×W41×D14.5cm

Anecan with Kewpie lunch bag.

Sqawaii with Rodeo Crowns pouch.

Harpers Bazaar with Moschino cheap and chic tote.

Steady with Hbg tote. 


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