Saturday, 2 October 2010


Too many days on-call and too little sleep has a weird impact on me. It rendered me incapable of resisting the temptations of the latest crop of Japanese mags and their super freebies. So i ended up succumbing to 3 mags.Anyway to justify to myself cos feeling quite guilty:

1) I earned it after all the hard work
2) How often will i be going to KLCC after i get the new car.. very little i suspect
3) How often will these mags have tie-ins with the likes of Coach /Kate Spade again?
4) Err.. because i'm worth it?

Anyway working again tomorrow so my gushing and outpouring of love for my purchases will have to wait.Oh and i have to thank my girl for keeping me calm in times of stress. Here is what i bought.

Oggi, With and the all elusive MISS. I made a reservation and went to collect the mag after receiving a confirmation sms that it had arrived. What i can say is there are nada/zero/zilch copies of MISS left on the shelf and 2 copies in their reservation rack. One of them which was mine. Since the magazine is not usually popular, Kinokinuya do not bring many issues of this magazine in. However this particular issue is overwhelmingly popular due to the Coach 'Furoshiki' freebie.Usually Kinokinuya has as second shipment by sea , so if you're really keen no harm trying to call up and ask if there is a second shipment coming in.

There were around 5 copies each of Oggi and With on the open shelf. In abundance was the sweet magazine with Cher tote and Non-no with Agnes B tote. How come no one wants to buy huh? There were so many magazines left i could not count! There was one  Baila mag with Anya Hindmarch scarf left and 1-2 copies of 25ans.

As for mooks, Harrods mook is all sold out. There are still ample copies of the latest Cath Kidston mooks though. They even still have the Lesportsac mook in Robin egg and black glitter print.One thing i notices though is increased awareness of mooks and it's freebies. I saw some guys looking and studying the mooks on the shelves and basically checking them out. So cute. I adore it when guys are serious in their shopping.Waddaya know? Guys are into mooks too. Perhaps i should update also on the more guy-centric mooks and freebies.

Thankfully not so many mags with great freebies (November issues) to look out for next week or i definitely will be so tempted to buy more.Here are some not bad ones.

Cecil McBee tote (looks rather big) with Cutie.

Paul & Joe beaute make up case and pouch with Sweet. This is indeed very sweet for Paul & Joe fans.

Ahh.. satisfied after admiring my purchases. That's women for you.Don't try to understand us.

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Fiona said...

Hey...we're the 1st 2 in Malaysia to own MISS X Coach! Cool!

What design of the Coach furoshiki that you've got? I got the one with purple border all around :)


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