Sunday, 10 October 2010

Home improvement.

I have discovered a whole new section in Daiso where i can buy things from .It used to be just make-up and beauty merchandise for me. But now i'm hooked on home improvement!

I've always wanted compartmentalized drawers but found the ready made ikea ones totally out of my meagre budget. But no fear ! Trust the ingenious Japanese to find a solution for everything and anything for a better, cleaner and easier life.

The answer to my problems! Drawer partitions. comes in S,M and L sizes so it would be wise to measure how deep your drawers are before purchasing. I did not so i had to guess. To be safe i just bought S , cos it fits every drawer.

See how neat everything is? Used to be just a mess of junk. Now i can see and compartmentalize all my junk!

Am a happy happy girl. More on my Daiso haul next post. Here's a sneak peek. Lavender stick aroma diffuser. Which is really smelling up my toilet at the moment.


Pammy said...

I see those on Daiso (Saizen here) too! I've been meaning to buy one of those separators but I always forget to do so. :P

saltvinegar said...

Pammy i still dunno where u stay!

FionaL said...

Is that Propyl meds? :)

saltvinegar said...

What's propyl? Propylthiouracil?

Mine are triprolidine Hcl + pseudoephedrine Hcl (we call it actifed in the government sector but many companies produce this drug). It's for rhinitis.

FionaL said...

Yes Propylthiouracil. Which is for hyperthyroidism. Looks just like yours.

Sherlyn said...

i like the idea of drawer partition coz my drawer look very mess now. well i also like to go Daiso and stick to there for quite long time. hahaha... many new things to be discovered !

saltvinegar said...

Fiona : yup wthite meds all look alike

Sherlyn: Ha ha mayb we should hang out in Daiso together cos my husband always just wait outside the store!


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