Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mooks and mags coming your way

Here are upcoming mooks and mags with fairly good freebies.

The  most coveted would probably be the Yves Saint Laurent mook. The tote this time round looks much better than the basic tote last year. The dimensions are H32x W35 x D9cm.

Looks really tiny.

But loving the inner hot pink lining.

L'est rose mook comes with a waterproof floral tote measuring H29.5cm x W32 x D12cm.

Bape kids 2010 winter collection 2010 comes with a tote and mirror. (H23 x W35 x D10cm).

Rope' Picnic 2010 Autum/Winter collection with multi pocket tote measuring H22x W36x D12cm.

Seems like this is the hot selling item over in Japan.Crystal Ball premium book volume 5.Comes with a zip up bag and coin pouch.

This would perhaps appeal to guys? Hunting world 2010 Autumn Winter collection.Measures H26×W41×D14.5cm

Anecan with Kewpie lunch bag.

Sqawaii with Rodeo Crowns pouch.

Harpers Bazaar with Moschino cheap and chic tote.

Steady with Hbg tote. 


~niCoLe~ said...

where do you get these mags? looks lovely. how much does it cost?

saltvinegar said...

You can get it from KInokinuya.
The mags and mooks have different prices. But basically mags cost between RM40-55 while mooks cost RM 55 - 80.

There are camera mooks too tht cost ~120 but comes with a free lomo camera. Similar to the one you bought.

They are having 20% off on mooks the last time i went to KLCC kinokinuya.

Onze said...

I have YSL bag, and I like deep pink lining inside so much :)


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