Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Upcoming Mooks

Here are some upcoming mooks coming to Kinokinuya.

Ylang Ylang Mook.

Cecil McBee mook.

Neal's Yard Remedies Mook.

Bally mook.

Camera Mook voume 2. The volume 1 mook with lomo camera should still be available in Kino KL.

Lavenham mook.

Miffy Mook.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ray Malaysia September 2011 with dejavu fine eye liner

I hope you have not bought Ray Malaysia. That's because after buying my copy from Kinokinuya, i found that at (the shop) was selling the magazine with a free gift included, a tiny dejavu eye liner.

So if you are buying this magazine, which by the way costs RM9, buy it at

Anyhow as you know, i'm totally estatic that they've decided to translate a Japanese fashion magazine into English. Now i can read and understand the step by step make-up and hairstyle instructions!Plus it is a traslation of the latest edition of Ray! I'm possibly buying this magazine every month from now!I've alway searched high and low for a local magazine i can actually read regularly, but all the Cleo's and Female magazines just did not cut it. I had to depend on my mom to send me 8 Day's from Singapore.

So, i'm glad to say I have finally found a worthy mag to buy.

Here are the reason's why.

1) Introduction of the latest bags. I had no idea LV just updated their collection with some youngish looking bags.

An update of the Speedy! It's called Speedy Bandouliere and can be worn as a slingbag, or hand carry.

The Damier Azur Evora, looks really functional,flexible and cute!

Some other products in the new line. I'd seriously balk if i see a houseman using an LV sling bag to work. Already there are many using 'Coach-es'.

2) There are at least 3 sets of these fashion how-to segments in the magazine. Basically they take a few key items and teach you how to style it so you can have a different look everyday for a month. Seriously love these. I actually took pictures of one whole segment to illustrate the point. Hope you guys love it. And i hope Ray does not sue me, after all i'm promoting for them voluntarily since i love the mag so much.

3) Make-up guide!

4) Hair style ideas and step by step instructions.

5) Diet and exercise regimes!

But be warned, some of the pictures and captions are exceptionally cruel to the normal sized girl.
Note the caption i highlighted in pink!

'What's inside? So plump.'!

I wanted to laugh out loud while i was reading that!The girl looks like a model to me! Try not to feel intimidated by abnormal body ideals the magazine has. Also ignore the occasional typos and grammatical errors.They tend to mix up the past and present tenses as well as commit occasional but fundamental grammatical errors as apparent by the picture above.Both the captions in pink would have made their primary school teachers blush. It's probably not easy translating Japanese into English.

6) Simple exercise regimes to tone my incresingly flabby parts. Some of the instructions are a bit difficult to understand though.

All in all a great magazine buy!

Monday, 29 August 2011

BookFest Malaysia 2011

Have you been to the Book Fest at the KL Convention Centre at KLCC? I've never been to the previous bookfests and had no idea what it was about. I just happened to be in KLCC at the time and saw throngs of people walking around with Popular plastic bag/recyclable bags.

Since we were bored with walking around KLCC we went to have a look. Just in case you don't know, the convention centre is a short walk away from KLCC.Walk out to the fountain park and walk to a very visible building on your right.

Anyhow, there were loads of people there.To get in, you'd have to pay RM2.50 per person for a day pass or RM10 for a season pass. So anyhow, the hubby was like, 'Crazy, have to pay money to get in?'

Anyhow i'm glad i went ahead and got the tickets anyway cos the range of books and savings rendered far surpassed the entry fee!

I managed to only take a few pictures to illustrate what i meant.

Cecilia Ahern's hardcover book going for less than her paperbacks! Note the before and after price.

I bought a Da Vincci Code board game for my brother since it's his birthday, and the savings were too good to resist!

I think he believed it costs RM99.50. Muahaha..

Hubby was actually pretty excited about spotting this!

A box set of all the 'Cerita Panjang Doraemon' and Doraemon comic series, each going for RM150.

I on the other hand sort of hyperventilated when i saw that they were selling local magazines with exclusive freebies to the first few buyers at the bookfest. It was a bookfest exclusive and i wanted it! Even though i had no idea what it was!

Harper's Bazaar was giving away Guerlain sample sets for the frist 100 readers that bought the magazine at the bookfest while Cleo had what looked like full sized bottle of Nivea lotions for the first 200 readers. Woman's weekly was giving away something too but i was too distracted by the Harper's Bazaar giveaway to notice.

I went to the bookfest on the very first day,but it already 4pm when i reached the bookfest, so i wasn't betting that i would be the first 100 purchaser of the magazine but, what do you know, i was! I was pretty chuffed, until i saw how tiny the samples were. Oh, well.

Being so 'high' from shopping for books at Hall 4 and 5 (where the English books were), i failed to realise at the same time i was there, one of my favourite actresses Lee SinJe was in the next hall signing autographs for her book! Argh.. i word of advise then, read the booklets they pass you, as there are vital informations on the savings of the day and schedules of celebrity authors.

And that is why some people buy season passes, since there are different speakers and offers on different days. But at this point you shouldn't bother since the biggest celebrities (Lee SinJe and Dr M) have already made their appearences last weekend.

The fair runs from 27th August 2011 to 4th September 2011.

Me and hubby bought 7 books, a magazine and a board game in total.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Burberry Body Fragrance sample

Once again, if you're okay with sharing your facabook information, e-mail address and real address, to get a sample of burberry's latest fragrance then read on.

It's a facebook page where you request for a sample. Here's the link.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ray Malaysia

Finally, after enduring half good half crap Sqawaii Malaysia for 3 issues, someone was smart enough to produce an English edition of Ray (probably the same person who did Sqawaii Malaysia). Anyhow, this one looks really good actually without the clashing styles of it's Sqawaii counterpart and with comprehensible text. Look out for this in stores. Finally a Malaysian magazine I can potentially buy monthly.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Missing Sea Monkeys

The sea monkeys which I have lovingly nurtured for 2 weeks is gone. I had planned to bring them with me as I am contantly on the move.Stopping for dinner I did not want to leave them in the car and opted instead to put them in an inconspicuous spot near the car in the parking lot.Stupid I know.I just assumed there was better ventilation.

Now they are gone.

And I'll never get them back.


I even tried searching garbage bins in the parking lot.

Sorry sea monkeys, I've let you down again.

I'm such an idiot.

Jay Chou's (周杰倫) new J girl Hannah (昆凌)

Yup, he has another rumored girlfriend this time in the form of 18 year old Eurasian Hannah Quinlivan(昆凌).They were rumoured to be together way back in February this year when grainy photos of her being chauffeured in one of his cars surfaced.

However there were no actual pictures of them actually being together. Jay Chou told paparazi's "We'll talk after you manage to get a picture.'

So the pesky paparazzi's have no choice but to step up their miserable paparazzi game and take up the challenge.

So these are the latest photos to have surfaced.

Jay was in France for a holiday while Hannah coincidentally was in France with her mom to celebrate her birthday. All right which 18 year old goes to France to celebrate her birthday?

Well anyway, the paparazzi got one miserable shot of the couple's back. And apparently the picture was from a fan's camera of them leaving a ferry in Marseille, France, on Aug 14.Pesky fans i tell you. It's one thing to take picture, but it's another to leak pictures to the paparazzi.Assuming it is them in the picture. I can't really identify Jay based on his back.

So anyway, Jay or course had to rub it into the paparazzi's faces by posting on his friends weibo, something like this ' Either they have no picture or  they get a back shot. Next time i'll make it up with  a front view photo.'

 The poor girl has had her fair share of criticism from the media. They dubbed her as 'short,dark girl Kun Ling (her name is Chinese)'.'

Anyhow, i think she's really pretty. She is of mixed heritage with her mom being Korean/Chinese and her dad an Australian. She has really supportive parents who accompany her to talent shows.

She entered a segment on Guess Guess Guess when she was just 14 years old.Here's her on the show. I know i know i have way too much time on my hands. I should be studying!

 Then she entered a talent contest to joined 'Hei Se Hui Mei Mei' at about the same age,where she scored top marks for her looks.

 This was the selection process for 'Hei Se Hui Mei Mei'. I can't believe i actually teared towards the end.I love the bond she has with her dad.

And just in case you're wondering what they do on Hei Se Hui Mei mei'

So anyhow, she's not with 'Hei Se Hui Mei Mei' anymore. Apparently Jay helped to break her bond. Her new found fame means new endorsements and she is currently the ambassador for a departmental store among other things. She is also slated to appear in Jay's music video for the next album.

Here's what made the news.As he said, everything he does no matter how insignificant comes out in the evening news.

Here's what came out in the magazines recently.

I've always liked Jay's taste in girlfriends.

Source here and here.

Tiffany & Co, Coach, Moschino freebies

Would you believe the designer stuff they are giving out with magazines these days? Although they are poor counterparts to their high quality actual products, some of them are too cute to resist.

Here's a look at some of the gifts coming up.

The Moschino mook comes with a pretty striking and cute tote bag.

With magazine 30th anniversary  issue  comes with a Tiffany & Co freebie. Obviously it's not going to be anything related to their actual bread and butter products, so they gift you stationary. The special issue comes with a Tiffany and Co. notebook.

The normal edition of With magazine October 2011 issue comes with Tiffany & Co card and envelope set.

The cutest of all i, i think is this Coach raincoat given out with Numero Tokyo October 2011 issue! The magazine will be released in Japan tomorrow. I don't think they bring many copies of this magazine to Kinokuniya KLCC, so whoever wants it, I'd advise you to act fast.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jill Stuart, Agnes B, Natural Basic Beauty, DKNY

Just when i started giving up on these Japanese freebie magazines, then comes along a few magazines with a bumper crop of desirable freebies.

Here's what I'm talking about.

This is what perked me up after browsing through countless magazines. The November issue of Spring which comes out in Japan on September 23rd (November issue in September? Only in Japan) comes with a Jill Stuart multicase.

As you can see the multi case is seriously my cup of tea, sweet, simple and functional with loads of compartments. I'm keeping my eye on this one. But as i always say, never buy until you've seen the actual item.Oh, and it helps that you can use it two ways.I might go check this out in KLCC.
*UPDATE: Do not buy Spring November with Jill by Jill Stuart multicase- Quality not up to par* 

Cutie September issue comes with a red and white polka dot Dazzlin tote bag.

Liniere October comes with a Zucca cotton bag.

In Red October issue comes with a rather classy looking clutch. And are polka dots in fashion or what?

Non-no November comes with an Agnes B polka dotted (again) tote. Similar to what they gave out last year. Perhaps the greatest difference would be the straps.

Sweet October comes with a DKNY bag and pouch. Now a DKNY freebie is pretty rare so this might be of interest to some.

Steady October issue comes with a really special looking make up pouch by Natural Beauty Basics.And again, polka dots!

I'm looking forward to seeing how these turn out in real life!


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