Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Beauty Diary

I usually don't buy facial masks. The last time i went crazy over facial masks was before My Beauty Diary (Taiwanese face mask giant) were available in Malaysia.

And this time it's the same thing. I went ga ga over the packaging and brought home 3 sheets that i bought for RM 10 from In a box type store in Sunway Pyramid.

I like that the masks don't break me out and does not leave an icky sticky feeling.It's one of those masks that bothers me the least 'cos this sensitive skin of mine seem to hate all kinds of beauty products.

Here are my buys, chosen solely based on packaging. Shallow i know.

My Beauty Diary  Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask from the Teatime range.

Limited edition Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask. I've used this already and love the scent. My face does feel refreshed and bright after using this but that's about it. I would say this one was purely aroma therapeutic.

And this is the Earl Grey Tea and Macaron. Ugh! I fell like gobbling it up. Macarons? Seriously?

With the overwhelming production of fake MyBeautyDiary masks from presumably China, i had to furiously google to find out if what i bought was fake. But this line is too new to be copied i hope. Pictures from other sites look similar too. So I'm pretty sure this is real.

I'm going to be giving one of these out as part of my previous giveaway so SneakyLily use this with caution!

Here are a few sites i found useful for trying to spot a fake MBD mask.

1) Domokie - A review on the Chocolate truffle mask
2) Rinny 
3) Sunnanz

Apparently though, not all the criterias are applicable due to the constant change in packaging and such. For example not all MBD masks have to have imprints of the manufacturing date in the front.I guess the most reliable indicator would be , the shape of the mask and quality of the mask. The second most popular indicator is that the part where there are cut-outs for tearing up the packaging should be less than 1.5cm from the edge of the packaging. This is starting to pan out like a very serious inclusion criteria.

Whatever it is, my question is, why do people want to make counterfeits for something that is already affordable? Baffling the consumers minds!

My next question is, is this real or fake?

It's a headache having to deal with the question everyday in a counterfeit infested world.

Better then to leave you with 'NuRen Wo Zui Da's' (popular Taiwan lifestyle show with the main purpose of making females spend more than they already do.) review of the said line of mask.


Yumeko said...

i wasnt aware there were fake masks! thank u for sharing!

saltvinegar said...

You're welcome.. i don't think Japan has many counterfeits. Thanks for dropping by..

SneakyLily said...

I received the choco mask! THANK YOU!! SO irrisistable, I wana buy more! I have seen them in Watsons but the box is pretty expensive and I want to try a bunch of different types. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging.
Also saw those fake pasar malam ones, the packaging was really shiny. There seems to be fake everything these days. scary

saltvinegar said...

Yeah Malaysian drugstores are selling it for such a high price. Do you know it costs around RM2 per sheet only in Taiwan? Glad you like it! I know, i have an urge to buy anything with cute packaging..


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