Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello Kitty wallpaper

I had a bimbo type dilemma the whole of last night. You see i had just downloaded a Hello Kitty wallpaper app which had 60 different cute kitty wallpapers for i-phone.

*Warning: If you have no interest in Hello Kitty then perhaps you should avert your attention right now*

 As you can see, the selection process itself was difficult.

The other dilemma was, i had the option of using the wallpaper as the user lock background or as the theme for my phone.

For example:

This is using the wallpaper as the theme for my phone.

And this is using it as the user lock background.

The problem is, i can only choose one wallpaper for both or just use it as the user lock background.The thing is, there are certain wallpapers that look nice as a theme and others look nicer as a user lock background.

Those that have spaces for the icons to sit look better as a theme but look weird as a user lock background due to all the empty boxes.

So you can understand my dilemma. And with over 60 wallpapers to choose from, the task was daunting.Let me show you a sample few.

They are all so cute but look weird when there are icons sitting on them.

So guess which one i chose in the end.

I choose this one as my user lock background and left my icon background as it is.

And thus ends my bimbotic post which i hope did not infringe any copyright rights.


Pammy said...

Hello Kitty is so cute! Gotta love her. :)

Taehreh said...

hahaha this made me laugh :)

you made a good choice, it's hard to go wrong with any of those choices.

Sherlyn said...

my experiance is choose simple background better, so u won't feel bored easily when see it everyday. all hello kitty background are so cute!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girls! Yup i agree, i got sick of the the fussy patterns in 5 minutes.


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