Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sweet Teatime Mini Set

I'm blogging from my phone now so I can't really load a hundred photos like I usually do. But I really really have to share this with you solely based on the merit of how cute it is!

This is the My Beauty Diary's latest range and it's sold in Guardian Pharmacy for RM 38.90. It's sold in Taiwan for NT199 so that's roughly RM 19.90.

As you can see, it is so overpriced over here in Malaysia but it's not like I have a choice. The full sized options are even more expensive!

Anyhow do check it out.

It comes with two facial masks, one chocolate truffle one and the other is the Earl Grey Tea and Macaron one. I can't wait to compare it with the mask I bought from the shop called Qubix? from Sunway Pyramid to see if the loose one I bought from Qubix is real or fake.

The set from Guardian also comes with a Vanilla soufflé scrub which looks like a whipped cream dispenser and a strawberry amino acid cleanser.

Greatest present for friend/girlfriend of the moment.


Pammy said...

They look nice and cute. How I wish they are available where I live as these products are raved a lot by bloggers. :(

saltvinegar said...

Aww.. i'm sure it will reach your place soon.. if not do you want me to send it over?

SneakyLily said...

The hello kitty Samantha Thavasa case = SO CUTE! I'm really scared to start buying Mooks because I can see it so easily turns into an addiction!

saltvinegar said...

Yeah, my advise is don't start unless absolutely necessary.Plus the freebies now are quite 'blah'


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