Sunday, 7 August 2011

Japanese magazines in stores now and upcoming

Here's a look at magazines now available at the Japanese section of Kinokuniya as well as upcoming mags.

Sweet September issue comes with an Anna Sui mini tote and drawstring pouch.

If you think it looks familiar, well it's because it is! It looks almost identical in look and concept to the Anna Sui mook produced in February this year.

Glow keeps churning out worthy freebies. The September issue comes with 3 Laura Ashley pouches.

InRed September issue comes with a two way Loccitane tote bag.

More October issue comes with a zip-able Snidel tote bag.

Non-No October issue comes with 3 Milkfed pouches.

Spring September issue comes with a zebra print foldable tote.

Spring October issue comes with a tote (the brand i have no idea).

Cutie October issue comes with an over-ribboned (sorry making up my own words) pouch and hair tie.

The September issue of Steady which i am seeing In Kinokuniya now comes with a floral zip-able tote.*Yawn*


SneakyLily said...

Japanese people must really love tote bags. I wonder what they do with them all.

saltvinegar said...

Yeah.. i'm getting sick of seeing all these totes!Hope they come up with something more interesting soon.

jess said...

can u tell me hw do u know what gift they are giving?


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