Monday, 17 May 2010

Freshlook illuminate

My free Freshlook illuminate contact lenses are here and i was ecstatic!Sorry but i'm not used to getting free stuff hence the immense delight.


Three day free iris enlarging lenses with free postage and 30% off voucher for a second box of freshlook illuminate 10's. (Which costs RM35 per box).

I think these Cibavision people are damn clever. They know that there are lots of girls out there who: 
1) want to try on contact lenses/
2) want to try iris enlarging contact lenses/ 
3) want to try try iris enlarging contact lenses that they don't have to buy from dubious sprees from   
    people who callethemselves canDylove 86.

And once they have tried and found the product to be good, who can resist the 30% off time limited offer?

And they even give you the lenses according to the level of your myopia.

Unfortunately for me though, there must be millions of people who have refractive error of -2.00 which explains why to my dismay they substituted one of my lenses with a correction of -1.75. OMG  if you see me on the streets one day with abnormally large pupils and don't recognize you it's because it's blurry in one eye.

Ugh....anyone wanna swap?

Anyway can't complain (though it seems like i have) cos they are nice enough to send to my doorstep these sweet lenses of vanity. Have no time or occasion to try them on yet. Will do so later. And if it looks good i will definitely purchase them!

I think they still have some stock left so go sign up soon if you're interested. Link is 2 posts prior to this one.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wedding Album from Keep Gallery

Finally my album is ready and in time for my upcoming nuptials! Seems like the album plays a big part in the whole wedding process. I still remember how painstaking it was to choose a bridal house, choose a package, choose the gown, choose the location, choose the photographer and make up artist, choose the date... phew.. and taking the photos were really tiring too. Then came the anticipation and waiting for the photos, followed by choosing the photos, sorting them out into albums, and then into pages (damn meticulous) followed by choosing the cover and which picture to frame. And it all comes to this day when we receive... *drum roll*... THE ALBUM.

Hype! That's what it is! We go through all this because everyone else says we have to!

But in the end, pretty happy with  the result.

Close up..


of the case..

which is large and weighs a ton.

What lies inside..

We chose white cos we figured the scratches won't be so obvious.
( if any of the guests so chooses to scratch it)

Jie Mei picture covers..

Love the metallic colours of bronze and er.. coal?

What it looks like inside..

And our very own pirated DVD!

Finally settled.. hehe and got myself a wedding bracelet..

Wedding is approaching and most things are in place.. Except the wedding seating.. and song list.. weddings are a never-ending list of chores.. which i may miss once its over..

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Free contact lenses

If you still do not know, freshlook is giving out free trial eye enlarging contact lenses here.

Have to register and stuff and they will send u a 3 day trial for free. Have to give all your personal details but i'm a sucker for free stuff.

I've registered and can't wait to try it out. If it looks ok maybe can wear it for my wedding.Damn vain.

Then can look like this.

Can't wait.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Wedding Bears

Wedding and work = Tiring. Would like to beautify my blog with a nice cute fluffy picture though after the yucky last post.

So all is peaceful for the blog post today. *Birds chirping*

My ring pillow "free" from Diamond and Platinum.

And my ROM bouquet..

*Wedding bells chiming*

Monday, 3 May 2010

Pathetic people

For some unknown reason, this past two days, I've met with two weird inconsiderate and downright repulsive individuals. One at a mall and the other one in cyberspace.Seriously irritating. Don't get me wrong. I don't know them at all, they may be angelic to their loved ones for all i know but their random acts of disgusting behavior makes me want to barf all over them.

First sicko girl pi**ed me off so much I'm still feeling steam gushing out of my ears. All i did was to reply to my friends rant on how unfairly treated doctors are and this idiotic girl comes and verbally abuses me.Seriously unprovoked abuse by some unknown stranger.

I merely commented that we were paid 7 sen more on weekends compared to hospital cleaners. One of my friends counted so it's a joke among those in my profession.I love my profession but how we are paid on weekends is really a joke. That's the way things are.We are still going to treat patients and we are still going to do it well.

This unknown ignorant ugly fart comes along and says this.

First of all, does she have a brain?

I don't know her at all and she is not in the medical field, so what gives her the authority to address me that way as an opening statement.

Who speaks like that to someone they meet for the first time. I guess the internet disposes of all niceties and values then.

Secondly, 'I don't mean to be rude'?? Which part of her statement was congenial and friendly? I'd hate to see when she actually means to be rude.

Thirdly, how does someone actually 'change to hospital cleaners'? Do I look like a mighty morphin power ranger? Does she assume i can change shape as i please? Her command of the language i can only fathom to be English is atrociously unsettling and possibly due to ongoing cerebral hypoxia. I really do feel for her.

Lastly, go tell your personal general practitioner to get a job as a cleaner and ask him/her if that was rude.

Ugh.. what a b***ch! Second girl was an angel compared to her.. and that will be another post cos typing bout sicko girl one is making me feel disgusted all over again.


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