Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wedding Album from Keep Gallery

Finally my album is ready and in time for my upcoming nuptials! Seems like the album plays a big part in the whole wedding process. I still remember how painstaking it was to choose a bridal house, choose a package, choose the gown, choose the location, choose the photographer and make up artist, choose the date... phew.. and taking the photos were really tiring too. Then came the anticipation and waiting for the photos, followed by choosing the photos, sorting them out into albums, and then into pages (damn meticulous) followed by choosing the cover and which picture to frame. And it all comes to this day when we receive... *drum roll*... THE ALBUM.

Hype! That's what it is! We go through all this because everyone else says we have to!

But in the end, pretty happy with  the result.

Close up..


of the case..

which is large and weighs a ton.

What lies inside..

We chose white cos we figured the scratches won't be so obvious.
( if any of the guests so chooses to scratch it)

Jie Mei picture covers..

Love the metallic colours of bronze and er.. coal?

What it looks like inside..

And our very own pirated DVD!

Finally settled.. hehe and got myself a wedding bracelet..

Wedding is approaching and most things are in place.. Except the wedding seating.. and song list.. weddings are a never-ending list of chores.. which i may miss once its over..


~niCoLe~ said...

Happy planning!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks! Getting really tiring..

Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty,

I was just blog walking on "Keep Gallery's comment" and came across ur blog. Nice picture u had. I'm going married next year n planning to go for Keep Gallery. May I know what's the package u had n what should i request from them? Any do's and dont's that u'll advise?

My email is

Thanks ya!


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