Monday, 3 May 2010

Pathetic people

For some unknown reason, this past two days, I've met with two weird inconsiderate and downright repulsive individuals. One at a mall and the other one in cyberspace.Seriously irritating. Don't get me wrong. I don't know them at all, they may be angelic to their loved ones for all i know but their random acts of disgusting behavior makes me want to barf all over them.

First sicko girl pi**ed me off so much I'm still feeling steam gushing out of my ears. All i did was to reply to my friends rant on how unfairly treated doctors are and this idiotic girl comes and verbally abuses me.Seriously unprovoked abuse by some unknown stranger.

I merely commented that we were paid 7 sen more on weekends compared to hospital cleaners. One of my friends counted so it's a joke among those in my profession.I love my profession but how we are paid on weekends is really a joke. That's the way things are.We are still going to treat patients and we are still going to do it well.

This unknown ignorant ugly fart comes along and says this.

First of all, does she have a brain?

I don't know her at all and she is not in the medical field, so what gives her the authority to address me that way as an opening statement.

Who speaks like that to someone they meet for the first time. I guess the internet disposes of all niceties and values then.

Secondly, 'I don't mean to be rude'?? Which part of her statement was congenial and friendly? I'd hate to see when she actually means to be rude.

Thirdly, how does someone actually 'change to hospital cleaners'? Do I look like a mighty morphin power ranger? Does she assume i can change shape as i please? Her command of the language i can only fathom to be English is atrociously unsettling and possibly due to ongoing cerebral hypoxia. I really do feel for her.

Lastly, go tell your personal general practitioner to get a job as a cleaner and ask him/her if that was rude.

Ugh.. what a b***ch! Second girl was an angel compared to her.. and that will be another post cos typing bout sicko girl one is making me feel disgusted all over again.


shinchee said...

haha... saw that piece of comment on FB, dat biatch just irritates me as well... dat's y i quickly commented on dat, of course a much subtle way, haha... din know u actually blog it out, hehe...

saltvinegar said...

wa ha ha thanks Shin Chee! Jh actually commented to scold her but then deleted liao.. i also wanted to comment something rude.. but aiya we are professionals how can we do that? So terpaksa blog to let out STEAM.. haha


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