Thursday, 30 June 2011

Japanese miniature sweets - Fuwa Fuwa mousse

You've gotta hand it to the Japanese when it comes to making all things cute.First they made miniature sweets a plausible collectible hobby. It was only a matter of time before they came up with DIY kits to make your own miniature clay sweets.

My interest was piqued when i saw boxes of these DIY kits in Kinokuniya and Isetan KLCC.There were two different types of packaging. I did some research on it, and here i present the findings

There are two types. One is called Fuwa Fuwa mousse and the other is an eraser making kit. Both from Kutsuwa.Fuwa fuwa literally means soft like a cloud.

These are the Fuwa Fuwa mousse sets spotted  at Isetan and Kinokuniya costing around RM40-50.Apparently it is a kit where paper clay (which air dries- no baking needed) and the moulds and cutting tools are provided to make miniature decorative sweets! How convenient is that?

Doughnut shop kit.

Patisserie kit.

Stamp making kit.

Extra paper clay with glitter just in case you need to make more. I eyeballed the price and i think it costs RM 20-ish.

I did some googling and found some of the art works made from this kit.

So why is it called Fuwa Fuwa mousse? The white cream things are made from another material called  mousse clay and u can basically pipe it in like real cream.

More pictures here .

Also from the same manufacturer is an eraser making kit of the same cutesy food shapes. This one needs some microwaving though.

I would try to describe the 'making of' process if i could, but nothing says it better like a youtube video. Enjoy the video. I've been insanely addicted to these if nothing else for the plastic/noises!

And this person does not look like she is going to stop making videos anytime soon *yay*. Look at how many kits she has yet to use!

I'm going to get one of these kits when i have more time and feel richer. Not being on-call really dents the pocket.

Monday, 27 June 2011

SCawaii Malaysia with free Maybelline long extreme stiletto mascara

I love Japanese magazines though i can't read them and they cost a small fortune by magazine land standards.
The Malaysian version i love for all the Japanese magazine scans with Malay translation. What i hate is the really ugly local interpretation of the magazine. The local styling and models just look ugly! And i hate the really bad grammar and glaring typos.

I only got it cos there was a free normal sized mascara, and it was cheap.

Please pardon the ugly imitation cover.What kind of styling is this? Which sane adult would wear this outfit out? This is not Seventeen magazine! This is SCawaii!!

Pardon me while i turn to a proper page with scans from the original magazine. The mascara looks promising!

And the mascara was actually hiding the word 'Kors'. Tell me is there another designer called Micheal Kors, or should someone fire the whole editorial team for the Malaysian edition?

Simple fundamental mistakes which make me so mad! These people are not taking their job seriously! Might as well just rescan in Japanese when the translations are this bad!

Cheong FattTze mansion aka The Blue Mansion

After witnessing the splendor of the Penang Peranakan Mansion (read here), my next aim was to go to the other famous Peranakan house in Penang and the location of many movies.

I of course did some research on the place prior to going.

To cut a long story short the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion was of course owned by a wealthy Chinese business man with a rags to riches story having arrived penniless from Guandong province China at the age of 16 in 1856.

He made his fortune, and had mansions in China, Hong Kong ,Singapore,Indonesia and of course the one in Penang. The mansion in Penang being the residence of his favoured 7th wife.

Rates are RM 12 per person and conducted tours are only available at 11 am, 1.30pm and 3pm.
You can't go and visit any other time. Sucks. Besides that it also doubles up as a hotel.

More information can be obtained from the official website here.A lot more on history and architecture of the building at the site for history buffs out there.

Anyway there i was in Penang, attending a friends wedding, and scheduled an extra day to explore Penang with my friend. Unfortunately i was the only one who was even remotely keen on anything historic.Luckily i had a husband who was ready to accompany me even though he does not have the least interest in all things historic.

Here i am standing happily outside the famed building.

Unfortunately that was as far as i could go as i had just missed the time for the guided tour.

So we adjourned to sample the 'Famous Penang Road Char Kueh Tiao and Chendol".

Seriously all i could remember was the stuffy cramped environment, very rude drinks lady (and also proprietor of the said shop) and the ridiculous ques.

Go there only if you really must eat so called 'best food in Penang'.

We camwhored because we could finally eat after a lengthy wait.

The ques are ridiculous! Avoid if possible. And truth to be told the food was okay, not anything worth sweating for.

After that, i was finally able to make it for the last guided tour of the day. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the mansion. But compared to the Penang Peranakan Mansion, there is a lot less furniture. But definitely both buildings were spectacular and drenched in old world charm.

It was an educational experience. But one thing i realized. The merchant had all the money in the world and the was one of  the wealthiest of his generation, but due to the limitations of his era, he had to live without water or electricity and the place was freaking hot!

So even though we are not as rich, at least we live more comfortably than the richest man of the time?

Just a thought.. *dreamy smile head in clouds*

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Agnes B Chinese mook with necklace

*Disclaimer: I just found out from Kino that it is NOT coming to Malaysia! Even though Kino is bringing it to Singapore!Not fair! They think we don't have buying power or what?*

I do not know if Kinokuniya is going to bring this in but what i do know is that it is a Chinese mook and it comes with a too good to be true gift.

Agnes B necklace! In pretty packaging too!

There has to be a catch somewhere..

Until i see the actual product, i shall refrain from praising it too much, even though it really looks gorgeous in pictures!

Coming out middle of July.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Harrods KLCC is on sale!

I never knew Harrods would go on sale. Luckily i never bought the bags that i was sort of lemming for while it was not on sale cos the bags are now mostly going for 40% less!  Other than that, food,tea and such was also on sale. I'm sorry i didn't pay much attention cos all i saw were the bags. Cheap looking Harrods bags that are actually expensive. Bah, branding. Can't beat 'em, that's why i had to join in.

All i could remember was that many excited females like myself were busy buying bags like it was free. The store was packed the Friday i went.

I managed to take these few pics though.

The classic green and gold paper bag.

There were tins of, i don't know what. Biscuits? Tea? I was too distracted to even look at the macaroons.

The cuter variety of bags. All waterproof and all relatively expensive considering how similar they are to China made tote bags but without the logo of course. However all of these are at 40% off so, it justifies the buy just that little bit more. Plus the workmanship is good. My bag was lined on the inside with cream coloured Harrods semi-waterproof material (okay i really do not know what material it is).Plus it comes with a base shaper .I like. Now if only LV and Gucci does that.

And here's what I bought after long consideration. Seeing many a lady take this bag and look at it lovingly also somewhat helped in the decision making process. Plus I needed a bigger overnight bag.

Sale runs from 15th June to 31st July.Plenty of time to mull over it.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Random picture post

I've amassed a number of pictures that don't seem to fit here nor there in any of my posts, but it seems a shame not to share it and thus here is my second random picture post.

Tiny kittens hiding in a safe place.

Monkeys at Genting Highlands.

The view from my balcony in Slim in the morning. Note the morning mist.

More cute Japanese DIY miniature clay sweet set.

The view from my room now.

Steamboat yum.
Macaroons are over-rated.

Temporary river  when water pipes burst.

Village houses on a train trip.

Stray kitty.

My first ever complete rainbow (though you can't tell from this picture..). A complete arch finally!

LV cake in the most unlikely of places. A small town called Bidor.

Giant headed prawn at KLCC food court. It cost me RM 20 per prawn and as much as it was exciting eating such a huge prawn ( I'm the kind that eats the head.), it was not fresh.

Sweet buys from Singapore. Nerd's ropes and Wonka raspberry twister, both happily consumed by JH.

My favourite Calbee potato chips. Why do they not sell it in Malaysia?!

Hope you don't feel you've wasted 5 minutes of your life.


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