Friday, 14 January 2011

Penang Peranakan Mansion Wedding

I attended a totally unique wedding lately and i have to share this with you. A wedding in The Penang Peranakan Mansion. And when i say mansion , i really do mean mansion. It was amazingly gorgeous and a truly special wedding . Kudos to the happy couple as well as the hard laboring people behind the scenes!We had a blast!

It's a shame i don't get to see my cousins more often. We seldom get a chance to talk to each other but somehow it's easy to talk to them.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Gorgeous antique interior that cannot be replicated.( Unless you're super rich)

Hmm.. we actually look alike..

A wedding in a museum. I mean what if we damaged something or decided to nick some souvenirs home?

Old school Ponds.

Door gift similarly themed.

We were garbed in traditional attire cos how often can we bring these clothes out to wear anyway?

It's like having four balcony's looking down into the interior of your own house!

Awe struck gorgeous. (Wtf i can't even assemble a proper sentence.)

The people we have to thank for this lovely sight.

Ornate, delicate and you need a maid to clean this.

 I think i just ran out of superlatives.

They managed to fit in over 20 tables.

 And washing basin also have to be so 'chio'!

My darling cousins and one flame haired unknown person.

This was the site for many dramas and movies but i only recognized 'The Little Nyonya.'

Here's a clip to show exactly where they filmed.

It's open to the public at a price of RM 10 or something cheap like that. You can arrange for a guided tour too if you come in a group or 5 or more.

Here's the site for more details.

I really have to go to the Blue Mansion next.


Pammy said...

The place looks amazing! Yeah, you look alike. :P

saltvinegar said...

Yeah its gorgeous. And blek yeah we look alike i realise.

i've always wondered wat cultural houses look like in Philippines?

YT said...

Wow that is an awesome place for wedding. Bet it costs a bomb eh?

Thanks for visiting my wedding blog. Sorry for the late reply as I don't visit that blog that often myself.

saltvinegar said...

Hey YT i actually quite like your wedding blog :)

I'm not so sure how much it costs but it's apparently affordable as compared to having it in the blue mansion.

bride2wife said...

girl..that's the kebaya i bought in Jakarta right?...soo lawa on you! :)

saltvinegar said...

yeah it's your kebaya cloth! LOving it~

Anonymous said...

Halo, can this place fit. 20 tables? I thought max is 15 tables in the house itself. Anything more than 15 will need to be arrange outside.


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