Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Japanese Section at Kinokinuya

I love this place. It's like a whole undiscovered wonderland of totally unnecessary but totally desirable shopping. It's a shame there is only ONE Kinokinuya in the whole of Malaysia! Bah..

Here are some pictures i took while on a recent trip there so you can see for yourself what a treasure trove it is. Unlike in Singapore where everything sells out pretty fast, you can find mooks 2-3 seasons past displaying innocently on the shelves. The only downside is, even though the mooks are oldish - it is most often not discounted. Rather the newer mooks stand a better chance of being discounted. Work that out.

Here are a few snaps i took.This was just before Christmas, hence the pseudo Christmas tree deco.I can't believe they still have not managed to sell the Non-no magazines with the Star Agnes B tote because it is gorgeous! Even my mom wanted it. Maybe they just brought in too much stock. Same problem in Singapore, still stacks of it available in Ngee Ann City Kinokinuya.

Imagine they were giving away 30% discounts on selected mooks, not magazines though! And this was the last Harrods mook left. It's RM 50 ++ so a 30% discount would mean it costs around RM 35++ . Now tell me where can you buy a Harrods tote for that price in Malaysia?

Now these are the magazines available on a recent trip last weekend. So the stock available would still be the same even if you go to Kinokinuya now.

Around 6 copies each of Steady the one with the Beams tote and even the one with the Agnes B lunch bag and bag hanger.

 There are a good selection of Japanese magazines outside of the usual TKJ mags.

More with socks and In Red with Laura Ashley calender and tote i forgot what brand.

And so many goodies still left on the shelf for example the Sweet magazine with the Cher Shore tote.

And many of the Mooks are still available.Mainly because how it is so exorbitantly priced compared to Taiwan and i presume Japan as well.

Still in stock Harper's Bazaar with Moschino tote! Damn long ago.

And oh i succumbed and got myself the Cutie magazine with the  HbG tote cos its really cute and the magazine only costs RM 35 with a 10% discount if you're an Isetan card member.

I can never resist buying at least something when i'm there cos how often do i go to KLCC right?

On another note, Chinese New Year is in the air! My favourite time of the year! And it's the year of the rabbit! So many people are gonna be aiming to have babies this year.

Prosperous looking bunny outside Pavilion.

And it's like so cheena inside. I like it.

Allright on a completely unrelated note, i went bonkers when i saw 3 for RM 20 I-Phone covers in Kota Bharu Mall and bought 6. With 3 of them in pink..*i am not girly.. i am not girly*

Retail therapy is great!


DeyiMizu said...

wow there is only 1 Kinokinuya in Malaysia? I have one in my city which is not far away~

Jamie Wong said...

i should have been to bookshop shouldnt I? I kept reminding myself I should have get tonnes of magazine before I fly back to East Malaysia. But, I still forgot to do so since my friends asking me to do the shopping around. sigh.

have you saw the iphone case with the angel and devil look? it's adorable :D

saltvinegar said...

Yeah, tell me about it. The bookstores here are mainly Popular, Borders, MPH and Times.

Ur lucky! Are the mags there cheaper or more or less the same?

saltvinegar said...

Jamie: it's ok there will always be newer and better mags.Just persuade ur friends to go next time ^_^ mayb they'll have Kino in Ozzie land?

Yeah i've seen those cases but cant find cheap ones in Kota Bharu.


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