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Break-ups are an essential part of life. As a kid it was all about crushes. As a teen it was about whether we would meet the ONE. Young adulthood was about finding out there is no 'THE ONE' and there is such a thing called break-ups. Everyone who got together eventually broke up in the end. There was rarely anyone who actually married their first girlfriend/boyfriend.

Which made a lot of sense since it would be ridiculous for my 18 year old self to make a decision that would dictate the rest of my life.

At that turbulent point in time relationship dramas became reality all around me. Hook-ups, break-us, flings, revenge, betrayal, you name it. It was then that i realized that TV dramas are just a slight exaggeration of the real blockbuster called life.I could direct a film from all the material i garnered from my friends at school.

I am thankful i was able to partake in the eye-opening events that revealed what i had suspected for a while now. I live a really sheltered life.

I am also very thankful to have experience this thing called The Break-up. I've only had it once. Yet it seems to be happening all around me still. Even with all the weddings going on, there are the odd divorces you hear in the recent newly weds.I cannot phantom what it feels like being a divorcee but i do know how painful it must feel to not be loved anymore by the very person that was once the most important person in your life.

I still remember the days of how lonely and heart-broken i felt a long time ago. How every love song seemed to sting in the heart and cause my heart to sink all the way into my stomach. It was really necessary for me to go through that phase. Without a bit of the sour how would i know what is sweet?

Anyway after my long winded ramblings, what i really want to talk about is break up songs. These are my favourite kind as it resonates and touches that spot in your heart where everything comes to a standstill and you find yourself stopping in your tracks and rewinding all the lyrics in your mind while all the flashbacks from the past go through your mind.

Those kind of songs! Though u have no flashbacks of my previous relationship anymore, what i do have are flashbacks of a lonely old me sitting alone in my room ans staring into space. Or crying. Which only goes to show (i think) i love myself more than that sorry excuse for a boyfriend.

I am thankful to have a ridiculously stable and still in love relationship.But i still enjoy the odd love ballad and these are my picks for the best break up songs i know. (Most of them are in Mandarin probably because Chinese people are really emo and can weave really 'cheem' lyrics out of love or the lack of it.)

Here they are in no particular order (except i admit i reserved my favorite for number one). Just listen to the music cos most of the MV's are just stills of the singers faces anyway.

10.Ai Xiao De Yan Jing (Eyes that love to smile) - Vivian Hsu/ JJ Lin

Vivian is the original singer but i put up the JJ version cos it had really good translations. Plus he seems to emote better. But i must say Vivian wrote really relatable lyrics.

9.Shuo Le Zhai Jian (Saying goodbye)- Jay Chou

This was the number one song in 2010! According to Singaporeans anyway and i can see why.

8.Xin Dong (Tempting heart?)- Shino Lin 

I think Takeshi Kaneshiro has something to do about this song being more accessible.

7. Wu Mian -Sodagreen

This is a really touching song which i frankly hardly know the meaning but the melody just sells it.

6. Wo Bu Nan Guo (I'm not sad) -Sun Yan Zi

I miss Sun Yan Zi!

5.Diao Le (Fallen) - A-Mei

4. Ta Shuo (She says)- JJ Lin

3. Ji De (Remember) - A-mei (Composed by JJ Lin and there are two equally good versions of this song by him as well, but i figured it would be best to show the original)

Hmm.. heck it i will make this post even more long-winded and include his version as well. The latest version.

And the version when he was a newbie with really awkward lyrics.

2.Fen Shou Kuai Le (Happy Break-up) - Fish Leong

1. An Jing (Silence) -Jay Chou

*claps claps claps* This song came out at just the right time and became somewhat of a break-up anthem then. Every bit of the lyrics i know by heart! Ahh.. those were the days.

Wow~ that's a lot of videos.

Break-up songs don't do anything for me now nowadays but for those going through a break-up i'm sure it helps to pull you through somehow.

Here's to sunshine after the rain.

What's your break-up song?

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