Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Even more Daiso nonsence

I cannot stop myself from going in. But the good news is the number of purchases are now significantly less just because i've bought most of the stuff there already anyway.

This was one of my buys in Daiso Taiwan ( yes even when overseas still have to visit Daiso). The only reason i bought it was that the apartment where we stayed in had a bathtub and it's always good to have a nice soak in a country of reasonably cool climate. The ironic thing was i only managed to use it recently while i was staying in Renaissance Kota Bahru which was of equally cool climate for me. It was raining 24/7!

Cherry blossom bath salts.And yes it turn the bath water pink!

 There are 3  sachets inside but i only used one. The colour got significantly lighter when the bath tub was full. And the scent was rather mild but still noticeable. All i remembered was that i had a great and relaxing soak . I wish i had a bath tub but cleaning it will be such a chore oh my gosh i am so fickle.

 I only bought 3 products on a recent trip yeah! Clear bowl for mixing my baking stuff/ soak vegetables. Tiny plastic pots to store samples. And an eyebrow pencil which actually gives a really nice grip and control but the brush thing at the end of it was rubbish.

And i have discovered a new found love for the cooking and baking section where i got a handy measuring cup and steamer. Unfortunately i failed to release the diameter of my pot is smaller than the steamer -_-. The other half are eye products mainly really great repurchased again partial lashes which are made in China (almost everything is), eyelash glue and some lousy eyebrow drawing template. I seriously urge you not to buy it. Everyone has their own unique eyebrow shape which cannot be defined by a single template.

Now tell me why is Daiso cheaper in Singapore?

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Pammy said...

I've been wanting to have the eyebrow stencil for the longest time! Great finds as usual. :P


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